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  • Indeed. You can make way longer messages and you can include gifs and images. Plus, you can look at the full conversation.
    I see. I don't listen to it as a genre, I see it more as a fun competition once a year
    I understand, we all have our preferences in genre :) Actually I wouldn't say I would normally listen to this either. I listen to Rock music a lot but Country isn't really my thing. But as a Song Contest entry I'm quite happy with it.
    And I Get it. There WERE More Characters Fun then hers. I guess I've LOVED/Liked Every Role she has Done since 12 Years A Slave, so I Like that. Bilbo was Good. :) Bilbo and Gollum having a Cave Of Riddles 2.0 was Great! :)

    He said he Liked the System a little more there. Like I'm SURE he does Minor Stuff Here still and Monoters the Anime Section, but we've been Talking there since the Forums Here GLITCHED OUT!!!
    The comments on the videos of Waylon's song are really positive aside from some people saying it's not their kind of thing, don't know if it means anything.

    The song is a risk because either people will love it or hate it. But I like that. I'd rather have a risky song than a safe song. I'm happy with the entry at least. He's a great singer and on-stage artist so he'll bring it.
    That's Fine. Besides, I'm Sure Neo Blaze could say it, but TBH... We Operate MORE on Serebii now XD! Like I Come Back to Check stuff, but for the Most Part, Neo has Moved there XD!
    Understandable. :) She was Quite Good. :) I thought the Standouts were Klaue because... I'LL TAKE AS MUCH LIVE ACTION ANDY SERKIS AS BEST AS I CAN!!!!!!!!! And Nakia. I know NOT EVERYONE has like Completely Talked about Nyong'o and her Role, but I Personally thought she stood Out. :)
    Yeah Italy's was last year's favourite. But then it surprisingly didn't win.

    Really? That's weird. Let's hear the songs first
    I don't like Hungary's either, was just joking ;-)


    Regardless of your personal preference, do you know if there is a frontrunner/most popular song right now?
    Thought so.

    There's a version under 3 minutes on iTunes I believe.

    Hungary has a cute little song :)

    Good to know!
    I see.

    Oh really? Well Dutch people are practically born with a bike lol. I learned to ride one at age 5 like most people here do.
    Maz Kanata and Gollum/Snoke were the STANDOUTS! Scene stealer... NOT SURE if Neo said, but Winston Duke as M’Baku!! :)
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