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  • Hi~ I see that you posted in the thread to be added to the URPG blast chat for AIM, but you posted a screen name. It's my understanding someone has already tried to add you to the chat, but I'm not sure if the invite went through.

    If the invite didn't go through, could you tell me the name you use to log in with? That's the name we need to add you to the chat. If you're not sure what that is, Ash K. has volunteered to help you figure that out, so you can just shoot him an IM, or if I'm online, you can shoot me an IM as well.

    Welcome to URPG!
    You are welcome. I know. But it is now over, too bad the scum got it :(
    LYLO stands for "Lynch Or Lose". It means that there are X mafia and X+1 town, so if the town does not succesfully lynch a mafioso, they lose.
    Which means that it is a VERY critical phase in the game, town's last hope essentially.
    You are welcome.
    And I was kidding about the second part of course, hope you were not offended.
    How was your vacation?
    "Want to know why it's called Unown? Because once you get one, you want to un own it!"
    Well, how are you doing?
    Have you thought of a nice discussion name in the Wash?
    Just fyi, but I'm not going to have access to Wi Fi For the next five days, so I will not be able to update your park run then.
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