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  • Hey.

    Ideally it'd be Netflix, I think you can get away with more on Netflix. I'll just say there's heavy language and one pretty graphic sex scene. It's a show ultimately about friends, whilst being realistic. Id say the show takes great influence from The Thick of It, Frasier, Clerks, It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia and a touch of Peep Show. It's pretty much based entirely in Edinburgh and nearby districts, centres on four friends. Our two mains are loosely based on the writers, the secondary mains are more original - one Japanese-Scot who is a bit thick, gets all the girls and is obsessed with Bruce Springsteen. Our fourth is Iranian-Scot and is the most well adjusted of the bunch, but facilitates their alcohol abundance and joins in with the lads when he can. Fifthly, we have a girl is talked about frequently and is only shown in the last episode. A love interest of my character, and the source of many problems :p

    Looking forward to the pictures! I'll try call you by your new name when I can, it's not like I called you Jo all that often anyway.
    Lovely :) I'd change my name, but it'd take years for me to get used to it :p For a minute there I was like, "they've got Aurora supermarkets in England? Huh." And then about 5-6 hours later I was like "oh." Trip sounds exciting :) Nice chance to relax and see a bit more of the world. Show me any cool pictures you take :D

    Ehh.. I just write when I have something interesting to add. It's just a hobby. I don't think it'll ever be seen on BBC because of the language in it, and I don't want to change the scripts too much. Having said that, I could do with cutting a couple 'cunt's from the pilot. There's like 15 of them, which is a bit much.
    Damn that's interesting, honestly I haven't a clue what you could have changed your name to... so what is your new name? Oh, wait, is it Aurora? Iceland sounds like a really cool idea (pun definitely intended.) I haven't been abroad in a long, long time, so lucky you!

    Not as busy as you'd think :p Eh, not really. Two guys, who are totally not us, and their two friends go drinking, talking a load of shite all night. It's a bit hard to describe, but its basically the two mains talking endlessly about stuff that interests them - music, politics, dumb hypothetical as well trying to get laid. I may upload an episode for you (and Nina) sometime in the future.
    Hey sugar :)

    You know it. I was admin'd like 2 months after I was made section head for Ent Inc, but then I passed that on to Dolce. At this rate I'll be head admin this time next year :p

    What you been up to lately?

    I've been up to a load of shit. I work in a Wetherspoons kitchen, which isn't too bad, suddenly I've got all this money which is great. Also, my mate and I have been thinking about TV screenwriting back in May, so we kinda just done that. We've got the bulk of 6 episodes wrote and planned out, it just needs more work and all that. Will it ever get shipped to TV, I dunno, but it's fun to write.
    Coffee doesn't do anything energy wise for me, though in the morning the hot drink is nice, and its a psychological thing that its giving me energy, and waking me up in the morning. Also I get a headache if I don't have it. Waking at six isn't bad when you're use to it, but trying to stay up once use to it is very difficult.

    But it doesn't mean it isn't strong either. Its not surprising. Strong scents do hit people hard at times. Occasional very strong odors do give me headaches, though generally they just destroy my sinuses.

    Nah, tacos can be as simple as just topped with onion and cilantro.

    Maybe I am more physical than you, but doesn't mean that it all hurts me.
    Eh, I know what I mean :L

    Aww :< How about Voxer? Nina said she used it with you? Otherwise I'll wait :)

    People keep using mine for storage, to my annoyance. Regardless, your room should be comfortable for you, so you should get it how you like it :)

    No problem :3

    Eh, tis fine, we'll be around for a week, so I should visit you with Saber :D
    Oh, and do you know where a good place to sleep in London would be? I need to go pick Saber up from an airport down there so I might as well clump the trip to London with it as I am :)
    Evidently means so you think, so so you think!

    Sleeping too much and feeling groggy as a result does make lots of sense actually. I get more than enough though. I'm due in to work at 7 most days, so I'm asleep by 10, and up at 6 the latest so I get my eight hours, and have enough time to wake, and have my morning coffee. So that being said you need the rest more.

    Sweet is meant for sweet foods, not powerful scents. To be honest I generally hate all perfume (cologne too)

    Yeah that's true for sure. You can actually make one pretty easily, so long as you have a tortilla. They are pretty good though, as long as its done right.

    Really though my body is fine. When I have hurt I stop what I'm doing and I rest up. My body gets the rest it needs, and I don't do too much to it. Well as long as it isn't summer. Yeah not surprising, all it takes is one person in that kind of crowd to have the germs.
    But then how do you find them in the darkness and chaos if you don't go in?

    Fair enough, what other apps do you use and I'll shift to that :)

    In my... room...

    Awesomesauce :D Oh, btw, here: This has a bunch of vouchers for online shiz. Just to help :)
    Jokes on you, I don't even know what modesty means!

