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  • If you want to snatch a War Room game slot, Join TOTAL-DRAMA-AS POKéMON!

    Say Taarna for yes and Loc-Nar for No Via VM?
    Hey fellow Heavy Metal fan!

    I have two slots open for Sailor Moon Mafia. You don't need to know anything about Sailor Moon. VM me when you read this!

    Friend request coming.
    The art is priceless, and the music is overkill!

    I forgot, I also like Den!

    Heck, I like the whole movie!!

    You should start a club for those films(I've used up my club quota)!
    You are the first Heavy Metal fan I've encountered on this site!!
    I see you like the Captain Stern bit...i like that, Harry Canyon, and Taarna/Tarrna/Tarnaa(I can't remember which is correct)

    By the way...

    NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!
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