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  • Ahh I thought so (just wanted to make sure I wasn't going mad then :) ) aah fair... :) you gonna get back into rping? (also if ya ever wanna add me on facebook, lemme know)
    Oh true that, meeting new people can be good :) though it's sad when you see former friends who've gotten themselves banned or have left.... I have seen a few returnees and do still chat every now and then to Modio (were you in ampiomach?) on facebook every now and then :) which is cool
    :p it is compared to some of the others, save for the odd pesky spambot xD but it's a nice section, great meeting new people :) I shall have a look :) and well you are a welcome returnee for me, I haven't seen many of the 2009/2010'rs around for a while :( which is sad :(
    :) not too bad thank you! :) been hiding out mainly moderating the Garden Grotto, have been looking for a good rp to join though :/ and what about you? :)
    :p ya know, that is a darn good question..... xD

    I kinda retired from trading about two years ago :p but as you can see I have been lurking my way around the site :p how are you?
    It depends on what's being discussed. Like, if it's the definition of a general word, I'll Google it. But if it's a term related to a show I'm in the process of watching I'll probably ask about it to avoid any potential spoilers that could pop up on its wiki entry.
    How short is too short? If it's just a bit at least it'll be back to its normal length in a couple of weeks.
    Well, everyone has their strong points. I didn't do well in art either.

    Busy with school?
    Well, it's always like schools, there are students who basically try their best even if just one field, but some don't enjoy schools and that's the difficult part. Sometimes classes aren't the worrying part, meeting students is, even.

    Taking a look at the VMs, true xD
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