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    Pokesav automatically sets the date on it to 2013.
    So yeah.. =\..

    The ralts i got from you before didn't have 2013 date on it.
    Hmm, really good for just a month.
    I knew someone else who was going to try to get me one with perfect IVs but then just complained about it being to hard & stuff.
    Do you have a good Altaria/Flygon or Latias? I am looking for them. I saw you needed Dex pokemon.

    I have

    I have other good pokemon. I would really like these pokemon. I know you are the best RNGer I have had interactions with.
    XD I just saw that & replied & then i saw this lol.
    Glad to see you have succeeded in RNG'ing, how long have you been RNG'ing?
    @__@; Yes you should, though i think you need
    atleast 20 or more pokemon to start a shop.

    Oh shall we begin out battle? i posted in your thread. (=
    YES! I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks
    hmmm... would you be able to RNG a few other
    pokmeon aswell?
    Oh, so will you be able to RNG a few flawless Pokemon? ^^''
    like the ones that were on my thread?
    I don't think you got my PM, so i'll VM you.

    I have a Japanese ditto to gie you, so that the RNG'ning
    would be alot easier, you said you needed one over PM
    for breeding & IV.
    Ok, good. I'm going to get the Arceus and go in. Oh, and you're probably not going to like the nature, I don't really like it either, but it's what I got from the event. It's Hasty.
    11pm (for me) should usually be fine. I would have been on today but I got hooked on a rainbow robot unicorn flash game that is dangerously addictive...
    Ok, I changed my time to your time zone so I can get an idea of how far apart we are. It's about 6 pm where I live and about 11 pm where you live, so we're about 5 hours apart. I think that can help us by picking a time. What's good for you?
    Well, whenever you're online it's like, 1 or 2 A.M where I live, so the best time for me to trade with you would be on the weekend since I won't have to sleep early for school. We'll work something out.
    Ok, great! Heres my FC: 1118 6469 7810

    I notice that everytime you're online, it's really late where I live. What's your time zone? Mine is GMT - 5, I live in the U.S. Thanks, I can't wait to use this on my SS team!
    Do you think you could do an IV job for me. Maybe two? I need a >25 31 >20 31 >20 31 Naive/Hasty Trapinch and a >25 31 >20 x >20 31 Swablu

    Neither have to be shiny. I can offer quite a bit. Any pokemon and alot of events. I heard you need the Dogs. I can offer the Collesium Dogs.
    Hey there,

    thanks for the ditto. i was wondering if you could breed an Adamant Shroomish with Poison Heal and at least 25 in attack and speed? I could give you a couple of Gen. II legends for it
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