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  • Doritos are life! anyone who says otherwise get it! I don't graduate until later this month and have been looking everything Pokemon related just the past weekend.
    Forgot to mention, I graduated high school on Friday! I feel pretty accomplished about that tbh. xD

    That mention of doritos reminds me of something... Yesterday my friend said her dog smelled like Doritos.
    Though I wonder if the Pokemon from XY/ORAS can be transferred back to those games after getting them in SM.
    Haha, that sounds hilarious.

    Yeah. Though even keeping that in mind. I'm going to try 100%ing each game from Gens 3-6 (that's... 20? I've completed X and AS, so 2/20) and transfer all my teams, events, Shinies, and the living Pokédex in Generation 6.

    The transferring will be happening in the post-game, though. Feels wrong to have everything right away imo.
    My friend plays The Sims! I've seen some of it and it looks pretty fun. 0: I remember having the option to choose between playing The Sims or Spore from my used-to-be-cousin (she's my step-grandfather's relative). I chose Spore, and for Christmas that year I got the game.

    I also got the two games for the DS and one for the Wii... I wonder if there's anymore.
    Yeah... There's that too.

    I've heard about that GB, I couldn't believe it at first when I read it.

    I heard about that before. I'd really like it if other countries did it. It'd also be nice if they had the gave us the option to send in our games to get the Mythicals in Generations 3-5... Now I'm curious if places outside of Japan will ever get the Mew event in the VC games. :/
    I just love how they were thrown out of the PokéBalls and introduced to us in the overworld instead of like in previous generations - scans or one at a time like in XY iirc.

    Oh right, that sucks you've lost your drawings. :c

    Yeeppp. I always worry about ruining the discs.
    As for me... I can't decide. All three look adorable imo. I've never chosen a Grass starter and I really like Rowlet, Litten looks great aesthetically, and Popplio reminds me of Oshawott, which is what I chose. I'll probably wait for the middle evolutions.

    Aside from that, is it just me or is the whole scene with them being introduced just... Memorable?
    Haha, I drew them right when I was able to. I need to upload my drawing of them on something besides Twitter. I'm also doing something where they interact with the Kalos starters and various other Pokémon.

    Which do you plan on choosing or which do you like?
    there's never enough doritos :(
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    Doritos are delicious honestly. Though I'm also a fan of Cheetos and Fritos... Wait, they all end with the same three letters.
    Indeed... As for the Wi-Fi, I wouldn't be surprised if they kept it forever for the 3DS and Wii U.

    I hope they do, considering Pokémon. If they turn it off, then there'd be no way to transfer Pokémon from the games in Generations 3-5 to 6 & 7. :/
    Wow. That reminds me when my half-brother (he's my dad's) was playing Digimon World 1 (I think?) and I wanted to play it. He didn't let me. :C He was somewhere in the 20s and I was 6 or 7.

    I think it was on the same visit, but my dad and I were wrestling and he broke my left leg by accident... I don't even remember that happening at all, heck, I don't even like wrestling. xD
    The e-Reader... I always wanted one. I even have an e-Reader card for the Eon Ticket. I don't remember how I got it, but I've kept it all these years.

    Maybe I could get an e-Reader in the future... If they're not expensive.
    I think I've read something like that... It sounds pretty cool, though yeah, I'd rather let my DS take the rest it deserves. Besides that, I don't have the knowledge to do that.

    A free flashcart! I've heard stories of Game Boys being durable. That's pretty nice about the GBA. I remember when I dropped my first DS Lite ONCE and the next day, the corner started falling apart.
    Yeah, I need to get a job and save up too. xD

    Reminds me, there are rumors of the NX having cartridges instead of discs... That'd be the first Nintendo console since the GameCube to not support the previous gen. If it doesn't have disc slots at all. I feel like cartridges are better in the long run as discs are easy to break.
    I planned on drawing all 721, but I lost a list where I had ~400 listed. I'll be remaking that in the future. If they reveal the starters, I'll be drawing them ASAP as I did with Unova and Kalos.

    Right now, I'm trying to practice drawing furries... I dunno, I find them more fun to draw than humans. ^^; I feel awkward saying that.
    Wow. Life sure has its mysteries. Also, yes. I have lots of my art on deviantArt atm. My username on there is the same as here. Though majority of my drawings on there are from 2013 to late 2011 iirc... I need to post stuff I made in 2014 and 2015.
    Also, you mentioned you feel like they haven't given up on the Wii U in the thread. I feel that way as well - as for why? Well... Why make the many great games - Splatoon, Smash, MK8, Pokken, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Hyrule Warriors (though 3DS killed it.. e_e), Woolly World, and so on?

    ... I'd link a post that brought that to my attention, but I can't on here. I'll PM it.
    One memory I have of my N64 is when I was playing Pokemon Stadium with a friend of mine. Though we were about... 3 or 4 years old.

    That kinda bugs me about the 3DS, I wish it could play physical GBA games, but nope. :C
    Yeah... That'd be smart to do with the Wii U. My first DS Lite is broken as well, it doesn't even work anymore, but I didn't have the heart to throw it away. Also dang... Poor systems. :c Hooray for a free DS Lite! Was there a game or two in it? Also, I've always wanted a Game Boy (Color) and GBA just because of the designs and the fact I've /always/ had a handheld that opens and closes. Famicom looks pretty nice. o:
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