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  • My interests have shifted some too, I really don't watch Pokemon anymore and I'm quite neutral to it now but I don't hate it at all. It's the reason my fiancee and I are together. So a lot of good has come from it. I guess I just don't have a lot of time for that sort of stuff anymore. Although I do enjoy watching Markiplier on YouTube and sometimes I record a few videos in his style, generally Five Nights At Freddy's games. But I have to get up so early in the morning and I have to stay up sorta late so I try and sleep in the afternoons after work or in the evening. I still have to work tomorrow and then I get the weekend off, thank God since 35 hours is quite a lot. I have some retro keyboards on order and they're suppose to come in on Saturday so it gives me something to look forward to. I'm a sucker for older computer hardware, I have so many older computers its unbelievable, and I still have many of them in service, which they date back to the Pentium III era days. They still work quite well for what I need them except the internet is a bit sluggish on them with all the lines of code and whatnot since things aren't as compressed as they used to be.

    So, other than that, nothing else has been going on. My grandmother actually had a bunch of major surgeries last year so that was a bit of a dark time for me but I got through it and even though it's still a long road, we're taking it one step at a time.
    I'm glad to hear that everything is doing so well! So much has happened in the last....what is it, 3 years since I last talked to you? :eek:

    Well, I did finally get to meet my fiancee in person last June and I proposed to her for real and she said yes, so she's wearing my ring. Her name on here is eevee91, and she's a real sweetheart. Since then we've had a few other visits. I originally drove down to her place and stayed for a while and then I rented a car since I took my cousin's Malibu down the first time and I brought her back to where I live to stay while my other cousin stayed with her grandmother to take care of her. 15 hours in a car is a long time though, that's for sure. We weren't even suppose to take the car in her state without having to pay an extra fee but once I got back into Ohio I was fine. Then just recently she flew in a few weeks ago and I picked her up in Grand Rapids and brought her back to my house which was a lot faster and easier. It's been a great ride so far and we're hoping that marriage will be around the corner. Of course there are a few factors in on that that we have to sort out but we will eventually.

    I recently got a new job in retail as well. I don't know if you've ever heard of Meijer or not, but we opened a new Meijer store in our area so they did a mass hire and I was hired in the common area/planogram team which basically means we're in charge of department resets but I do a ton of office work as well since my boss prefers being out on the floor, he just gives me the job of printing out new planograms from corporate but then I have to ILC them (item location code), enter them into the system, and file them. Sometimes I stay in the office my entire shift since there's so much work to do. But it's not bad, and it's better than cleaning motel rooms for sure.
    Pika!!! I haven't talked to you in what seems like years and years! How've you been??
    I hope the aforementioned stress wanes away. Stress is never a good thing, IMO. I haven't watched Pokemon since way back when, and the newer episodes don't sustain my interest (nor do I find them inherently bad). I've enjoyed what I've played of Sonic.

    Mario takes me back to the old NES ('85) days of playing Mario Brothers on that console of lore. Hopefully you get your copy of Sonic Riders sooner than late. Good to hear you're still having at your art. I hope you've been enjoying that as well. Not much new going on with me, same old as ever.
    No problem. I've been faring alright. Good to hear you're a manager now. That should be a very intriguing challenge of sorts and I wish you well with it. I've also noticed that it doesn't take much to raise the ire of the Sonic fandom, so I don't tend to pay attention to the issues that gain traction with them.

    Agreed about the Pokemon anime. Ash's tired obsession with gym battles and his everlasting tendency to forget everything he learned yesteryear in the next season is part of what off-put me from the anime to begin with. Within all such challenges, it would be great to find some space and time to develop the character so we can peer into what brings him or her to make the decisions that he or she makes, their fears, etc, anything that helps us to get to know and develop the character. Flawed characters are more interesting for sure, because as in real life, no character is inherently good or bad. To argue that anything is so black and white (no pun intended) is to deny what drives our very humanity.

    Sonic music and remixes are good. As far as remixes go, I've always liked and gravitated toward OCRemix's work. Yikes, depression doesn't sound good. I do hope you've been feeling much better and that it will remain that way.
    I hope your job hunting goes well. I don't like arguments either. Debates are one thing, arguments are another. I always try to form my own opinion, not just to stand out or to be controversial or whatever else, but I don't feel the need to change my view of things at large so as to fit in. I don't really take issue with differing opinion, just people stepping on one another's toes because of it. I certainly don't think ill of you as a friend or otherwise. I wouldn't let what other people think of you weigh you down. If someone doesn't like you just for expressly stating your opinion then it's not your problem whether they give chase to the notion of trying to alter your opinion to their liking or not. I think it's natural for there to be a a conflicting set of opinions on just about any topic, but like you've observed, fandoms, especially online, don't hesitate to overstate the slightest disagreeance which can easily set things afire. Not saying you're doing that, but I wouldn't let it bother you, and while this is just my own opinion, good friends can be a great confidence boost, but I think confidence comes from within rather than what other people think. The Pokemon fandom is bound to agree and disagree on some things, but as far as the anime goes, whatever they disagree on, my own conclusion is that whatever doesn't seem "right" in the anime is simply there for entertainment purposes and nothing more (I know that's a bit of a blanket statement).
    "I wanted to see ash become a pokemon master and still do."

