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  • Yo did you want to have a battle or something. Sorry my inbox was full but it's clean now.
    Ready to do our battles? I'll be in the OU lobby. Any preference on which one you want to do first, or does it not matter?
    I should be able to battle this afternoon/evening between 4 and 9 PM EST. Let me know if that works, if not I'm sure we can find another time.
    Oh yeah, about your tourney. After I beat Fairy Type Arceus in a gym battle, I asked him if he wanted to do our 3rd place tourney battle but he said he had already scrapped his team and he said he wanted our gym battle to double as our tourney battle. But neither of us were using ORAS megas though. So it's your call.
    Hey! Sorry I left ya hanging. I could fix up a quick mobile battle if you're still free since I'm about to go out soon.
    You're talking about this thread right? Yeah since the metagame for ORAS is still being worked on so we'll be using what they've established for XY and update as we go when things come up.

    The viability thread might get too convoluted for people though so I figured to point them to a more compact list and add on whatever's necessary. But that is a good point to make that we'll be following what Smogon decides on the ORAS metagame so I'll tack on a note about that, thanks.
    We're aiming to have it up mid-December from the look of things. We'll have a preliminary sign-up for it a week in advance like we did previous seasons.
    Hello. I noticed your dummies guide to competitive battling and I would really like to help write a couple of articles if that's ok.
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