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  • Wow, it must be a really big project then if you're putting that much time into it xD
    Dude I already saw that :p I read it when it first came out, I liked...the first half over, I didn't really get a laugh when they started going on about pocari and all that shit, it got a little too stupid for my taste.

    Plus I gotta write in general xD I haven't had the best record lately.

    It won't be ready for the next 10 years.
    I'll take your word for it :p

    Well make sure you work extra hard then. Oh, well it does seem handy xD but I think I'd forget to do it myself >.<

    Big secret conspiracy stuff?
    You don't ahve to kill me :p

    Good, though tbh I'm still kind of cluess as to what writing prompts are for xD;

    Also did you ever get to watch the legend of arslan? :O
    I dropped Gintama last year, the manga and well I'm watching too many anime xD plus I don't know, I kind of got tired of Gintama's style and I mostly prefer the serious arcs that actually advance the plot more which are rare and far between.
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