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  • Good news if you still want a seedot in the egg I acccidently left my shiftry in the day care and it made another egg. can you trade now?
    I am usually available to trade after 4pm my time (pacific) I've already hatched it.
    Ok just give me a little time to breed my shiftry and yes it has the DW ability

    Edit: Ok I have a female seedot with pick poket VM when you can trade
    If you have a Zapdos of the Modest or Jolly nature it would be appreciated, but if not then I'll give it to you for free.
    Yes, it is legal.
    Hey it's trainer Wesley me and my vanillish will be in the wifi club for the next few minutes if you are ready to trade ok?

    I'm playing with a Korean game, so all their native names will appear as Korean XDD Check your dex - you should have a foreign dex entry for those two as well XDD
    Okay - here are the steps:

    1. Turn on your console
    2. Get to the main screen of your game. DON'T START THE GAME YET.
    3. Select "Wi-Fi settings"
    4. Touch the Blue Square
    5. Pick one of the large three squares that appear next. It should be saying "No connection" or something like that.
    6. Search your access point
    7. The name of your private connection should appear. Select it (enter your password), and it'll be set as your Wi-fi.

    8. You can trade.
    Yes, I entered your FC in my Pal Pad. When you enter the Wi-Fi club, you will be asked to connect to the Wi-Fi. Your DS/DSi/3DS must have pre-set Wi-Fi connection for it to work. Do you use public wi-fi or a private one?
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