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  • Good luck :). like wise my fan fic is in need of an upgrade and strangely my writing skills have taken a turn for the better.
    Ash in trouble for something he didn't do? THAT is one of my first ideas ever about Ash <3 the new chapter keep up the good work
    Thanks alot! I was wondering...Would you like to be a character in my story? if so could you tell me the personality? (don't be Misty please she will be Ash's love interest), Physical description, pokémon and age. age is so I know when to add your character in the story and how many pokémon to limit you to, If you want to be in it though. oh and the protagonists are me (Nour) Ash (Anime version) and Darian (Megaman DX) and would you like a love interest? in the story though
    well that depends, you see as a human being I have very complex emotions, henceforth making it difficult to put it in a story unless we've met. BUT! I can give some points from my personality, I am quite smart, as I used read ALL the time when I was a kid, usually acts dumb for comedy effect, normally rebellious to any stupid rules, Loyal to friends, thinks things through, can be annoying, no I am really annoying, I get into a lot of arguments with teachers at school, but for fun. I guess if I were to choose only one pokémon it would be Torterra! BUT for the story, it would either be in PokéTech or a world we must defend.
    well, I was going to have pokéshipping, but then again she hates him in the beginning. reason will be revieled soon.
    WOW! thank you soooo much! this was my only "good" attempt at a pokémon fanfiction. and look how planning it out helped! purple hair= Paul, Narrator=me
    May I ask your opinion on this?
    There lay a young ebony haired young boy. Pretty much my age, lying down in the middle of a playground, crying. There many other children were ganging around him, kicking him, punching him their arms and feet enveloped in mysterious blue orbs. They were all sniggering, nearby there was the sound of a bell; then even more children emerging from the doors. They too started to join in the torment of the young boy. Soon it seemed that the entire school was attacking the defenceless boy. A couple of seconds later, the loud cracking of the boys bones resulted in even louder cries, for help, for someone, for anyone to stop this torment. Meanwhile some teachers passed not caring. Then all of a sudden the gang stopped and took a few steps away from what was left of the destroyed boy. Now that I had a better view, I could see that his arms and legs completely destroyed, many teeth were knocked out, and his ribs looked badly smashed as well. Then out from the crowd came a purple haired boy, a cruel and heartless smirk filling his face, followed by a messy brown haired boy, who seemed to want to stop whatever the former had in mind. An argument broke out before the latter was pulled away by the crowd leaving the purple haired boy to commit whatever his mind had come up with. The pit of my stomach fell with dread as he stepped closer to the crying boy, in his pool of blood, the purple hair’s shoes made a splashing sound as if stepping into an ordinary rain puddle, not blood. He smirked just seconds from lifting his fist, the orb that surrounded it was starting to flame, as he made one quick movement, it was clear that his attack was to... to...crack open the.... young boys....h..h...head, as his flaming fist came within millimetres of its target....

    bonus if you can guess the victim
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