    Don't we all, my friend? Don't we all. *Gets mad and attacks writers for not letting Ash achieve his dream already.* JK.

    Cool! I don't blame you at all: I really wonder who Ash is. It's hard because he's each saga. I know it sounds silly but I really feel like that as I re-watch the older episodes. Pikachu is cute! :)

    I actually started off watching the anime and then from there got into the games. lol.
    I agree with you there. Honestly, Ash himself has changed a lot from Kanto. It's hard to even call him the same character in Unova as he was in Sinnoh as he was in Hoenn as we was in Johto than he was in Kanto etc. Add to that the vocal change and it made him feel even more different for me, so I think I really prefer the way they handled Ash as a character in Kanto the best. He was immature, a little hot-headed, but kind-hearted and legitimately funny. He doesn't really feel that way anymore. Sure, in Unova, there are times where I can see some mannerisms of how Ash was resurface at times, but he still doesn't feel like the Ash from EP001 to me. Things have changed a lot subtlety over time in his (and the other older characters') cases.
    Oh, don't worry about it. It's fine: I understand how you feel. I have strong feelings about the anime, too. Believe me, I get where you're coming from. The show IS fun...I just feel like it's lost what made it so unique and for everyone these days. :)
    Aw, you're gonna make me cry. I loved Rachael Lillis too: I thought she was great as Maylene myself. I thought I was the only one who liked her a lot. It's good to know you thought she was even better than before when she returned in DP: Battle Dimension. I'm really sad I haven't seen her since. You think that was her final hurrah? Aww...I miss her too. Good to know you liked her even more when she returned! :'(

    Thanks! I'll share them when I feel I can articulate them half as well as you did, IMO! LOL. ^^

    I can't hate Jimmy. I can't: everyone else does (more the dialogue he comes up with and I can say I don't like it that much either), but I just...can't do it. I've always liked his Gary, Samurai, Snap, and Dr. Namba. I'm still okay with him as James and Butch as well: he does a pretty good job with both to me (though I prefer Eric Stuart myself, but that's because I loved him in all his roles and I miss him...xD). The only roles I just don't like Jimmy in are Professor Oak and Meowth, but I can deal with him despite that as Meowth. Professor Oak...I really need some more time to get used to him. I'm trying, but it's been tough. xD.

    *Takes cookie, gives you one back for giving him awesome points on TPCi dub.* :3

    It must be tough for the actors to go from the 4Kids style to the TPCi style. That proves they are good actors if they can adapt to different directors, IMO. :D
    I actually love your reasoning, my friend. It sounds very grounded and analytical! It's actually very nice to hear why you prefer the TPCi style to the 4Kids style, and how you ended up preferring them. I really enjoyed reading what you had to say.

    First off, I completely agree with you on Kenny. Actually Rhonda and Erica both kind of sound plain average to me in the role. Most seem to prefer Erica's version, yet actually I feel that had its faults as well. Rhonda had the right energy and enthusiasm, but was a tad snobbish. Erica is way too throaty, but has the right boyish feeling. I'd say Rhonda = Erica on that comparison.

    I'll admit, I actually like the way TPCi handles the side characters just as much as I did 4Kids. They do a more realistic interpretation in that vein when they sound good as opposed to the more cartoony voices at times in the 4Kids dub, but when the side characters sound bad, then they sound really bad. For example, what I mean is, contrast Porter as well as Clay (both very poor) with N (DiMichele) and Paul (both superb). There's a big difference in how weak the first two sound in the TPCi dub, and how excellent the latter two sound in the TPCi dub. It's the same case in the 4Kids dub when you think about it: some people had these awful accents at times, while others had these really genuine and fitting voices. So I say for the side characters both are more or less on equal footing for me: 4Kids = TPCi there for me.

    Not a problem at all! It's fun to hear you share your feelings. I must admit my opinion of the TPCi cast has definitely improved after reading what you have to say on the matter. I wish you would contribute more, actually, because you engage in legitimate, actual debates about the dubs. :)

    I'd be willing to share my feelings with you on why I prefer the 4Kids style myself, if you want me to. :D

    My guess would be...James Carter Cathcart?
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