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  • sorry for the late reply!i'm rarely on the forum ›.‹

    if you still are interested,i've added ya.
    Not fake as much as machine-made, i.e. still a katana in all essence, but not handcrafted. See, most katana you get from webpages, curiosity stores and whatnot are machine-produced, often made with cheap materials and meant for ornamental purposes only. While technically actual katanas they don't have the cutting power or the strength, and are often brittle (since they are made with low-carbon stainless steel; this is more brittle than traditional high-carbon steel), and the blade tends to be attached poorly.

    Now, the katana you buy in a handicraft store in Japan, looking away from tourist-intended replicas, are handmade, high-carbon steel, they are so sharp you could cut yourself from looking at them, so blank you could put on makeup and style your hair staring into one, and so durable it could cut steel.

    £3000 I would put in the lower tier of high-quality katana, definitely approved.
    £300? Are you kidding me? The ones I looked at - authentic, handmade katanas -, cost *at least* a million yen (~£8000) :p I can only assume there is a huge difference in the quality (and genuineness).
    Used to practice kendo, so I've got my own 8D

    Wanted to buy a real katana when I was in Japan last summer, but it was too damn expensive D:
    I cosplayed Emperor Lelouch in April last year. I've also cosplayed Link (from Legend of Zelda), and Darth Vader (borrowed a friend's costume). Nowadays I just use my yukata+zori, and if I bother, my shinai
    yukata = light summer kimono
    zori = sandals (not the wooden kind with heels)
    shinai = bamboo sword used in kendo (modern sword art)
    Mh, I see, I see x)

    Have you ever cosplayed him? :p Most Hazama fangirls/boys I know (yes there's many) have done so - with varying degrees of success.
    Tsktsk, I'm not that much of a Blazblue player though; I only play it when I'm at a friend of mine's place (she's like the ultimate hazama fangirl). It's real fun when I play, though ;P
    That's awesome. Maybe we can help each other. ^^;

    I'm also taking: precalc (eww), english, history, and of course Japanese. :D
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