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  • Hey, no worries, I've been pretty busy with classes too. I hope yours are going well.

    And the rain will wash away the remaining poison puddles, but gradually. It won't happen instantly.
    It depends on a lot of things, mainly the quality and creativity of your post. Type effectiveness that exists in the game is not necessarily true in the Park for that reason. You can prepare for just a Tackle if you like, but who's to say the brunt of the Psychic force is aimed at Coyote? XD Rangers can be tricky peeps. Just do what you think it best and things will work out eventually. Battles tend to go up and down.
    Ohhhh. Okay. Makes more sense now. And I know I need the requirements-I just had a beautiful plan for befriending a member of the Gardevoir line involving a music synth app on my Pokegear, a hitherto unrevealed skill in music on my part, and respect for dancing ability.
    You have to meet the requirements before you can befriend, and then the wilds follow you around anyway. There's a section in the Encyclopedia on it. And yes, I'd prefer you didn't any other object directly like the crystals because that's not fair to the wild mon. Some things are okay, like I've seen others use a Pokedex, but other objects that affect battle directly and give you an advantage I'm gonna say no. And you can still lay traps like I mentioned, it would just have to be after you deal with Woobat's oncoming attack, since that's coming right at you.
    Can you send questions to me in VM or PM so we don't clog up the thread? Thanks, just in case the others post in it. It's really easy to lose posts in the Main RP threads.

    And it's still outside help if you use the crystals. It's supposed to be your mon vs the wild, and outside resources like that is kinda like cheating. It's still too dangerous, for both rules and in-character for the Role Play. Like I said, I offered you the suggestion of doing it in real-time by just condensing energy and using it that way--energy packets instead of crystals that could achieve the same effect. I've already made my call on it, so I'm not going to edit my post or change my mind about using them. You can just expand off what I said--maybe even talk about how your character doesn't think them too dangerous. You can still use the same technique, just not by using the crystals as landmines. And any extra explanation is always welcome because that boosts your MCR.
    It's okay that you're learning. That's why I didn't do very much damage. I'm not gonna re-do my post, but I didn't penalize you that much either. Realistically, the people can't really see what's going on behind the dark cloud anyway unless you dissipate it. If you want, you can add your explanation to the next post, like when you heard the laughter, you knew Coyote was doing such and such thing. That's where you could describe how the Taunt should've really worked. Recapping is a common thing in Park posts, especially when the Trainer needs a bit of MCR, so I'm not gonna penalize for that either. I think you're doing fine. Now you should probably focus on doing some damage to it too. I only say that because at higher HP, the catch rate is pretty bad even when MCR is surpassed, and I'm also thinking of the rest of your run, since Coyote has no way to heal.
    Nah, no hiatus. I would announce something like that. I try to keep up, but sometimes projects take longer than expected. The post had been started for days, but then I only had 4 days to write what became a 14 page story for class, plus feeling like I was going to die and being dragged around all weekend for family things and home improvement projects @_@ I had to dedicate any time I had to actually getting the project done, and I still didn't finish it all the way. Was doing that mad scramble thing before class. I'll try to be quicker about it, but I can't say for sure since the uni projects are getting bigger since the end of summer semester is beginning of August. For sure in August I'll have a lot more time until fall semester starts up again.
    I told you up front when I took your run that I wouldn't be able to post constantly. I just got off of a 5-day streak where I did nothing but work and edit on my uni project on top of being dragged around all week and not feeling good. The post is in progress.
    Sure, you could probably blow it away for a second, but it would come back right away.

    And to confirm, are you trying to capture this mon then?
    Also, if you want to try and run while you battle, you should edit your post to reflect that, otherwise the battle may go on for a very long time. It's totally acceptable to use a battle as a distraction while trying to escape, but you gotta let me know. Otherwise I'll proceed as normal.
    Kinda, but no, it wouldn't take a chunk out. That would be too graphic and such for this forum, and that type of brutal damage could be considered abusing wild Pokemon, which can get you a strike and eventually kicked out. You're welcome to be creative and such, but I'll put the lid on too graphic/cruel things.
    If you tell your mon to be vicious and stuff, maybe. This forum is PG13, however, so no, that would probably not happen. I would counteract in some way, or perhaps the biting mon would just drag the wild it had bit onto. More than likely the bite would not be able to hang on, especially if the wild mon shifted or struck out or something.
    lol! You could ask your mon to try and shove it away with a move like Dragon Tail, but it's still not going to Auto-end the encounter. Really, you can do a lot of non-standard things in the Park if you use your moves creatively and describe what you're trying to do clearly enough.
    No, phasing moves are not auto-escapes. They can be used to startle a mon, etc, but not make them run away. The only 100% escape is using a Pokedoll.
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