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  • Pocchama-san... Do you ever come here still? :-( How's life? Are you enjoying SM?
    I just log in after like 2 years only to find out I am STILL banned in the anime forum just because I dared to state true facts about the definition of "seasons" and Ash's Charizard's gender that happened to contradict bulbapedia's misleading "information". It was ridiculous in thr first place, but to see it's still in effect 2 years later. Just wow... whatever though, don't even care if they'll drop the ban now I will not post on here anyway if that's how insane they are. I guess if I ever really want a pkmn forum I'll just make an account on Serebii. Anyway yes I enjoy SM although honestly it only recently became interesting. Pre-Nebby it was like competing with BW for my least-liked series. But yeah I guess that's my last post here for real this time so... goodbye?
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    !!!?!?! Ok buddy! Do you have my email address? Stay in touch ok?
    You may want to check the English Pokémon site and check their seasons 2-6 pages again from when you last visited them.

    This is apparently so that they keep it under one season header in Pokémon TV (The Beginning, Gold and Silver, Ruby and Sapphire) but season 1's still the same so we can still remind people about that. I still consider the official list above to also be correct, and some languages like Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese appear to have opted to leave it alone. This is to stay under a digital releases header, and the first source to use it was a German early December 2016 DVD, but an Australian September 2016 DVD and (I believe, the Australian seasons 1-19 DVD) do it the normal way we're used to seeing - 52 eps per year. The URL addresses are the same as they were before -- still with the Jynx ban unrecognized and season 2 being listed as 49 eps in the URL.

    Was stalking - have you seriously been banned from Anime? If so, what a serious load of bullshit.
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    What a bloody shame. Can't believe how the world has changed - how little did we get infracted for such major trolling back in the days and now you've gotten banned for speaking out against the bulba-bible... Over-moderation has just made the whole forums boring. No wonder everyone's migrated to tumblr.
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    Totally right there with "over-moderation". They used to be ok, but as time went on they went crazy. Censoring users, ridiculous rules, etc... I have to say tho, that for other reasons, I'm kinda sick of tumblr too. I'm basically not active anymore anywhere online which is kinda sad...
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    Obviously I despise Tumblr which is why I am still hanging around here, tongue wagging, happily waiting for pokeani news :-(
    That's sad. I'm a user on both Bulbagarden and Serebii (both same username) so you can add me there if you move. Hope to see you around! :) :) :)
    Well, 'm not in that chat anymore either. I just found out I hardly have anything in common with people there anymore. After more and more people started to leave and the only ones who remained talked about stuff I had no clue about, there was no point in me still being there. But yeah, you were fun :p
    You know, I think it would be better doing any other thing and then when you feel empowered by it (even the lowliest job is empowering I think) go and fight your corner in that industry.
    Are you studying or working atm? Lol I can't remember either, it's just something both of us have mentioned countless times in the old VMs! Probably something to do with trolling Scott ;-)
    Omg this line you said: "How's life? boring as JOHTO, my life feel like they're one big filler" Ahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha!!!! Reading the old messages was a good laugh! I miss those times! The forums are so quiet now, there's no one good to troll anymore!! Where'd Weedle go?! And do you remember what filler night was about anymore? I wanna be 16 agaaaaiiiiiiin :bawl:

    What are you up to now anyway?
    It should be good if the Pikachu focus isn't too gimmicky. They've been working on it for nearly two years.
    I understand that they would want to use their powers, but on a regular basis? It doesn't seem worth the risks. I definitely don't see why they would be fine with being inside Poké Balls more often than not, even if there is an entire virtual world to be enjoyed there (and there has been no hint of that for whatever reason).

    I'd obviously be a researcher, but I don't know if I would get along with the regional professors as their fields leave a lot to be desired.
    While Pokémon definitely don't get killed from battles and the anime illustrates the importance of bonds (the games can't really do this), I still find battling problematic. Why would Pokémon want to feel temporary pain? Just for the sake of sportsmanship? I feel that there is something twisted about the system that we're meant to overlook because battling is fun.
    I'd rather not get used to games that make needless violence seem okay, although I'd be lying if I said that Pokémon didn't have the same problem on a smaller scale.
    Same concept in that the setting is a MMORPG and at least one person (Tsukasa) is locked in the game. Tsukasa is very awkward and burdened, and that's what I like about him.
    I've only watched up to the second episode. I'm watching .hack//Sign instead since a friend told me that I might prefer it to SAO. Even though the pacing is slow, I do like .hack's atmosphere and characters; the emphasis isn't on the battles. SAO didn't really leave much of an impression, but I might read the light novel to see if it piques my interest.
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