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  • Yep, 12 for one move :/ A lot of the older mons don't learn much new anyway. It's mainly Gen V mons that get all new toys.

    retire? :eek: Well nothing's certain yet! But it does look a little likely. I can always rare candy mons up for you, if you need me to :]

    Yeah the little cutscene with the weather. Are you trying for a shiny one? Timid would be good, I reckon. But that's only because I have Jolly and Naive Tornadus's :p Are you doing a Hidden Power on it aswell?
    I don't think so, I think they changed it. So each shard has both "good" and "bad" moves. The highest cost for the "good" moves is 12 shards iirc, which is quite a lot.

    Well apparently Breloom and (something else, I can't remember) can work as good checks to Darkrai. IDK, it would be worth at least trying. Though it's probably a little too late for all of this if Gen VI is coming next year.

    I've never done roamers, so no advice sorry :( You should ask on smogon since loads have done them on there. I would have RNG'd my Tornadus on Black, but I caught it before learning to RNG. And Thundurus was banned to Uber, so I never really bothered trying for that on my White game. I think the IVs and stuff are first set as soon as you meet it on the that route above Mistralton I think. The rain it causes there causes the PID to advance rapidly, so that's why people had problems with it at first. So I'm fairly sure it's there, but you're probably better off asking on Smogon though :>
    Well I have a box of 30 red shards ready to trade over but... I can't be bothered because it will take about an hour. I should probably do it at some point though.

    I don't think anything is actually confirmed yet, but they are testing it without Sand Veil at the moment so we'll have to see. I think it will probably end up coming back down though since most people seem to be happy about it possibly coming back, and it really doesn't seem unreasonable since a lot of people thought the Sand Veil hax was what really pushed it over the edge and changed games by the looks of things. I like less things being in Uber. I hope they Darkrai a try, because in the DW meta they've allowed it, so it can't be that bad (and Blaziken is banned in the DW meta just like regular, so that's a little perspective). Though Dark Void will be a pain in the butt. But at least I'd have a reason for having that RNG'd Darkrai :D

    Aw so the Togekiss was only for a year? Oh well, I guess I won't be getting one then xD I'm not overly bothered since the ability is nothing special for it really.
    I already bred a shiny Solosis (blue > green) but yeah, I really want to catch a shiny one in a Dive Ball because it's a good match. Well I was just expecting you to do Jolly or Timid since those are the less obscure/more common sets. The mixed set isn't all that great from what I've read. But it might drop to UU soon, so a mixed set might be more viable in UU if it does drop. But yeah Hasty or Naive, both have pros and cons really. I did my Virizion Hasty because I couldn't be bothered spending ages looking for another seed (it was non-synchable) XD

    I can clone them on BW then trade them over to B2W2, but that's going to get really tedious :/

    Funny you should mention DW Gible actually, since Smogon are looking to ban Sand Veil and so reintroduce Chomp back down from Ubers. There's also discussion of retesting Exca, Blaziken, Thundurus, Darkrai and Manaphy, but I have no idea whether they will actually do those, but Chomp is probably coming back down. I guess Impish would be alright, Adamant and Jolly are good choices for it aswell though :p

    I would also get the DW Porygon, but I don't think I'll ever be able to do Entralink abuse, so if I do want one I'll have to pick one up from somewhere else. Quiet Analytic P-2 could be fairly niche I guess. And I never bothered with the Togekiss either XD Maybe next year lol
    Ooo nice. I actually I have a 31/x/31/31/31/31 ability 1 spread I can use to capture a shiny solosis in White in Jan 2012 :I Though I've never gotten around to doing it. But yeah, the Timer0 trolls at times. I was trying for a shiny Buizel once and it just kept hitting the wrong Timer0 so I just gave up. You did a Naive Virizion? :eek:

    I'm just going to go without for now. Any RNGing I can do on Black/White no problem (thank god there's no new egg moves in B2W2) so it's fine without. The only problem would be cloning shards for move tutors :(

