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  • Oh shit boy, gald to see you back.
    The Outrage
    lmao was (still am) in grad school but the terrible news about SwSh made me come back.

    Good to see familiar faces still around tho
    Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Though with so many oldies gone, it's like I'm a stranger in a familiar land.
    The Outrage
    Yeah I sometimes check offline but most people are gone, and the discussions now are very different than they used to be.
    Normally I would agree, but it's the reference to the Team Flare grunt that makes me think ORAS occur closer relative to XY than RSE do to that same period in their universe. Unless Team Flare has been in existence for ~10 or more years which I'll admit, isn't impossible. It's just not the impression I get from XY which is that Team Flare is a more recent thing.
    Hello, Outrage. This may seem out-of-the-blue, but I have a question to ask you.

    If memory serves me right, I saw an advertisement in your sig for a Steelhead theory that you made back in the day. Do you still have it? I never got around to reading your theories before the forum killed all the old blogs. I'd be interested in seeing any other Ranger theories you might have as well.
    I guess you could say I'm on the fence about Yokai Watch, too, but I definitely prefer its gameplay to Mystery Dungeon's. There is no other game that interests me this season.

    If you bought ORAS, you don't have the right to be picky.
    That's a cool theory. I wish I could say that I find it likely for Pokkén to acknowledge the Berserk Gene and the Orre games. Just what did Game Freak have in mind for Mewtwo in Generation II, and why didn't they do anything with it in HGSS? The question almost seems pointless once you bring XY into the mix, too. They can't do anything that requires more effort than putting Mewtwo in a cave?

    Its probably why I won't get Yokai Watch.
    Am I missing something? If you buy it now, then it's actually a bit cheaper than in the US.
    So the official English name is Shadow Mewtwo, but what's more interesting is that the Japanese word (daaku=dark) is the one used in the Orre games and Movie 4, but not in any other medium (TCG and Mystery Dungeon).
    By the way, I have access to the Canadian eShop since my 3DS is a used one from Canada. I freaked out when I saw Yokai Watch's listed price ($50), but eventually I realized that it's due to the different currency. I still find it weird that it's more expensive than most Nintendo games ($45) only in Canada.

    When I bought Y two years ago, the currency difference was pretty small, but I naively attributed the (supposedly) higher price point to a VAT thing. It is only now that I'm considering another 3DS game, hence my surprise.
    Not to mention that it would arguably make Ash Greninja more indistinguishable from a Mega Evolution than it will be if it is incorporated into the Mega timeline.
    It's funny how on the one hand you have people like Piplup who think that Z is needed to show us the Kalos story in the ORAS timeline, and on the other hand you have (admittedly very few) people like Mitchman who think that Z should be about XY in the "classic" timeline where the likes of Ash Greninja replace Mega Evolutions.

    How about not using poorly constructed alternate timelines to justify repetition?
    The Adventure 02 kids are in trouble. It's only a matter of time before they're saved and hopefully serve a decent role.
    Unfortunately, I am not sure that story can be considered one of the game's strengths. I know what happens at the end of the first game, and I can't say it comes close to Mystery Dungeon due to the almost ubiquitous lighthearted atmosphere (although the ending is an exception). There are some evil yokai, just to be clear.

    Ni no Kuni is Level-5's more serious attempt at a story-driven RPG for kids. I think Yokai Watch has much better characterization, at least.

    I guess that the Klonoa series will remain my favorite kid-oriented games in terms of story. That's honestly a bit depressing considering how old they are.
    This seems to be the first serious attempt at a Pokémon visual novel. There doesn't appear to be much to it other than character interactions (read: slice of life and shipping), but it looks pretty polished and fun.
    Which basically seals the deal, as releasing a Kalos game an entire year after the reveal of the Formes would be beyond absurd. And yet over 99% of the fandom are still expecting Z. :rolleyes:
    Three months (February-May), but by April CoroCoro already promised a new game and strongly implied a third version.

    So what are your thoughts on the VGC listing? It baffles me that people choose to ignore it.
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