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  • not necessarily simulation, just in situations you find your self in.

    There's nothing bad about it, I just don't enjoy them as much, I get so tired from one-on-one, groups get me tired even faster, sometimes I need to take a nap after socializing.

    Haha, I'm saying this stuff, but I don't have the nerve to do anything about it. I mean, I'll ask them to change it, but I can't do much more then that...

    Well I hope your chores go well, and don't get hurt too badly.

    I get on most days for VMs, but thanks for saying that, I really appreciate it.

    See ya later!
    I guess all you can do is trying to keep your cool in all situations, even if the ones you practice aren't very serious.

    Being on the internet makes everything easier. That and I can do one-on-one conversations, but groups kill me. I get tired to easily, introversion for the win XD

    Exactly, I had all of my required classes down english, math, science, history. Languages are recommended so decided to take them my sophomore and junior year, but my school though I would fail at them. It really ticked me off. How am I supposed to find out what I want to do with my life if I can't take any classes to help figure out what I want to do?
    I gotcha

    I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Even though I'm in public schools I don't go to any social activities, I'm just not the social type.

    You'd think Id have full control over my schedule, but my counselors thought that I wouldn't be able to pass my language classes and decided I should get on the track that lets me work my senior year. Tried to change my schedule and they would not let me at all.
    I know, I know :p

    Unfortunately I feel there's no real way to prepare for those situations.

    Ah, that makes sense, sometimes I wish I wasn't in public school, but there's not much point in thinking about it.

    I'll be sure to tell you about once I've started, I would have been tacking animation this year, but my counselors mess up my scheduled and I was unable to take it this year...
    Haha, I think we've got enough threads and our one banner, plus the background. I think we look pretty nice!

    Thanks :)

    But I'm sure that whatever happens you'll be able to work through it.

    that's pretty cool! I don't think I've had any chances like that. My school system is all about testing well, so the school will look better. They don't really let us focus on working towards a job...

    Well at the moment I'm planing to take an animation class next year to see if I like that, I'm also taking psychology this year to see if it's interesting, and I might try seeing if coding is my thing. Those are my three current ideas, I'm sure there are a few other things I'd like to try if I racked my brain harder.
    It happens, were not the most memorable group.

    I just need the motivation, but I haven't found it yet...

    All you can do is work towards it and see what happens. Sometimes life will work itself out.

    honestly, I wish I had as good of an idea as my career as you. I haven't found what I enjoy enough, and good enough at to make a profession.
    Yep, we were a social group, but we moved to our own website. Sure only 11 of us are active, but I find it much easier to have conversations over there.

    Where I live is counted as one of the hardest places to get a licence, though if were being honest the 60 hours is more of an honor system thing...

    That's good. I'm sure it would be a good service, and, I don't know you the best, but I feel like it could fit you, just kind of getting that vibe from our conversation, so i hope you're able to do it!
    I know what you mean, most of my friends went inactive or moved over to the pitstop, which is why I guess I;m more active over there.

    Well, I've got my permit, I wasn't too concerned about that or drivers ed ether, but now I've got to do 3 required classes with an instructor and 60 hours of driving, and I just haven't felt up to it...

    As long as your not scared then it doesn't matter that you might get shot on the job. It's something you want to do, guess it would just be an occupational hazard.
    I just have trouble having conversations here, I just don't feel like I can throw my two-cents around anymore...

    That's pretty good! I should be working on my license too, but I haven't...

    What type of law enforcement are you planing on going into?
    Well, I'm not very active around anymore, I just log on for VMs, really.

    Not that I can think of, I keep my life simple, so not a lot goes one, did you do anything interesting in your absence?
    Well, it's nice to see you're back!

    I haven't been doing much lately, I've just sort of been around.
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