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  • I love them :D specially mimikkyuu! It is creepypasta material and I can't be happier. Wanna imagine what's under the pikachu disguise~? Ahhh I can't wait~
    besides the design (which is strange) it only has 2 weaknesses and 3 immunities.that is a great dual type!!! The cloth can be removed? Ok,now I am curious...for some reason I feel the red panda needed a better design.waiting to see a game video to decide how I feel about these 2 pokemon.the last video I saw had a good red panda had a white head.very strange!!!thought it supposed to be pink
    White Crow
    White Crow
    Well it says "if it's removed" so it can be like banette whom we know has something inside but we won't see it.
    Yeah the 3d model can change the poke, like m-mence xD I think the back part was of a diferenr color .w.
    Yea Salandit is one of my faves actually! Mimikkyuu is another fave now too. :D Do you like the two new mons introduced today?
    Well ,I'm waiting to see how good they look in the ghost fairy type as well.both designs are a little strange though.
    I heard it's better or something but what about the price? :eek:

    A pokemon sandnox would be great :') though then again if they made a pokemon game for the WiiU or NX I won't be able to get it, so I am fine with that for now xD
    I believe it may be cheaper or the same price.we will see though.

    do you think we will see a sinnoh remake for 3ds?
    Yo!!! :D .. sent an email ^_^ You'd be surprised, when it comes to the standard IV's in radar.. can literally be anything. most obtain through DR though have real garbage IV spreads. It's a blessing if you can even catch anything with no 0 IV in it. back in unova days, the idea for an RNG addon was started because so many people who downloaded the game were complaining about it, nice huh? xD
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    Didn't know
    steve.. i checked all 3 out from top to bottom, i believe you have the real thing here bud. :)
    man, you're sooo lucky to get so many of those dr 6IV's!!!... it took me months to collect just the ones i have in back in bank, and that's also after skimming through all the hacked ones i got too. xD
    I saw it :D a poison thug just to finish a bad guys team <3
    Bypassing types it's a great advantage, now the problem will be how GF handles this pokémon, if they give it crappy stats or movepool..

    xD okay I will! with images and all, expect me to talk about Lillie :p jk Just hoping a good role for her, even if it's not something fantastic.

    Kinda sad another penalty was Germany's fall :C Which one will win?
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    Want it to evolve into a krookodile like pok with great moves!! Let's hope it will

    nice!! And evolve rockruff.unless it's evolution gets leaked before the games are released.

    they should have been more careful.they had a great defence in all their other games but not yesterday.
    I believe Portugal will get the cup.we will see though.
    White Crow
    White Crow
    One word, AMAZING. Let's hope it has a good shiny form :b unlike Krook.

    It's gonna be leaked I bet xD Tho I hope it doesn't, I want to keep some of the mystery for when the game is released.

    tbf they didn't have all their best players. #teamfrance then for me xD
    Well I won't spoil you about the game so nw~ I hate spoilers myself tbh. They take out the emotions and feelings you'd experience in the movie/game etc.

    I'll still go for Germany xD I won't be able to watch since I'll be at work tho..
    I did get ORAS and Y almost on release date x3 but Imma get spoiled here.
    But I am being optimist!

    Today Wales vs Portugal :D omg I am so excited! The last of the underdogs!
    Well it depends on the providers, we don't have official Nintendo support so it depends on the stores to get it as soon as possible.
    And I don't think so :c it's a a lot of trouble :c

    Oh! I love bets :D tho I lost miserably against someone the other day, I voted for Belgium, Italy and Spain. All rekt xD
    PORTUGAL >;C I am still salty. I'll vote Germany xD //just wants to win.
    Thanks :) I was modded a couple of months ago. You should come more here xD glad I got'cha on Skype though or else .. u.u
    It's funny, never thought that so many poke events would ever be coming to these games... hard keeping up with sr'ing them all xD Been doing a lot of speed running between events in AS. Oh, i got a shiny Latias during one of my earlier speed runs... tbh it really threw me off at first considering the entire southern island scene shows a non shiny one. XD
    hey, lol sorry about not checking in for so long. :)

    i'm doing good... um, getting used to the new forum platforming tbh xD ..and how have you been? done anything interesting lately? ^^
    Wow can be so late? :eek: I am changing my schedule to I am trying to not stay too late xD Stevie nocturnal np.
    Oh okie :3 I am sure I sent you my username too!

    I sent you a FR :p I am not gonna be annoying promise.

    Ack true :eek: I always forget that detail, the ones called windows phones?
    What I liked about Sony was the Xperia ones, I heard they were amazing for music and games. Can't say since I never had one tho.
    Ohh you have one? :eek: amazing ^^ I still have my Xpress Music 5800 but looks like it's dead already. Since I was trying to xharge it the other day but it didn't even turn on. That or the battery.

    The name gives me shivers already xD;
    It would be a mess :p
    Well as for the time ir hits me in the afternoon and you at night. >.< since I work in the morning and then night it's the only span of time tomorrow since today I am full of work xD
    Last option is sunday since I might work only at night.
    Oh do you use Skype? Sorry if I asked this but I just don't remember >.<

    They are disspearing.. at least here xD; i barely see nokia smartphones around here. Tho I can't complain about Samsung phones, my phone must have falled more than 10 times, that's too littles tbh .w. ; and it still works.. some minor problems but works.
    Ohhh :eek: what I played that one too! Did you play metao gear acid too? Those cards tho!
    I wanna buy an old phone now xD I am sure the really small screen will be annoying now.

    I might use xyz tbh >.< that's what I learned with the android game. xD;
    That's a bless and a curse, just imagine 100 cards or something deck.. neverending game!

    I did reply already >w< okay a bit late.. but .. but .. >.<, I have nothing to say in my defense.
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