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  • You probably barely use this anymore, but conway. In your pfp. I like to think I’m a top 5 (or 10) conway fan. Nice to see someone who knows he exists
    I don't know if anyone's ever told you this but the way that you stick to your guns on the 'character defence thing' and don't let yourself go against character hate is super impressive. As much as I agree that some people have rediculous reasons to hate characters, responding to dumbass posts and being all 'but you must like a character' is pathetic. I've just seen a pretty lame anti-Shinji post and it does annoy me that I've let too many 'aren't character defence squad' things let me think that it's somewhat reasonable to reply. There is of course no point. I mean even if it wasn't an embarrassing thing to do, half the reason that I like Shinji isn't that he isn't like the popular trends suggest that a character like him should be. To be honest, when I got in touch with you here, it was after an event that had made me sick of fandom policing and you pointing out my attitude on the Jindai thing, I realised that yes I've become part of the problem. I'm sorry and I'm trying to sort it at least within myself. I'm not sure that when standing up to it becomes extra policing and yeah, I'm not keen on that idea. Within myself I want to improve though.
    I'm so glad I stopped watching Crystal. I mean I don't mind the idea of them kissing but I imagine the context isn't cute from your reaction. Kissing is something that pretty easy to make icky anyway so yeah, with the father/daughterness it's just no. (It's different with other ships and I'm not sure how but humour is involved.) Nearly everything I see involving Crystal just icks me out and what doesn't ick me out, icks me out later when it dawns on me what it is.

    I'd admit that my wanting for Eureka and Shinji to be friends is partly that both are favourite characters of mine and being friends would give them screen time together (maybe even spin off show though now I know I'm being silly.) I certainly agree that it's Eureka's spunk and them both being braty younger siblings that mean that it could work. (I do squee whenever Eureka says "Tsukarenai" or anything like that.) I think that part of it is, that if they did become friends, they would be terrifying together. Whether it being "This is how you care for this pokemon" "Really?" or "Don't worry, Reiji san just needs a bride too." "As long as it's not Sumomo." "Not Sumomo, got it." the idea of them being friends just sounds scary for everyone around and Reiji could have mixed feelings since, 'Shinji having friends is good, but him being a bad influence?' I love pretty much any way of them interacting though since those two have a natural level of difference and similarity. Shinji is calling each and every viewer pathetic is something I would like on a meta level. I was imagining him dressed as a pokemon or something. Maybe we could find out where Eureka gets all her wonderful clothes. I could see it being awkward too. I don't think that Shinji can have any relationship without a certain amount of awkward. I could certainly see Yellow being awkward and wierd with Shinji too. I do remember liking it back when I was reading the RP but that was a long time ago. ^^;

    I'm sure that this is super long too, sorry
    That chibi Shinji picture is adorable. (How he would hate me for saying that. ^-^ ) I did read a lot of your RPing. I actually wanted to join but by the time I'd beaten my shyness enough to get a live journal and figure out the workings of the site, everything was going astray and no one was posting. It would have been fun being able to RP Shinji together but oh well, stuff happens. If you'd ever like to, I'd be up for it. The statement about backstory is one that I'll be thinking about. By the time I started to watch DP, I felt so sick to death of every Shinji like character having a backstory, that it just felt cliche. Can something be both cliche and well done or does being cliche take away it's 'well done' qualities? Of course the question doesn't really have an answer since cliche is subjective as is well done but it's still interesting to consider. I don't really want to disagree, but I don't really know how I feel and it's becoming increasingly apparent that I agree with people too much. In all honesty I don't know how I feel, but I've told you how I felt and why so maybe it's some food for thought.

    I have a feeling that Citron would take a similar note to Iris as he did with Princess Allie... oh frig, it could be exactly like Princess Allie all around (aside from Satoshi of course). Now I'm wanting them to bring Allie back instead. Okay, so that was always going to be more awesome to me because bias but still. I certainly agree that Iris would treat Citron like Dento, only with Citron it's worse since he's more easily hurt. It wouldn't surprise me if Iris and Eureka got on untill she went too far. Iris could learn a lesson about family being able to say things that strangers can't. Erm, yeah, it isn't likely to happen. I'll just hope that I can enjoy the reactions of her nicer fans.
    I'm really looking forward to Trifecta's sister fic, since I'm curious at how much more exciting this'll all be in fic form. So far, not too excited but I trust your sense of atmosphere and character. Jindai not discouraging Shinji from fighting (and maybe even looking like encouraging him I'm guessing) does appeal to me, since it's a rather human mistake to make. I suppose it comes back to what I said last time, even though we have different world views that reflect in how we write, you keep the characters so human and the world so human I can't help but like it. I agree that Shinji and Reiji would argue a lot. It kind of annoys me that I hardly see anything on them arguing at the moment. I get the feeling that during the tense stage they didn't argue much and that this was a bad thing since it meant that they didn't talk much at all and didn't settle their differences at all (rather similar to what I was saying about Shinji not knowing how to deal with Reiji). I get the feeling that after the league they would have had a really interesting time trying to sort through their feelings together (and I mean that both in a shippy and non shippy way. Terrible ain't I? :p )

