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  • Hi progressforth! I'm in need of subs for One Piece Mafia and was wondering if you'd be interested in subbing in?

    Let me know, thanks!
    wait what the hell are you talking about in rm rn

    you're legit scaring me

    like did I do something or say something i'm so confused and sorry
    Taking this here so we don't clutter up RM.

    So it doesn't give you a password reset option on your computer? Or like a "don't remember your password?" thing?

    Also, what's the name of your account you tried to make? We'll want to deal with that now so there's no confusion about it if somebody stumbles across it in the future.
    hehe, sorry 'bout that, Fennekin & Vulpix love to chase, maybe Eevee too when it comes to visit
    hope you can get some sleep - fairy fox is on guard tonight
    Oh, sorry...
    Don't worry about it, just give the rules of games a look over before posting in them. ^^ (when you're feeling up to it. Hope whatever you got blows over soon.)
    Your name used to be different :0
    It's been so long since I last seen my Intro page - back then I was so different, Persian was my #1 favorite Pokemon, before Liepard became my most favorite Pokemon.
    In my profile, you can see the various usernames I have used along the way
    from cats, to weasels, to meerkats, and now to foxes.
    Persian still remains my favorite cat in the Pokemon world
    Hello! I see that you are new to the URPG and wondering if you would like to park! We have a special program for beginners in the park! It's a shorter run with weaker Pokemon! Here Is the section. But first you must read the rules, and make a sign up!. Hope to see you there!
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