    Awesome. I wish I could get good stuff xD

    Also, ps, the Keldeo distrubtion started yesterday in the US, so remember to go get one :)
    Backyard is swamped. :(
    Ehh, I didn't do much over the summer. I'm looking forward to being one year closer to finishing school, neh? xD
    I look forward to the pizza!
    ...I don't exactly make friends on campus. :p
    Well I could search for you, if redownloaded RNG Reporter and you gave me your ID/SID and told me your parameters, I guess. Sometimes it takes ages to find a seed in 5th Gen stuff. Regular Terrakion is alright and so is shiny. I don't particularly care for either, but I do like its design.

    Yeah yeah, I know. I also threw away the disc you use to install the updates on the computer, so my AR is only good for BW games and B2W2 will be AR free noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    I think I have Zekrom/Mewtwo and Darkrai on Black, Victini on White and Genesect on Black 2 to RNG. I probably won't ever get round to them though. I caught a pink Virizion! :I Though it took around 40 heal balls (yet I caught Zekrom in my first ball...) Shiny Cobalion is pretty lame.

    Yeah, B2W2 breeding will be pretty good with that. And that combination of fast hatch + iv check and + 100% everstone will be da shit. Though my AR will be out of date when the english b2w2 games are out, and iirc, I threw away the cable to update it for some stupid reason -_-"
    Yeah I should be able to RNG Heatran on B2, but not on the Japanese version, since I don't think I can pick it up on that properly (maybe, we'll see).

    Well if I do need the Smeargle in the future I'll be sure to ask :p so thanks, but right now I'm not really in need of one (I might need one for when I do Purrloin).

    Yeah, apparently it is true. Serebii has a page on all the breeding changes in B2W2 here: Pokémon Black 2 & Pokémon White 2 - New Breeding Mechanics The other changes are mainly to do with abilites and how some will have an increased ratio if the female parent has the ability (I think, I only skimmed it :p).
    omg Sweetran is the best name ever XD I have the Heatran on my Platinum cart... and my Black 2, but I probably won't be able to RNG that .__.

    Oooo yeah, Giratina is a monster. Those stats switch when it changes forme, right?

    Not happy, why? Because you had to RNG one? now you can share it with me! :3 You should be able to get some nice kitties now then. What egg moves are you doing?

    They recommend Modest? :eek: I would have thought Timid would have been the only choice due to the trolly base speed it has. I hate the water monkey line so much. xD
    I thought Heatran was pretty cool when I first saw it. But idk, its design has sort of worn off. Still, it's good at what it does, so at least it has its redeeming qualities.

    Suckle 4 Uber XD Eviolite Chansey is supposed to be ridiculously bulky. Giratina is the bulkiest? I didn't know that.

    Well if I hoard some shards, I can tutor Dark Pulse if you need me to. :] I haven't RNG'd in forever either. Though you're pro. I'm sure you'd pick it up again :p
    It's funny that Heatran is really good. Well it's not, but you'd think a crippling weakness to a common move like Earthquake would lower its usage a little, but its consistently top 10 in OU. I suppose it just has everything it needs to do good.

    Yeah 50 HP would be great. It's weak as hell and complete taunt bait though, so there's always that to balance it out. Still, I don't like Shuckles XD Let me know if there's any interesting calcs that show up.

    That analysis is out of date I think. HP Dark isn't an option anymore since it can learn Dark Pulse from the B2W2 move tutors. The support set seems ok I guess. But I think Timid HP Fighting is the best bet if you were to do only one. There's no HP Fighting kitties on Pokecheck? : O I don't think I have a HP Fight Smeargle either. I only have Jolly and Timid flawless iirc. That's tough luck :/
    Oh yeah, HP Electric is good for Gyara XD I was only soft resetting for a Timid one iirc, and that's what I got. I was playing Platinum yesterday actually. I RNG'd my ID/SID for that HP Grass spread for a shiny houndour back in december and I haven't even managed to beat the second gym yet XD Also, since you can catch shiny Houndour in B/W and then transfer to B2W2 for the tutor moves like Dark Pulse, the spread on the cart seems sort of worthless now, especially when BW RNG is so easy (and the route where Houndour is caught has no NPCs that troll the frame - I caught some non-shiny ones awhile back :3)