    Anyway, the idea of the big incident (the mother's death) being shut out does make sense. You shouldn't need my approval on every dang thing that happens in your fic. I'm not involved with writing him. I even mess up my analysis posts and get things wrong. I sometimes wonder what meeting Tomioka would be like. I'd probably tell him my theories and headcanons trying hard not to offend and then suddenly go too far and he'd start crying and it would be terrible.
    You know I hadn't really considered that scene much in the thought of what starter Reiji would have. I've always felt that it ultimately came down to how Shinji felt about Reiji: admiration (natael), someone to overcome (hikozaru), or someone to defeat (potchama). Of course the personalities of the pokemon in question should also come into it. I liked the bit in Trifecta where I think (sorry it's been too long since I read this fic) Shinji considers how Satoshi is doing better than him with Hikozaru and is not doing as bad as expected with Hayashigame(?) and his feelings there. It was just nice.

    I did have though I don't think I ever wrote it down anywhere a headcanon that was basically that Shinji had a choice of Naetel to choose from and chose the one that was being picked on since it looked like it was taking it without fuss and Shinji figured that would mean it's the strongest. Might have wrote that down with the egg headcanon, not sure can't remember. I thought you might find it cute though. I liked your chomping headcanon. That was cute. ^-^
    With the details from the livejournal time line in mind, I had already known that you saw Jindai with a Dodaitose too but I hadn't connected the dots. Heh. I am liking your liking of lore. I often realise that I really like worldbuilding in shows, but I never mean battle stuff as much as what characters can be in the world. I guess that's why I get more excited for fanparents than fanchildren (that I largely don't see the point in). (I am working on a fan mother for Shinji, but we'll see if that goes anywhere.) Anyway, I love the idea of Jindai keeping his pokemon back like that. It is another way too of showing that he does have a heart and cares about his starter. His starter is special and I'm looking forward to seeing how much of an emotional connection there is. My prediction is quite a bit, but of course not shown in a sappy wappy way, since that's not Jindai's (or Shinji's) style. I like the idea of apple not falling far from the tree for the two. I'm not sure why but it appeals to me. Maybe someday I'll figure out why. Oh well, anyway, Jindai having BFFs sounds like it's going to turn out wonderful. The lore certainly helps the fic feel more grounded and emotional. It's something that I find missing in a lot of Shinji fics: an emotional core. With Trifecta having Jindai's feelings on his sons be somewhat illogical makes them more human and his humanity makes him more sympathetic and it ends up feeling more real. It gives the idea that the wolrd isn't just centred around Shinji's feelings even though Shinji is the central character.
    Battle-standby and Kirika are one and the same. It took my a while to work that one out but it is the case. Kirika closed down Battle-standby after it became clear that even with sources, taking art from Japan and putting it on tumblr was not only art theft but causing problems for Japanese artists. Basically Japanese copywrite law lets fanartists off provided not many people see the art. Kirika didn't want people spreading art that had just been taken any longer so she set everything to private. That's part of why I said that I believe that Kirika would understand if I brought up the idea of talking to her about it. Still, if you don't want it brought up, that's fine.
    I love Travels of Trifecta but really you don't need and neither should you be aiming to impress me. The fic is at it's best when it does things that I wouldn't dream of doing. Canon leaves a lot of gaps and whilst I can and have argued my case, there's no reason that your case can't be just as likely. You always argue your case in a way that's logical. Ultimately the reasons that we're attached to our takes has little to do with canon as much as want we want to see. I wouldn't describe my take on Shinji as 'submissive' towards Reiji as much as 'not knowing how to deal with him'. In a way, at this basic level, our Shinjis aren't that different. I agree with every point you make about Shinji in the sense that it fits with canon: I can't disprove it, much like I imagine/hope that my own take can't be disproved. There's a lot of possible reasons that they could have focused on Jindai/Shinji and then make them not act as father and son. Maybe it's because they wanted their to be multiple takes. After all, there are multiple morals to Shinji: don't be abusive, different people have different ways of doing things. It wouldn't shock me if provided that there's no treating backstory as an excuse, the show's creators would be fine with Shinji having a backstory. In a way, it's kind of dumbass of me to assume that there's only one way of showing that backstory=/=excuse.
    It's okay. I have had a lot on too and to be honest, I actually ended up typing this out twice and giving up. I don't really like admitting it but, I'm part of the problem in the pokeani fandom. I'm trying to fix it within myself, but there is a problem with people insisting that there's only one way to see the anime. There's lots of ways that it's started to happen and a lot of people blame the site that they're on rather than the issues within themselves. That said, I don't think that the pokeani fandom is broken as a whole. There are still a lot of friendly people there and real friends. I would love you to partake in tumblr, since it would be fun to blog with you. I can't promise it'll be a completely fun experience, but heck, no Iris fans have come after me over my 'moe Iris' tag and that's super passive aggressive of me. I've even told Iris fans about why it's there and they've not been too bad. The only time anyone's come after me, I kind of earned for being overly insistent on experimenting being awesome.
    Well, retconning Dawn's special wouldn't be much of an issue if you are going to retcon entirety of Best Wishes, considering her final destination became Johto for Wallace Cup.

