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  • The Dragon Zombies were a pain for me. I was about 5 levels under the recommended Level for fighting those two. q.q (Usually, I hear people say you should be LV30 or so. I only had the patience to grind to 25. >w>) They hit less hard than I expected, but they're annoying as hell, for the reason you just stated. They were also pretty random in their attack patterns. Even had them both drop debris on me at one point. :/ Or one would drop debris, and the other would bite me while I was spinning to whip to shield against said debris. Still, probably one of my favorite fights in the game. Genuinely entertaining. And let's not forget the "OH SHI-" moment when everyone realized for the first time that they had to fight two of those things
    Hardest boss is difficult to narrow down. Voiding final bosses (since they're meant to be difficult to begin with), it's either Galamoth (Without the Lightning element absorbing Ring or the Shield Rod+ Alucard Shield. That stuff's for sissies :p) from SotN or The Creature from Portrait of Ruin. (Specifically, the fight against 2 of them in the optional Nest of Evil portrait. SO. FREAKIN. EVIL.)
    What about things for you?
    God, took long enough, but I FINALLY beat Circle of the Moon. x.x Dracula's a bastard in that game. xD Takes forever to kill and hits like a truck. .___.; But I think you knew that. >w>
    Cleared the game with only access to only 4 DSS cards. xD
    I didn't get to touch Bloodlines, Harmony, Circle, or Legacy of Darkness until I got them on an emulator tbh. ._.; These games can be a bitch to find lol. Bloodlines was pretty difficult admittedly, ESPECIALLY Stage 3 and 5. Oh right, and the last stage has all kinds of mind games in it too. Even on the Genesis or Virtual Console, it'll likely be tricky for you. ._____.
    Castlevania 64 is similar to Legacy of Darkness, but it's much harder. Tricky jumps, tricky bosses, etc. It had perhaps my favorite of Dracula's transformations though.
    No fair. I want to test out one of the PS2 ones. xD I might try getting Lament of Innocence myself. Favorite is a toss-up between Legacy of Darkness/64 (both are very similar), Portrait of Ruin, or Symphony of the Night. Had some good times playing those, even though Castlevania 64 was so mean to me back in the day. xD (Even now, it's still a real bitch to play. Still fun though.)
    Oh right! Forgot. I played Bloodlines too. xD Probably my favorite of the Classicvanias for some reason. OH NO, THE STAIRCASE TO DRACULA GOES RIGHT INSTEAD OF LEFT, WITCH WITCH
    There aren't many of us here lol. I've been a fan of the series since Symphony of the Night for the PSX, which I first picked up and played back in Elementary School. xD Those were good times. Since then, I've played Aria of Sorrow, Dawn of Sorrow, Harmony of Dissonance, Circle of the Moon, 64, Legacy of Darkness, Dracula X Chronicles, Portrait of Ruin, and Order of Ecclesia. Basically all of the "castleroids" as people call them. xD Wish they'd release another..
    Anyway, which ones have you played?

    Anyways, yep! Thought I'd join with all the BW2 stuff being discussed.
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