    Well it has base 20 right now, but i think base 50 would be more reasonable. It has bad speed and horrible attack stats, so it really needs better HP as a compromise. Bug/Steel Suckle would be hilarious yet pretty useful at the same time. It would be complete Taunt bait if it couldn't get Power Trick/Swap (I forget which it is) off, though. Bug/Rock is fairly bad defensively (I think it has barely any resistances to capitalize on) iirc, but its good offensively. Figures on something with 230 defenses and 10 attacks XD

    Yay Prankster Liepard. I still need to do that. I'm so bored of the games right now. You should try and do HP Fighting if you can. I'm sure there will be HP Fighting parents available on pokecheck by now? Why Jolly though? I might just breed up some egg moves or something, idk.
    So you learnt to RNG for Shaymin :3 I think my Heatran had HP Electric now that I think about it, which isn't all that great for it (or wasn't in Gen IV) but it did hit Water-types I guess. Soft reset is generally a bugger in general, but I did get some nice soft resets from back in my Platinum days.

    Yeah, Acupressure seemed interesting but if all I'm getting is accuracy or other useless boosts then it wouldn't be much good for the time it takes (and the PP). Shuckle is such a bad mon. They could have at least given it more HP, at least base 50 or something like that.

    Ah, Sucker Punch. I was meaning to redo Zorua, but I don't have the motivation for that either XD Its defenses are sucky anyway, so that 20 isn't a big deal; it crumbles to most hits. So what's the plan after water monkey then? Anything interesting?
    I had a soft reset Heatran that I used for battling in Gen IV :eek: I think it had a good Hidden Power aswell!

    Shuckle gets that Power Trick/Swap move really late on, which means having to train it that far! (unless I do the breeding where both parents can pass it down). Though Acupressure would be really cool. Hmm.

    Didn't you already do Zorua? :eek:
    I might have traded it to you. Though the one I RNG'd in Gen V is still better, since I can now tutor Gen V moves onto it, aswell :eek:

    I used a Sableye in Sapphire and it was pretty good. It does start to suck in the latter parts of the game. I'll have to decide and see. I don't even know why I'm planning this because right now I don't even have a spare game that I can erase xD I'd rather pull my eyes out with pliers than try to play the full game with a SUCKle :p Suckle is a better name than Shuckle.

    Wow you finished another? :eek: I still haven't done anything more with Hera XD
    Nope, I think I deleted it because I RNG'd a fully flawless one with Drain Punch in Gen V D:

    Yeah, so I think I'll exclude Mawile then. I wonder if Sableye is bad? Do you think I should include egg moves on them? I think Sableye with Recover might be ok for in-game uses, so idk. Oh yeah, Shuckle will be a pain in the ass to train with those stats -_-

    also ps, sorry for late reply I took a break from the forum for a while. :]
    Trog trog trog troggy! What you been up to?
    There's too many thunderstorms here in August. It's been raining everyday for like a month. Halp! I'm not ready for summer to be over!
    Well it's awesome. I want to get a good Hera like that xD I think the best I ever got was a 31/31/31/x/30/31 Adamant shiny Croagunk iirc. I can't really remember XD 5th gen is giving you some good results then!

    Yep. I preordered a copy the other week xD i'm such a nerd

    Shuckle, Volbeat (maybe not, due to Tail Glow being good), Illumise, Sableye, Mawile, Delibird, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, Ledian, Delcatty, Skitty, Castform, Corsola and Luvdisc are the choices I'm going to have to pick from. Though I might exclude Mawile, since its got good typing and def + attack. I could also do an unevolved run, I guess, since there's some really sucky mons that would make that challenging.
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