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  • Looked like they added some projections or an LCD screen in place of the Mickey Mouse on the Mickey Mouse wheel.
    Just watched the updated World Of Color. It's not bad. Still prefer the old one, but this one isn't bad. Couldn't help but smile.
    Haven't seen the new version myself either... didn't realize there was a new version until earlier today. The run-down on Wiki sounds boring.
    I will agree that the "oomph" of World Of Color definitely went down when they removed the Hellfire section.
    Definitely! Did you get a chance to get the conductor's autograph? I didn't have time, I had to catch the train in less than 5 minutes! :'D
    YES! Finally, someone who isn't hypnotized by Wishes!

    The special endings for IllumiNations are incredible. Especially when they bring out the WW3 barges and fill the sky with explosions for a good 10 seconds straight at the end.
    Agreed. :) Hope people do see it, NOTHING all that Great this Week, Disaster Flick San Andreas with The Rock and a Comedy with Bradley Cooper this Week.
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