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  • Hey Pepsi_Plunge/Zoro what's up bro.

    edit: December 9th 2012; I was banned from Serebii a while ago, so I can't VM you there Pepsi. I picked a great time to get banned though, with all the ranting going on there.
    Sasuke's actually my favorite character at the moment :p (But old sasuke is a lot better than new sasuke, simply because he wasn't as batshit crazy or stupid...)

    With a cast that large, it's obvious that some characters would get shafted. I mean, at least each of them have a respectable fanbase and a lot of fan material is perpetuated out of the little, but workable, information that Kishimoto gives us. It's not really the amount of screentime that the characters are given that counts, in my opinion, it's the quality. And nearly all of them had their shining moment of glory at one point or another (well...except ten ten, but she's so ignored that even the animators took note and forgot to draw her in one of the ending songs XD it was lampshaded later when they redrew it, with Ten Ten sulking in the corner XD)

    You mean Guy? XDDD I love Guy and Rock Lee. Kakashi's a bit boring though X'D
    Aw, really? I'm like the opposite. I actually keep watching because of the characters. I agree that the plot is ruined beyond repair, but I love how much emotional appeal his characters have. Sure, they're mainly neglected, but whenever a piece of their story is revealed or they're developed more, I can't help but feel for them. I think that if Kishimoto had any strong points about his writing, it would be the way he fleshed out his characters.
    "Urgh you must have missed the entire first part of Naruto to say this is the best arc ever lol, 90% of the timeskip arcs have been awful..."

    Lol, I did :p I haven't seen the anime in months, nor have I really been reading the manga. But I LOVE Kushina/Minato's past stories a LOT. I remember actually crying when I first read them in the manga.
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