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  • Those are the zones here on Bulbagarden, yes- there's actually three branches of FB, each with their own zones. There's one on Serebii, and there's one on UPN. That said, the zones here at Bulbagarden are actually the most active ones at this time.
    It depends on when Tess is able to send you your registration test- she's not always able to be online. Still, it shouldn't take that long. I'd imagine within a day or so.
    Regular battles outside of skirmish weeks will not [earn points].
    Hi, I wanted to answer your question this way to address a second issue as well.

    For your question, yes, you can use the environment to your advantage, including picking up nearby rocks with Alakazam's psychic powers to inflict damage on the Gothita. As long as no significant damage occurs to the park as a whole, then it's fine. So far, you're fine. If anything super bad happens, I'll let you know.

    As for your post, you're at about 200-250 characters, I don't remember the exact number off the top of my head. That's a lot under the minimum required character count of 500, so if you could expand your post, I'll reply. Just shoot me a VM when you've done that, & I'll give you a reply asap from there~ If it was because you had your question and wanted to wait to expand until that was answered, that's fine too! :) In the future, you're welcome to VM me questions before you post~!
    Yes, you can! :) I believe it's your turn to reply, so when you do that, I'll shoot you a reply asap!
    I'm actually already in the middle of one AIM battle, but yes, of course, that should be fine. Idk if there are any more refs available at this moment, for now it's just Blue Towel. xD

    It is totally up to you. If anything, if we choose AIM I can just ask a mod to close the thread. :>
    Hi, just wanted to toss you a heads-up about your Sign-up in the National Park.

    For your additions to Personality, those would classify as hobbies. A character's personality is basically their demeanor and how they act. (are they easygoing, or are they stubborn? Maybe they have a short fuse, or even a soft spot for Pokemon.) These are all factors to think about when figuring out just how your character acts.

    As for Description, don't forget about colors/fabrics. Saying that a person wears a t-shirt and jeans gives a rough outline, but nothing else. Are the jeans blue denim, or are they black in color? Does the t-shirt have a logo, and if so what is it? This also applies for any added clothing or equipment that the character may have, like a backpack. Finally, once again, don't forget about color!

    This may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that the Park is all about the quality of your posts. Descriptions help out, and a definite personality will help your character shine. If you have any other questions, feel free to toss me a VM.
    Hey nice to meet you.

    Hm, I saw the post you made in Champion´s game and I wanted to tell you that you should remember to only advertise for your fic in the fanfic directory, fanfic announcement thread, and or your sig and blog.
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