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  • It is? Oh, and what will the contest be about? :O I gotta post there sometime soon. D:
    I'm doing good, very good actually. :D Though I haven't seen you around a while. I'm also worried about the Pearlshipping thread on SPPf. :/
    Oh hey! =) Is your name btw Patricia Cortez? :O

    Lol, ME = Shocked when I saw that you are in relationship with Will on Facebook. :p
    Hi hi hi hi xxx omg ive been away again cuz startin yr 8 we gt HEAPS of homework :/ +i missed my birthday on here again x how r u???
    Awww thnx! x Ur avatar+other pic are adorable!!! (specially pikachu) *snuggles u 2* lol :D
    Omg I'm knackerd i just finished skl week+each day had different sports things (lessons, clubs, tournaments etc)+I hav 2 walk everywhere! Btw do u hav any celeb crushes/music u lyke u no :)
    Lulz ok . But I would feel like someone at school or a teacher is calling me XD . I always feel weird when the teacher calls me : William Gilbert Carrero Vale when I do something bad ^^.
    Hiya x Soooo sorry I aint been on AGAIN!!! I'm a lousy friend :( I hate not coming on its cuz I'm sooo busy! I was ill as well for like 3 weeks...life is hard for a 12 yr old girl :p anyway how r u? Btw I LUV ur pikachu pic it's adorable! ^_^ I'm in a bit of a rush so could u plz check out my message to Zorua cuz it says stuff+ i rlly hav 2 go bt I'll try+be on more often if I can bt it's rlly hard :(
    hahaha, you and me, togetherr, the ghosts of pearlshipping past and futuree x) (but who will be present ? :eek:!)
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