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  • Yeah, it's just a matter of personal opinion!

    Spinoffs? I like some spinoffs.

    I like the idea of the Ranger games, but not the execution. too much dialogue, no Pokemon team, no battling.

    If we count non handheld games, I think Stadium and Colosseum, etc are very good. But now that we have 3D battles on handheld consoles they are kinda pointless xD

    Which ones do you like?
    I understand what you mean, but they didn't feel like they were tucked in to me. I think they just thought it would be a cool way to make Soaring useful. Again, the explanation is those Pokemon appear randomly at Hoopa's will! I think it's as good of an explanation as any other one...
    I didn't get the feeling it was tucked in. I thought it was great! Giving you the option to see Hoenn from above is awesome. Actually there is an explanation for why those legendary Pokemon show up at seemingly random islands, that's because of Hoopa. So it's not a random feature as you would think at first...

    However, what I meant to say is most Pokemon games have two layers of exploration: land and sea. Then Gen III added a third layer of exploration: the underwater.

    Since Gen 3, no new Gen or game added any new layer of exploration, until ORAS (so Hoenn once again!) adding a fourth layer, Soaring, and even a short glimpse of a fifth layer, outer Space. So, bias and personal taste apart, I think we can both agree that ORAS has the most exploration in a Pokemon game ever. Obviously it's a different matter whether you enjoyed said exploration or not. But objectivity, it is n1 in terms of exploring.

    Ok, my personal ranking is: Hoenn > Johto > Unova > Kalos > Shinnoh and Kanto. What's yours?
    Yes, I like warm weather better.

    Well, what's most important for a Pokemon region, is for it to be: big, explorable, and to feel alive. That's why I like Hoenn the best. It is the vastest region, and has more stuff to explore than any other region. Also, it has Secret Bases, which add a lot of liveliness, more than any other region.

    And one of the reasons I like ORAS so much is because it made Hoenn even more alive. It also introduced Soaring, so it made Hoenn the only region you can explore underwater, on the water surface, the land, AND in the air. Basically, Hoenn was already the best region ever, and with ORAS it begame even better.

    I also like Johto, it is my second favourite, maybe because Silver was my first Pokemon game.
    Exactly! :) Emerald fans, and Hoenn fans in general, are some of the best Pokemon fans, I dare to say!

    Uhm, Im ok, thanks... How about you?

    Where are you from South Africa, by the way?
    I don't really have a favourite friend. Everyone is different and brings new opinions. That's why it is good.
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