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  • yey!, I must admit though, I did get extremely lucky with those critical hits.. and no, it doesn't know protect, his moveset was, stealth rock, ice beam, earthquake and surf. and cant wait for the elite four match tonight. for tonight's match, you will need my pearl code, which is in my profile
    oh well, I will be in the wifi room from 6pm tonight, I have your code, and in case I did not give you mine, here it is: 5284 8483 5406
    well, I am having to do mine next year, (I am apparently too young, so I am going to probably do the main 3, english, maths, science,

    and thanks! I sense im gonna get more losses on my record,
    Im also in england, which is handy, anyway Im available tomorrow evening... what rules do you wanna put in for the match
    um, r u interested in the arceus tournament? 4 all info go to the battles club page and clik on arceus tourna... well u get the point
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