    Yeah, don't hope for a grass-roots revolution on Serebiiforums. The modspace is in a constant influx, and current Animé moderator is Dephender, or as you know, Adamant. He is very angry about the Bulbaforums ban, so is acting as if he an angry, vengeful god. There are also a lot of trolls and apathetic people.

    Well, I had a post about Dawn's BW cameo. As for the rest of the ideas, I'll try my best(I especially like HeatTag vs. Penguin, since I have been wanting to do a discussion about its validity after my conversations with Gotpika). Conway posts in general would be really great, though I don't know how much I can surpass nerdinsandals(besides meta stuff). If you want to post something more in-depth, be my guest.

    As for Volcanion-Brandon connection, it might be best to wait until the next games, since Volcanion will likely another forme in the Z version or whatever.
    I always read your posting about Iris and always happy to have people agree with me because ther are people who say that the anime must be like manga
    to me no problem who the writers (the writer of manga or someone else) the important thing is who they draw the character and from anime Iris is the shit inside BW
    But since I have been bugging everyone else about this, if you have any blog post ideas for me to do, send them in.
    Yeah, since the animé fandom here died due to strict mod rule and general lack of interest, I basically moved to tumblr for animé stuff and my blogspot for main series stuff. I only come for Bulbawiki nowadays.

    I often go for Serebiiforums for "serious" discussion. Of course, with "serious" discussion I'm talking about future captures and events. Since Gin more or less gave up on looking recent toy releases, I had to go out my way to look at the releases. Sadly, they are not as helpful as they were in BW, since XY is a bit more relax about marketing, what with the Mega Evolution Specials basically providing them enough meal to last three months. It has been impossible any genuine discussion about characterizations there.

    Frankly, you are kinda the only ray of sunshine for me here. Even though I had great friends here, I haven't talked them since ages, and it seems our opinions have evolved way too differently to ever reconcile again(besides maybe Piplup, but he is on tumblr so w/e).

    I would like to mess with the page, but since I'll be having my next internship next week, I don't think I can reread your fic from start to finish(what with you hiding stuff and self-referencing stuff Tomioka style).
    sorry about the nature of my replies yesterday. I had wanted to make better ones but I've been stressed out with uni and stuff and things started to get pushed back.
    Yuck. They’re upping the ickiness of Sailor Moon and doing so involving Chibiusa. ew. I’m glad that I’ve stopped watching the show now. Still, hopefully you can mentally prepare yourself, right?

    True, Reiji does have work and we don’t know the details of how much time/ how much money/ other likewise things could effect things outside of Sinnoh making it clear that his job does hold him back from spending his brother in a way. It might be time (after all we don’t know how many people work for/with him) or money, but I can see what you mean that about him possibly not being able to afford going to Kalos. I’d like it if he could at least be shown on the phone with Shinji though.

    Okay, I’ve been loving the idea of Eureka befriending Shinji, but the idea of her fighting Shinji. Awsome~ She could certainly make a meal out of Shinji if she was inspired. ^-^ I’d love to see him being blackmailed into a pokevision shoot. If she teamed up with Serena too and they worked to take Shinji down and Citron was just all ‘nnnooo please just let him be and he’ll go soon.”

