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  • Not much as gone on, besides picking next semester's classes and hanging out with my friends! How's your job going? Also, do you watch Supernatural?
    Hah, I'll start FF sooner or later, I just want to try and get FF5-7 as well as X.

    Wait, really??! *googles this* This...this is great, I can't wait to see Mothra and King Ghidorah again. It's going to be out June 8th, 2018 and apparently there's going to be a new Godzilla vs King Kong in 2020.
    Hmm Awakening be honest Awakening isn't my favorite FE game and I'm not too big on pairings, but I remember some of my pairings: Lon'qu x Cherche, Robin x Chrom (I hate Chrom x Sumia, sorry xP) and Cordelia x Kellam or Cordelia x Gaius. What about you?

    Also, there's finally a NA release date for Fates! You were right with that February release guess!
    Thanks a lot for the recommendations for both FF and Castlevania!! I realized that I actually have the FF X demo, FF Mystic Quest, and FF 1+2 (PS1). I never got around to playing any of them yet, so I forgot about them. xD

    One of my friends watches The Flash, Arrow, and Criminal Minds too! Oh yeah, super excited for Godzilla 2 as well. I heard a rumor a long time ago that Mothra is going to be in it.
    You're right, it'll most definitely be more than 8 months. The best thing to do is to keep our minds away from it!:p

    That still sounds really fun though! Though if I ever hear "conveyor belt" and "job", I think of that Drake and Josh episode when they get jobs packing sushi. xD

    That's nice! What FF would you recommend to play first? I've been meaning to get into FF, Castlevania and KH. I have KH, but I only played the first hour or so. Want to play Smash Bros. 3DS online one of these days?

    Hmm let's just say I don't really keep up with shows unless it's an anime. xD I usually watch comedy shows like Everybody Hates Chris and Bob's Burgers, cartoons, and nature and travel shows. As for movies, I love animation, monster movies, action/adventure, and international movies (they're usually Italian, Japanese or Indian). There are tons of movies I'm anticipating: Deadpool, rumored Akira trilogy, rumored Jurassic World II, The Good Dinosaur, The Jungle Book...there's a lot to list. xD What about yourself?
    Ohh by that, I meant to say I hope we can know the release date of Fates at least by November/December of this year. If not, January or February!

    Glad to hear you're enjoying your job and you had a mini vacation! The whole factory experience sounds really cool. :0 Did you get to see any of the products being made?

    That's not bad either! It's actually what I do also because I don't really participate in many events.

    I also like MOTHER, Kirby, SSB, Okami, Chrono series, Donkey Kong Country, just to name a few! Oh and I don't have much time to play, but if I do, it's usually SSB 3DS. Speaking of it, do you have it by any chance? We could play! :) What about yourself?
    I just hope we can know the release date soon! Maybe by November/December?

    Hey that's great!! Are you liking your job so far?

    It's going good, thanks for asking! One of my friends from high school also attends my same college, but I've managed to make 2 or 3 acquaintances. Remember I told you I had a 3 page essay to write? Everyone was automatically entered to go to a dinner with a few other students to meet the artist of the book/graphic novel we were reading! It's today and I'm just glad one of my acquaintances won too, or else it would have been a little awkward going alone!
    That's interesting! Do you have a job now? And thanks! And now I have a 3 page essay to write!

    Haha yeah I hope so too. Do you think we'll get a special edition version too? I kind of hope we do; it'd be a great collector's item.

    That's good! How are you liking those maps so far? I haven't touched Awakening in a year or so, but I'm re-playing Path of Radiance.
    That class is Cultures! I already wrote 2 pages yesterday, 4 pages are due tomorrow at midnight. x_x Ahh that's interesting! Are you studying anything business related? Haha thanks and yep, it's going to be my major!

    It's free? Well that's a relief; there was already enough to buy for Fates!

    I've been there, as well! I mainly just go for news, as the forum is a little boring to me. I'm not really into looking into stats, I just like to go with whatever happens. Which characters have you planned out so far?
    I've gotten so much work to do already! Just for one class, I have to write at least 2-4 pages of article summary/response every Tuesday and Thursday. But then again, there's no tests in that so I guess it's alright. I like my classes, but I'm taking a class called Ethics and the professor is really boring. -_- Although I'm not a fan of math, it seems to be my favorite class. Oh and I'm going to be studying Biology!

    I'm a little annoyed how a lot of the Fates characters look like Awakening characters and there's even an Awakening DLC map! Oh and also what do you think about the new Fire Emblem TCG?
    Please excuse my late replies, I've recently started college!

    Takumi is so strong bc he's related to the great lobster lord, Ryoma himself! In all seriousness though, that's pretty cool. :0

    Aw Hinoka is cute Lucina not so much jk! Hinoka is also one of my favorite characters; she's strong, calm, pretty (I'm saying this in a sisterly sense). Btw was Awakening your first FE?
    The Golden Kite Warriors look amazing! I'm really hoping to see some nice fan art of those! Have you been watching playthroughs? We have such a long way to go until release, it's so hard not to spoil anything! >.<

    Hmm be honest, I don't really have any yet! xD I really have to see what everyone is like first in order for my matchmaking skills to kick in! What about you? Who are you going to marry? :D
    Tsubaki The first thing that caught my attention in the teaser (other than this being a new FE game that's being released) was the Eastern-style side and the Eastern-style music. I thought it was pretty cool to finally have a story that doesn't have European influences. I also really like a lot of these new Hoshidan characters, they're all so elegant, but cool! I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more music, My Castle, and pretty much everything else. What about you?
    Yep! I'll just double check and make sure I have your fc. The IGN is Nina since I'm using AS.
    Hey I have everything all set to go. I'll be checking in at regular intervals today, and I'll be on the majority of the day Thursday and Friday. :)
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