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  • Currently replying very belatedly to a message.

    Ani, I'm sorry I disappeared, but I just wanted to say hi and I think you're a great friend. I doubt you're still active on here, but neither am I, so we're even. ;P

    I've missed you, my friend!
    Never better than 3 belated years to respond to a message, huh? ;) I hope you're well! I miss you too xx
    Hey sister! I hope you have a super opulent and lovely Thanksgiving/Turkey day (well, with the Turkey amiss, since you don't like it). :) *hugs* I miss you lots and hope to chat soon. :D

    Love, your brother forever, ShadowDeeps
    Hopefully. ^^

    Well, schoolwork has been getting stressful recently, since I had technical issues related to one of my courses...but I think that might have been fixed now. And my family didn't do anything at all for Halloween this year, much to my disappointment.
    Oh my gosh, Ani-Chan!!!!!! :D *hugs*

    I missed you so much!! I'm very, very, very well in fact! <3 My girl and I are engaged even though we haven't met in person yet. But we're making plans! It's gonna happen and we're both so happy together, it's the greatest! <3 Can't wait to catch up with you! :D Love you too, lil sis! <3
    I know we hardly talked at all, but technically I know you, so...happy birthday. :3
    You are now 16!
    Doesn't it feel awesome? ...no? It feels exactly the same? Oh... well, atleast you can congratulate yourself for surviving on Earth for 16 years! :D
    Hey Ani-chan. :) Awww, no problem. I had to log off myself, for which I apologize. I hope all has been remaining well for you and hope that you recover from any sickness that's had upon you of late, and to confer soon,

    Love ya, your brother, ShadowDeeps
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