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  • I wish you luck then. Getting an internship is very helpful for your resume so definitely take it when you can. :) Have you thought about grad school?
    I see. Gland you finally got your own PC. :)

    Well there's always teaching for a history degree. :) Being a K-12 teacher isn't bad if you like kids. One of my friend is majoring in special ed teaching. He wants to teach students with disabilities once he graduates.

    I played AC4 (and AC6) ages ago. I had fun playing them but they never got me into the series. I'm more into racing and rpgs.
    Merry late Xmas to you too. xD

    How was your holidays? :) Mine was good. Got to hang out with my family friends and ate good food. :D
    I'm not impressed with the 2DS but if it works for you then go for it. :)

    I played NFS: Rivals at my friends. It was fun.

    Ikr? I hope the Xbox One doesn't have the flaws that the 360 has.

    That sounds great. I hope my bro has a long happy marriage after the wedding.
    Then we're even. xD Btw, nothing to apologize for. ^__^

    I got a 3DS XL, Zelda- A Link Between Worlds and Pokemon Y a few months ago. I've not played much of Y or Zelda but I do like them both so far. ^^

    I had to replace my old white one (disc drive died) with the slim last year. Love the slim. :)

    Awesome! I'll be attending my older bros wedding this summer. :D

    Cool. I'll look them up.
    Sounds interesting. If I do have to take one of those, I would go with Macro.

    I guess Saints Row games are meant to be a comical sci-fi genre.

    I have 2 friends that preordered GTA5.

    I'm sure she would look beautiful in the dress. :)
    What's the difference between the classes?

    GTA 5 looks promising but I'm gonna wait until the price drops. ;)

    I never played any of the Saints Row games.

    Yeah it happens sometimes. That's good her mom can fix her new dress.
    That's very good. I'm taking Japanese this semester.

    A lot of students didn't like her, including me.

    That's sounds fun. I enjoyed Mass Effect 1 and 2 so i might give this one shot.
    Good job getting an A+. :)

    Wow! I never had a professor like him although I did have one in my woman's studies class that would give you poor grades if you disagreed with her. :/ Some students received poor grades on their very well-written essays just because they didn't agree with her.

    Never heard of that anime. I did found one that seems interesting called "Valvrave the Liberator". I haven't watched it yet, but from what I've read it's similar to Gundam. I haven't seen a mecha anime in a while so I'll probably watch this soon. Valvrave the Liberator (TV) - Anime News Network
    That's okay. :)

    I took Econ a while ago but I did like it.

    That sounds like a nice place to live. That's cool there's a Japanese store nearby. There are 2 Japanese near my home but they're both kinda expensive.

    I'm sure it will be good too.

    I actually like those types. I had two like him in my philosophy and US history classes. They go off topic then get back to the lecture then go off again. Then when finals came, they would remove the stuff they never covered since it was their fault, thus making the exams so much easier. xD Heck my philosophy teacher decided to just give us a take home exam which is just a one page essay about ancient philosophy, :D
    Stats? Yuck! Math is my worst subject. xD

    Sounds like you had a harsh week...and sorry that your dog died. ;_; At least you enjoyed Pacific Rim. :) They're coming out with an American made Godzilla movie next year. I hope it's better than 1998 one. :/

    Some people do odd things sometimes in the US. xD

    I saw 2 good anime movies. The first is Origin: Spirits of the Past. It's a good sci-fi anime but I like it because it's very colorful unlike most other sci-fi animes. Another one is Tales from Earthsea. It was an okay film but not as good as other Ghibli movies.
    Oh sorry! I forgot to reply. I've been busy with my summer classes. xD

    Wow! Masamune sounds pretty cool. :)

    Those games sound interesting. Besides Pokemon X&Y, I'm looking forward to the Mario and Zelda coming out this year. I like how good Bayonetta 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution look on the Wii U.
    I also saw IM3. It's my favorite out of the trilogy. xD

    Sengoku Basara sounds neat. I've watched quite a few animes since we last talked. Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkoku are the two big ones I'm currently finishing up. I also saw shorter animes like: Black Rock Shooter(takes place in 2 different worlds), Shrine of the Morning Mist (about shrine maidens fighting off evil), and Blood-C (horror).

    I got some 3DS games too. One is Fire Emblem: Awakening (turn-base rpg) and the other is Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. I love playing both games. :)
    Advanceshipping FTW! I've missed you :) It certainly has been a while.

    And....to post a multi chaptered fic, you have to post one chapter at a time. So post one chapter first with the "new story" option, then go to "add chapters" under "manage stories" I believe....and just add to your leisure.
    I finally finished all 95 episodes of Rurouni Kenshin, the 3 OAVs and the movie. Now I just have to finish reading the manga. RK has been (and it still is) one of my favorite anime/manga series of all time. I have enjoyed RK long before it was shown on Toonami. :)

    A year-long LIVE membership would be nice to have. I hope Fable 4 comes out next year.

    I saw Skyfall on Veterans Day. It is now in my top 10 best Bond films ever.

    Do you guys plan on going anywhere this fall break? I might be going to Ohio to visit my bro.
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