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  • It is not selfish if someone thinks customization is a waste of time. It is their opinion and it happens to be mine.. I know I can ignore it but it be better if they improve it and give it a better purpose.
    The definition of waste of time is a devotion of time to a useless activity.

    This definition applies to the fact that you do not like the feature, therefore it is a waste of time for you to use the feature personally.

    This definition cannot apply to Gamefreak. They did not devote their time to a useless activity because most fans love the feature, and the feature benefits most players. Therefore, the feature being implemented was not a waste of time. It is only a waste of time for you to use it.
    Arceus the Dragon
    Arceus the Dragon
    Like I said, agree to disagree. There is not enough reasons for me to like the feature yet. Maybe if they had types specialists clothes and items as rewards for certain customizations. Until then, I have no use for it.
    Exactly, therefore, it is only a waste of time for you to use it. Not for Gamefreak to implement the feature.
    Well I can say I am a big fan of plot twists and cliffhangers :D What are Weeping Angels though? They sound quite intriguing..
    Hm now I am interested to see what made David Tennant so popular.

    Oh my, that's going to be a lot of episodes indeed. Do you have any particularly memorable/favorite episodes?

    Ah, I know that feeling. Collections can really start to get addicting, but they are always fun nonetheless. The sheer thrill of searching everywhere for the ones you want, and the satisfaction that comes with completing that goal is truly something special. As they say in Pokemon: gotta catch 'em all. Good luck on your hunt!
    Ah he sounds cool. Who's your favorite Doctor?

    Haha I've been binge watching a lot of things on Netflix too. I recently finished Dardevil, and now I'm watch Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. They are both really amazing! Watching anime like Pokemon on there is fun too. I wish they would add more seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh though. Or Avatar: TLA or LoK!
    I will start with the new ones then! I hear there's a new season coming up soon
    Well, if you're still using that Tetsu set (or decide to make a G-Rank version (which looks much cooler then the Low/High Tetsu sets btw)), then you could just pile on the Defence skills to take as many hits as possible with that armour set. though I could also suggest Constitution, Psychic, Gloves Off/Spirit or Protection if you're looking for something more then just raw numbers. Oh, and Handicraft might be a good idea too.
    I have no doubt it is. The only problem is it is quite a long series (and still ongoing if I recall correctly), so it would take a lot of time for me to catch up. And unfortunately, time is something I do not have as much of at the moment. Unless there's a different part of the series in which you might recommend I could start at, instead of with the first episode?
    And that's awesome! Did you get any of their signatures?

    Hmm maybe you can ask one of the art shop threads on the forum for help? They've helped me with quite a few signatures and avatars and made them just how I wanted them.
    ...To be honest, I wouldn't really bother with getting the High-Rank Arc gear (appart from the weapon) since the G-Rank monsters will probably do so much that you'll want to use the Tetsu armour anyway for the Defence boost it gives you...

    Oh, and speaking of armour, I noticed that you weren't making as good a use of your slots as you could have... You do know about Decorations and Talismans, correct?
    ...Have you been leveling up your armour? Because that could also be one of the reasons why you are dying a lot. Then again, any Elder Dragon hits really hard, the Dalamahdur in particular, so I don't think your armour is at fault.

    Well then, glad I've given you a few tips. :)
    By the way, and the Bleeding status is eventually explained to you in the late Caraven quests, but that isn't for quite a while I assume. And it damages you when you make sudden movements such as running, evading and swinging your weapon. Just be glad you know how to take care of it now, as opposed to me when I was starting out who knew nothing about it and still managed to make a full Seregios set somehow.

    Hmm, advice... Let's see... Theo only thing I can really think of is that there are a few items that boost Attack and Defence just by carrying them in your inventory. The Armor and Powercharms can be bought from the store for a LOT of money once you get your rank up a certian amount (which I beleive should already be available for you). The Armor and Powertalons, however, require combining one of the Charm items with a Deviljho Talon. Oh, and they stack too: if you have, say, an Armortalon and an Armorcharm on you at the same time, you will get the Def. buffs from both of them. I just thought I should mention this since you seem interested in having as many stat points as possible. :)

    Good to hear you are embracing the spirit of cooperation of something like that.
    ...You don't exactly have the most stable internet, do you? Eh, glad to hear you got that weapon you were after at least.

    Also, may I offer a few tips in general? Beause I'm going to.

    Firstly, if you crouch before carving/gathering, you will actually carve/gather faster then you would when standing since your character tries to stand up each time he does so if you aren't crouched. Secondly, I noticed you were kinda dying a lot in the Dalamahdur fight, so this might help if you ever fight one again (as well as in other battle or something): if you run away from a large monster (which will give you a different running animation then normal) and evade at the same time, you will do a 'Superman dive', which gives makes you temporarily invincible. Finally, if you want to cure Bleeding (the status Seregios give you), either crouch on the ground for a bit or eat a Steak.
    Well then, how about we try for Monday at around 3:00 PM your time maybe?

    Firstly, every single quest you ever do gives you points, it's just when you clear HR 7's Urgent that they actually apply them (oh, and when I say 'HR 7's Urgent', I mean when you get past HR 7, not when you get to HR 7), which means that once the game applies the point system, your rank will go up quite a lot right away. And now I possibly go back on the first part of that statement maybe by saying that I don't know if Arena quests give you points... I'll have to check that out. Caravan quests definitely give you points though.
    Well, firstly, as I mentioned before, you gain points each time you complete any quest, but those points are only applied once you get past HR 7.
    Secondly, as for how the system works, it's kinda like leveling up in Pokémon: each time you complete a quest, you gain points. As for how many to the next rank, it depends on A. what rank you have, as having a higher rank requires more points to get to the next one, and B. what quests you are doing, since some quests yeild more points then others.

    Anyway... My time zone is GMT +12. That bodes well.
    Well, it's not quite as impressive if you consider that, once you clear the lest High-Rank Uregnt, the Hunter Points system kicks in, which means that each time you successfully complete a quest (including ones you completed before clearing the aforementioned Urgent quest), you earn points which go towards your HR and increases it when you reach a certain amount. But it is still impressive nonetheless. :)

    Anyway... What time zone are you in, may I ask? It's just that it would kinda help if I knew what a certian time in your time zone equates to in my time zone.
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