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  • What leak picture were you talking about?
    I wish I could find it, but apparently it was a screencap from the E3 trailer that introduced Kommo-o's Z-move. Or one of those trailers... It was during USUM's pre-release period. But anyways, the screencap of the footage was leaked online a few days before the trailer came out.
    Yeah that was a mistake on my part, sorry. I've posted a PSA on those fake trademarks, btw.
    Sorry for the random greeting. I decided I'd try to be active in more than just the RP section this time around so yeah
    "We need to go deeper"
    You mentioned a remake of a remake, sence the Inception joke.
    Yes. I stumbled upon it the other day. It's very cute isn't it! ^.^
    Can't imagine it enjoyed being spray painted though.
    Thanks for the quote.

    Sherles wasn't aware of Greevil's existence at the time, but he was still sure that there was a lot more to Cipher than its base in Orre. Considering that Ardos was happy to blow up Citadark Isle, it is clear that they still had other resources outside Orre, much like they did before they revived the Orre branch. Sherles probably didn't know anything about Citadark Isle, but that only proves that what he did discover about Cipher had to do with another region.

    I'm guessing that Ardos went back to the region where the rest of Cipher conducted their affairs during the events of Colosseum. Orre was the ideal environment for the first Shadow incident not only because Evice was in a position of power, but because Team Snagem were based in that region. In the second Shadow incident, the Shadow Pokémon Laboratory from the previous incident must have been the main reason why Greevil wanted to revive Cipher in Orre.
    I'd like to see the quote, although I'm guessing that there was no special emphasis on Cipher's other affairs.

    By the way, that wouldn't have derailed the thread at all.
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