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  • Sorry to bother you again, but were you not interested in either of my offers for the Shiny Virizion that you made a thread about before Bulbagarden got a facelift? :)

    I'm still interested in working out a trade, so I could look for something else that you might be interested in. Is there anything specific that you're looking for?

    Thanks for reading, please reply when you have time. ♥
    hey! would you b able to give me my sid. also i can offer a shiny ut drought flawless timid hypnosis vulpix for that shiny virizion (if you can clone the vulpix and give it back to me.)
    I should be able to do that just fine. And cloning is fine for me. Just trade me some fodder right now, ill give you my Samurwott, Golurk, and Zebrastrika to hold hostage. On monday, I will get my other ds back and we can trade for the shinnys as i get them.
    Hey :) are you interesed in any of my trades for the virizion/cobalion? If not let me know and i'll make another offer :)
    Hi there, I'm just curious to know if you're interested in my trade offers at all in your thread. No rush, just wanted to drop you a line (I likely wont have much time to trade until the weekend). Thanks! :)
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