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  • Happy Birthday!:)

    I feel ashamed to neglect our friendship(if it can be even called like this). Not staying in contact or talking for months. But real life obligations, search for new job and problems i had within family took up lot of free time.

    Sorry about that and i hope you will have great time today.
    Ah, that's so cool! I don't have anything yet because they don't sell it in my country, but since now I'm in the US for college I'm going to try to get the manga too.
    Yeah, it's an absolutely mess. And since it's on YouTube, any casual fan can just see the video and easily believe that false information. The dub already helped spread false information to an extent (or withheld it), but these fan conjectures being advertised as fact make it even worse.

    Sometimes I wished the English fandom spent more time sharing creative videos and songs like the Nico Nico fanbase instead of making bad AMVs and videos of them talking nonsense. ;/ I mean, the result isn't just the anime side of fanbase suffering, it also ruins the game and manga side of the fanbase. Can't say much about the canon mashing though, that will happen with or without the bad YT videos. And it baffles me why people wouldn't get the hint that Pokemon is a multiverse with many interpretations.
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