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  • Hello my old friend. I am back once more after my umpteenth hiatus, and as usual it was a specific idea that drew me back. This time, I'm going to try to run a new type of RP, or at least an RP with an uncommon theme. Knowing the unending amount of attention you give to detail, I would be honored to have you as a member of the RP.

    If you would like to see the RP in question, I'll leave a link for you. Its nice to see that you're back.

    Hi there. Oblivion here, doing a little...I guess you could call it a survey. Now, some of you might remember a fairly long-running RP series back in the day: A Different Kind Of Murder, run primarily by who is now called Flame_. I decided to take the formula of these RPs and rework it into a format that encourages both innovation, experimentation, and a storyline that the players can delve right into, if they so choose.

    ...however, upon posting the sign-up for the RP, it ended up fading out with an unceremonial whimper.

    Being a GM isn't part of my reputation. All of my attempts at creating and managing RPs have failed on varying levels. However, this RP in particular was one that I was very proud of, and call me stubborn if you wish, but I refuse to let all of the ideas I had in place go to waste like that.

    Now, the reason for me sending you this message in the first place is that I'm planning a revival of this RP. However, instead of trying to post the sign-up thread again, I'm going to be reworking it into a private RP with multiple people I know and trust...such as you.

    All I'm asking is that, if I were to go through with this plan, would you be willing to participate? The sign-up thread is over here if you need information. As I stated before, I had a surplus of ideas in place for this RP, and I hate not being able to do anything with ideas.
    Yes, that is correct. She detected Icnoir's scent, though she managed to show her youth and subsequent naiveness since she thought it was another Vulpix
    I may try to give you a reason for her to stay a bit longer. Could you check the start up in a few minutes I just had an awesome idea
    But hey, I have it good compared to most people.
    Some of the people I work with have to come at like 6:00 A.M. and stay there until like around 11:00 P.M. at the most.
    By the way, I forgot to mention Im finally learning to play piano, though the only song I can even play halfway decently on my keyboard is Young Wild and Free
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