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EVERYONE: A bunch of prompts about cities and dungeons in Sinnoh, feat. Nori/Prema metaseries

Aug 20, 2007
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The shocking sequel to the original prompty prompts! I posted a prompt list for April on Discord. I made it, and here I am not adhering to it. I figured it would help me by being a worldbuilding exercise for my ficverse and own version of Sinnoh. So here we go.

Once again, you can expect sarcasm and silliness here? Acknowledgement things exist? Reminders that a lot of things don't exist? As well as stuff that disagrees with your worldbuilding, up to and including capitalizing Pokemon. You absolutely do know how serious folks can be about those kinds of differences in writing ideologies. Really though, nothing serious here!

My list, pending anyway:
1) Twinleaf Town
- Settlement Synopsis: Twinleaf Town
A sleepy village near the vicinity of Lake Verity. It was originally founded by researchers who were studying the lake who decided to settle down when they thought, hey, this is a nice and peaceful little place. If it weren't for the fact that it was featured in the virtual journey games, it might simply be one of many tiny settlements in Sinnoh not worth putting on a map. It's speculated that it was chosen because of its location, how it was the hometown of one of the assistant developers, and how quite a few notable people came from it. The city occasionally holds festivals in order to draw tourism, which has become popular since said game was released.

There is little in the way of industry here, so most work in services and small businesses. A lot of young people leave on journeys or to find better opportunities for work.

- Routes Within Reach: Simple grass
Humanity have their own settlements, which Pokemon generally respect and do not cause much trouble within. They, too, have their own settlements which are generally in heavily forested areas or the deepest reaches of caves. Routes are where the two species can meet.

Route 201 is as simple as it is ordinary. Its only defining feature is being home to one of Sinnoh's two known Nidoran colonies. It's relatively peaceful, and people from Twinleaf and the nearby Sandgem enjoy walks on it. Lake Verity is a short jump away. The roads for cars there are something of an afterthought.

- Prominent Person: Johanna Emiko Bright
A semi-retired Grand Coordinator (one who has placed Master Rank in all five categories) and Top Coordinator - by winning a final competition in a region's annual Grand Festival; the other way is winning a Superb title (winning a best-of competition in a category to qualify for the finals) in all five categories. Johanna was a rising star in the coordinating scene when she was young, and only continued to improve into her teenage and adult years. Her signature Pokemon is Jumpy the Kangaskhan; she was the first to make Johanna Superb and won her a Grand Festival.

She only needed to win Cute and Beauty to achieve the title of Grand Coordinator (Superb in all five) and therefore, a Master Coordinator. Strange for a girl? Yeah, she was something of a tomboy back in her heyday. Only motherhood put a kibosh on her career, but she wouldn't trade her child for the world. Of course, she keeps up with her training and is willing to work with young coordinators: herself, Fantina Couture, and Gasha Qian have a fun little competition going on over who can mentor the best Coordinator in Sinnoh. They frequently rib her since they're Grandmasters (a special title for those who have excelled worldwide and/or have done a lot for Contests as a whole) and she is not, but then again, her results in Contests and training can't be ignored either.

- Luminous Locale: The Auditorium
Basically, where town hall meetings and any larger-scale entertainment happens in town. It comfortably seats about 500 people; but more can work with benches and just squeezing. It's also where Johanna holds her Contest lessons and where a local drama company performs.

- Self-Made Spot: Two Sakura
One of the more noteworthy attractions in Twinleaf are the only two cherry blossoms in the town, located near its center. Their saplings were taken from the same tree and grown together over the decades. They're something of the town's pride and joy, and flower viewings are held near it every spring.
2) Sandgem Town
- Settlement Synopsis: Sandgem Town
It was first formally settled by a prominent family. Sandgem is one of the smaller townships in Sinnoh, but it's by no means small. Sinnoh's portmanteau town names can be random at times, but true to what it's called, Sandgem's two main commodities were sand (from the nearby beach) and gems in the nearby flats. In the modern age, the latter has been all mined out. There remains a small glassmaking industry in the town.

Sandgem sees modest tourism in summer due to the beach. Locals successfully protested the construction of a Grand Hotel in the city limits; the main point of contention is that it would haven proven troublesome for trainers coming to see Professor Rowan. There are still places to stay, just no luxury resorts. The Little Pearl Inn has the highest reviews among the local places.

- Routes Within Reach: Shores and Stuff
Besides Route 201, the next route in numerical order lies to the north of Sandgem. Not every trainer starts out by seeing a Professor, but those that do like to test out their freshly received Pokemon on the route. It's a little hilly, but there are roads up to Jubilife. Naturally, they're going to make sure the path to a major hub is going to be well-maintained. The watery routes to the south lead to Ramanas Town. The beaches nearby are considered one of the best reasons to live in Sandgem, and are a popular tourist spot.

- Prominent People: The Berlitz family
The first settlers on the land originally built here because of the beach, so they could have a little resort all to themselves. In modern times, they're called the Berlitz family. They were nobility back in the feudal days, same as the Backlots, and were able to smoothly transition into the modern era with smart business investments and getting their hooks into research. Tourism is their main business venue, particularly their five-star Grand Resort. They played a key role in the development of Sandgem Town, although their grip has loosened in the modern age. They may be a powerful family, but the likes of the Joys, Jennys, and Schraders outstrip them in influence.

- Luminous Locale: Rowan Pokemon Research Laboratory
Founded in the 1800s in another form, the Pokemon Lab in Sinnoh began life as a team of explorers who took a hands-on approach to Pokemon research. The fictional Hisui tales heavily exaggerated this. Under the oversight of the 6th generation patriarch of the Rowan family, it received the government's blessing as Sinnoh's official Pokemon Lab. It is quite formal; you can expect most people working there to wear suits instead of anything like lab coats. It specializes in the study of Pokemon evolution (Rowan's doctorate), but like all labs, it undergoes research into anything Pokemon-related.