    Team Rocket and Shinji have always been awesome together and I love that idea. Okay. now this is probably another super long message.
    I tend to treat Moon Pride as like it’s a fan made thing for the manga (though I’ve still not read it yet.) I wish Crystal was well, anything like Moon Pride. I do like Moonlight Densetsu more I think. Not sure. Moonlight Densetsu is more catchy and fun whereas Moon Pride is more meaningful (or it would be if they actually listened to their own lyrics) and smooth. Depends on my mood I guess. Still, it’s kind of sad that Moon Pride is one of the best things Crystal has to offer.

    Thinking about it now, I think that part of why I never really had any feelings on Usagi/Mamoru’s romance in the 90s was that the anime never forced it into my face. It was just enough to provide fluff. Naru/Nephrite though made me tear up. I think I’d like to see a video editorial taking Crystal down since heck, I don’t think I could put into words all my frustration with it so getting it in that sort of way could be interesting. You could make an really interesting video.

    I think that in terms of shoehorning in pairing Crystal is one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen.

    I didn’t mind the animation early on, since at least they had the excuse of ‘we’re getting used to the modals’. Okay, considering that they should have done that in preproduction and they had forever to do that, that’s not much of an excuse but at least there was one. I do find that the 90s animation does a better job of being what it’s supposed to be though. I often don’t find Crystal to be as beautiful as it’s supposed to be telling me it is. It just looks ‘meh’. I would say that I’ve been spoiled by other anime, but I do seem to remember that someone creating Crystal said that it’s supposed to appeal to people who grew up with the 90s show, so yeah…
    I don’t think I’ve come across anyone that liked Hikari’s reappearance in BW. I’ve ranted about it a few times with Hikari fans and yeah. It was especially odd, since it wasn’t like there weren’t other reasons around. I remember people thinking that she could come to appear in musicals. Heck, if she had just been all “I felt uninspired so I thought I’d come to see my old friends and see if that would inspirer me” it would have been better. Generic but better.

    Kouhei and Hikari should have been rivals in show. just saying. *sigh* At least I may get to see it in Trifecta some day. I really wouldn’t blame you for pretending that BW doesn’t exist and putting in some XY influences. I don’t know how I feel about that idea but then a lot of ideas in Trifecta would have evoked a ‘no’ from me, then turned out to be awesome so yeah. Looking forward to being impressed. :p

    I’ve seen you mention the sister fic a few times and it’s always a little sad to hear you talk about it, yet it looking like it’s not coming anywhere. I would love to read it.

    Being “FUCK YOU, DRAGONS” could be Iris’s reason for coming. Being intrigued by the challenge? IDK. It’s better than Hikari’s reason, but Hikari’s whole return arc felt like it was being made up as they were going along by about three monkeys all of which are arguing over which type writer is better and having to swap or else ripping their brains out. …Yeah, with that, I think that, maybe it would be better if Iris didn’t return. :p I’d like to see Haruka again. Especially if she wore her bunny bandana from ORAS and bonded with Citron. I wonder if she would bring Masato along. In some ways, it would be cool to see her either way and I certainly could see her bringing him up.
    I like the idea that Shinji feels resentment born of Reiji’s increasing feeling that he needs be there for Shinji. It relates nicely into one of the points I made about how Shinji’s likely to be a case of a lot of little events rather than one big sob story. In a way, that’s more traumatic. And the idea that it comes from Reiji, makes Reiji in a way, more like my Shinji and so in a way appeals to my sense that they are not that dissimilar as on first appearance. I don’t know if that was in what you were going for but it appeals to me anyway. Reiji is certainly aware of Shinji’s jerkiness. I suppose that if you’re weird for the way you show love for your characters than I’m like super weird for the way I enjoy it, then. ^-^

    I could see Satoshi getting a Gekkouga. Indeed, I could see him fully evolving (outside pikachu of course) his team this time round. However, that’s been foreseeable before so I wouldn’t risk money on it either. I’m happy that they’re treating Satoshi like a decent levelled trainer again though and making it at least feel like he could have a fully evolved team if he wanted to.

    BW’s hype over Iris was pretty bad. I had actually been trying to persuade myself to like Iris before then. (I got so desperate I even tried using shipping and that’s never a good idea.) It’s just to like a character that you feel forced to like though. In some ways that was her biggest crime. I certainly remember the preBW excitement. I don’t blame you for feeling excited. I was too. I mean DP had just ended and now the new series was looking even more novel and interesting. woo. Sadly it was never to be.
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