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  • What omg! Yes I have msn. LOL I need to post more here. :] I'm getting trillian though so I'll be EVERYWHERE.

    I'll text you my details anyways. ;D
    Heyyyyyy Whats up Satochu! : D : D Do you have IM? CMONNNN. : D Oh the last time you were on was teh seventh. GET ON : D
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need your CD's Plz? :] If you want your iPOD can still pwn mine if you lend me those! XD
    Gendou is so awesome! I forgot where to get those Phantom of the Opera songs...and the Kingdom hearts music, PLOX HELP!! :3 Thanks in advance.
    Lol I got it now though, as you can see, I renamed the extension to a png. :] Whoooooooo. So how my ipod yo? You like? : D
    GRRR I tried uploading a cool avatar that I like but apparently the png image has the wrong... extension... >_> (it was a gif xD)

    Yay I got it! : D
    Well, I don't write primarily about "the Muppets". I'm just not that great at zany humor. :D I deal more with Dinosaurs, Labyrinth, and stuff. There's a Dinosaurs section on ff.net now. I tend to share their sense of humor most. I'm also the only author for that section. :p
    Hi! I'm kinda sick with allergies and stuff at the moment, and I'm in nursing school ... other than that, I'm good! Haven't been writing too many PKMN fics ... I'm on a Muppet kick right now.
    Yesh~ Hehe.
    I love all the couples in Junjou Romantica, but Usagi/Misaki will always be my OTP. I want another season. xD -shot-
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