    Wow, that is an awful lot of work. My work at work doesn't compare to that at all. But wow that is a lot, and I doubt you can just spam a as a word 4000 times. Still don't destroy yourself doing all of this with lots of stress or something. My sleep is going fine. Some nights I'm up rather late, but I just make up for it by sleeping a lot more the following day. I get what I need as far as resting goes.

    Well I'm not, but its still okay. I know what you mean, tough to imagine life without someone like that in it. Why do you have such sweet perfumes? I don't think they would compliment me too well.

    Yeah, that's true, I do suppose having a place to shoot wouldn't exactly be the easiest thing to have. Just working on cooking in general, like trying new taco recipes, pasta sauces, stuff to put on top of steaks.

    I'm all fine from my injuries though. My body can take some hits and such cause kinda have to. Though have been achy the past few days cause gotten sick must be from the needles you stick in my voodoo doll but nothing I can't get past once again.
    Eh, I'm a Knight in Sour Armour. I'd prefer to be depressed so I can relate to others in the same boat and help them get out of it.

    Well, I sent a message along, let's see if it works.

    S**t keeps interrupting my work outs |D And well, feel free to visit and I'll show you my collection. I've got a Master System, a Mega Drive, a Mega CD, a Saturn, a Dreamcast, a NES, a SNES, a Nintendo 64, a GameCube, a WiiU (the Wii is my families), a Playstation, a Playstation 2 and a X-Box for the SEGA exclusives that came out for it (Panzer Dragoon Orta, I will find you...). The 32X is being tested before I purchase it.

    Aye, good planning :D
    My sense of humor is my best trait. Understandable.

    Nah, I've always worked alone, during everything I gotta without any help. Been like that for over 2 years now. How long are the essays in general? 5 pages? 10? Only an hour or two a day? Geez, you definitely do work a lot harder than me. Forget worrying about me, lets worry about you. Are you even sleeping enough?

    Pfft, I got them through age 22 so! Well it does sound like she has a good heart, which is good cause you deserve a mother like that. And that is a really nice reason to want the locket, very sweet. Do you have anything in chamomile?

    Well, hey at least you can still practice/do it some what, so that's a plus right? Anyway you could do archery while not at school? Does food count as a sport? Cause I have been working on my cooking some more.

    My body is doing alright. Was a pulled muscle in my arm two weeks ago, and a pulled one in my chest this week. Nothing major, I just have a physical job is all. I get plenty of rest when I can, and my body hasn't given up yet.
    I've always been cynical, remember? :p

    Aye. Once you update it, perhaps it'll work? :L

    Yeah, it's a pain to do but eh well :p And Mega Drives are awesome, all SEGA consoles are. But the 32X is an addon that takes the MD from 16-bit to 32-bit.

    Yush :eek: Be careful with it, mind. You know how money tends to disappear quickly, pesky capitalism :p
    I don't see why I wouldn't continue to talk after the absence. That'd be as crazy as not talking cause you changed your name to something that's dangerously close to Oprah.

    I may be busy at times, but I manage cause I've had to since working alone. Do you have any sort of system for breaking the work up so its easy enough to get done without killing yourself? I mean, I'm sure it's a lot of work (more than I have to do if it were compared) but still, hope you can find some time in between to relax, and breath. I'm sure you're gonna do well regardless though cause you're rather intelligent.

    Those sound like pretty nice gifts well not the perfume cause you know its not for me, not cause its for women but i just dont think they have the right scent out for me yet especially the locket cause I dunno, seems special. Good that it made you happy too. And I dunno, guess cause I'm 23, so not a kid anymore, and what with not a lot of money so no gifts, wasn't a big deal. We still put up decorations (me and my mom agreed that even if no presents, just wasn't right having nothing up)

    Understandable why you wouldn't wanna keep practicing, but yeah that does sound like it sucks. Especially if you were getting the hang of it more. But it is almost March, and so its gonna be warming up, so least you could jump right back into it.

    Eh you know, I do nothing interesting. I've just been working mostly still, getting my own little injuries here and there, nothing I can't work through, just minor annoyances.
    Meh, universal law: someone is happy, break them!

    It's fine, I doubt that's the case since the past few times I've been replying on my smartphone (I've got one now). You should give that resetting thing a try, just watch out for Resetti -prepares mallet-

    I've been fine, working out and might be getting a SEGA Mega Drive 32X soon. First, all SEGA consoles, then the WORLD! (naw man, Saber wouldn't let me...)
    Uhh, I dunno, do you feel flattered?

    Eh, my spare time is either after work, or a day off a week. Generally during said time I do stuff around the house to help. It's not like when I have two days off. Christmas was okay, didn't get any gifts though. You get anything cool? Well yeah, I'd imagine uni would keep you very busy. You enjoying archery?
    Happy New Year :) It was until we learned a close family friend died on Christmas Day, so that's pretty much killed what was left of my christmas spirit.

    Actually, no. It's just been this irritating niggling in the back of my throat. ;A;
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