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  • Hey, what's going on with Hoenn Mafia? It's been idle for a long time. Let me know if you no longer wish to host it.
    Hey, Polaris! I didn't know this before but it was mentioned--when you did basics vs Lovecraft with Sewaddle, you had been in and FFA with it, and that actually does count toward battles for evolution. That means that the last battle we did didn't pay anyone XD So you should have 500 less money in your stats.
    Hey I just signed up for kanto warriors and I would really like to be in. Its my first rp, and i m wondering if you can still let me in? Thank you, and I will respect your decision.
    Hi~ Might I add you on Skype? It would be convenient for LoZ Mafia, at the very least. (Conversation between players is a lot easier that way.)
    Oh, I see you are back! How are you doing, friend?

    Kirby Mafia is back too... I would like to join, but I'm leaving for vacation soon so I cannot :/ Good luck hosting!
    Cool! This'll be fun, then. I would suggest removing all those little summaries of the roles from your original post, but that's just me.
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