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  • I guess it just sounds draining to me then. xD;

    Admittedly that was an unexpected anomaly (one that I have done in the past and continue to fear that I will commit in the future, lol), but it all worked out, so 's all good. xD
    That seems like it'd be draining. :dead: (Or I'm overestimating the intensity of improv practice??) But if you're still up for a chat, we can do that. ^^

    Yeah, I always save the bigger ones in Word due to not working on them in one sitting. That and assuming BMGf will crap out on me or I'll fuck something up somehow (which has happened, haha.)
    Not a big fan of Rolos. Or any candy bar with a lot of caramel in it just 'cause it sticks to one's teeth. e.e

    I imagine the rest of Joel's and Ellie's packs would be filled with other supplies? So from that standpoint it makes sense and is pretty cool for the added realism.
    In-game I'd probably be very frustrated though. xD
    Thankfully it hasn't reached the Ultimate Secret category, as it is reserved for the way they put caramel in Caramilk.
    I had to look up what Caramilk was to find out it was the Canadian version of a Caramello bar. (And that the cylindrical versions are Rolos.)

    Y'all a bunch o' sillies.

    V interesting comic. xD
    So I'm thinking of hosting a mafia game in the not-so-near future (like maybe sometime in December, when school and things clear up), and I was just wondering if you could help me with balancing roles, as it would be my first time hosting. I don't think I'll need help with much else, just balance.
    I totally agree, but, I think that is what excites me most about mafia games. I mean, I feel that is the most fun thing to do in games, even if I am totally wrong and the entire thing was actually a mistake, it makes the game more entertaining (for me)
    yeah, that is true and coming up with proper reads based on previous reads is also quite fun, IMO.
    we had a two hyra mafias too, but those were mostly for training new players, iirc. Though, hydra player convos would be fun to watch. We had another game where there were 3 hyrdras in the game and it was hilarious because each player had very different reads (this hydra, Mitsuki and Green Poet happened, where Mitsuki was hard scumreading Refa and Proto, while Green Poet was hard townreading both), lol.
    I actually didn't remember much either, until I used your post history to find the game, when I remembered the game, lol. I didn't do much in that game though and was lynched D2, iirc (and was actually mafia). Though, weird game variations like those are sometimes fun.
    yeah, I think I know what you mean, also, I was stalking your sf profile and turns out we actually played in the mafia game you played on sf!
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