- Self-Made Spot: Hatōji Academy
Along with its elder brother, which is aptly called Hatō, Hatōji Academy is a private junior high school which overlooks the beach. While not as prestigious as some of its contemporaries around the country, both are nevertheless renowned for their arts and science programs. Students taking the latter courses have occasionally been invited to shadow Professor Rowan himself.

It might surprise you, but private schools in Japan can falter in the battling department. You might think that with the money to hire the best tutors, that their school battling teams would flourish. But in practice it's tougher than you might expect to find them and harder still to find those who are willing, and public schools tend to have more students with experience (e.g. who went on journeys). There are exceptions to any rule though, and Hatōji is up there mostly thanks to its captain, Chris Foster. Although, her attractiveness and popularity are a double-edged sword for the team as a whole...
3) Jubilife City
- Settlement Synopsis: Jubilife City
The largest and most populous city in Sinnoh with roughly 450000 people. Skyscrapers sprawl out in the center of town, parks dot the landscape, and the outer reaches feature smaller businesses and more traditional housing. One thing that is true from fictional stories is that it was the first major settlement on the land (but not the first ever). Nowadays, it's home to the major businesses like Jubilife TV and the Poketch Company, as well as other spots like the Sinnoh Police Training Facility and Carl Dervish's Trainer Summer School.

Being landlocked hurts it as a trading hub since things have to either come in by truck or plane. That and its non-centralized location contribute to it not being the most prosperous city in the region.

- Routes Within Reach: Gotta drive
The traffic roads leading to and from Jubilife are some of the best maintained in the region. Nevertheless, the surrounding routes are still peaceful and quiet; actually, the same could be said about anywhere. Gotta respect nature, after all. There are separate tunnels for traffic heading to Oreburgh or Floaroma; as discussed, Pokemon generally leave those alone since they know they're what humans use. Similarly, there's a bridge to Canalave, although some choose to go by water.

- Prominent Person: Kergen Williams
Hey, you know something? The (my) Pokemon world's pretty great. Sure, there's some ugly parts of it, and sometimes the world gets threatened, but when you boil it down, it's pretty idealistic. The philanthropist Kergen Williams was one of those optimistic people who believed everyone deserves a chance in life. That's why he built a school for those young folks who fell through the cracks in society.

Sure, some people have shown they really are bad seeds who won't change. And sure, there's news reports about incidents at the school seemingly once a month. But to him, it's about the success stories. One of them being Sofie Shadden, a somewhat rough and troubled young woman who stood up to a gang in the school (getting them expelled, even this school has limits) and got scouted as a special operative in the International Police.

- Luminous Locale: Global Trade Station
The ability to transfer Poke Balls electronically was a major breakthrough in storage technology. Pokemon could be transferred long distances quickly; useful for adhering to the government-mandated limit of six. The Trade Machine was an innovation that allowed legal and easy transfer of Poke Ball registration from one owner to another. Then someone came up with the idea of combining the two.

The first two stations were constructed in Jubilife and Goldenrod as a proof of concept. It has very gradually expanded since then. Like anything electronic, it is heavily regulated to avoid data theft and under strict government control. Much like electronic storage, if anything's off, they can lock the whole system down at the push of a button. A feature that came under scrutiny was the Wonder Trade; turns out, trading at random wasn't very mentally healthy for the Pokemon. It was removed within months.

- Self-Made Spot: The Sinnoh Museum of Modern Art
Dedicated to artists, people and Pokemon alike, from across the Sinnoh region. It occasionally sees guest exhibits from around the world, particularly from Kalos. It's often said that if your art is good enough to make it here, you've made it regionally. The curator and workers there are very stuffy and their criticism of what they see as lesser works tends not to be taken too seriously.
4) Oreburgh City
- Settlement Synopsis: Oreburgh City
A mining town in a valley. A fair number of the residents work in the mines. It's not a very healthy place to live. People with respiratory issues are advised to move away from the city. The air quality is bad enough to generate at least a few questions about putting a Gym in the city; before Roark's, the last was a Fire-type Gym that closed in 1974. The good news is, it's not usually bad enough that short-term exposure is problematic, so people stopping over won't have trouble. But long-term? Black lung disease was a serious issue, particularly among the miners. Safety measures have been taken in the modern era to prevent the worst of it. Most modern buildings are constructed to keep fine particles out. So really, it's not as bad as it seems. Just, be aware. You know?

There are concerns about what might happen to the town once the coal is mined out. It's focused a little too hard on the primary and secondary sectors of work. Even its biggest attraction, the mining museum, is heavily tied to the industry that dominates the town's economy. The current local government haven't shown a need to change that just yet.

- Routes Within Reach: Bring your boots
Oreburgh are isolated in some fashion. Route 207 to the north is a rugged hike and a long walk to the next major city, whichever way you're going. Maybe even a trip through a cave! It's still a hike or a trip through a different cave to reach Jubilife. Like most major cities in Sinnoh that are like this, there are a lot of commodities in the city itself as a result. If you're driving, you're better off. Just watch for rockslides.

- Prominent Person: Roark Vass
The young safety supervisor of Oreburgh Mine, and also the Gym Leader of the city. While there were accusations of nepotism, the simple truth is he got both positions through sheer talent. A little known fact is that he wasn't Byron's original choice for a Gym Leader recommendation: he wanted to suggest Roark's friend Riley. He turned it down and was the one to give Byron the suggestion.

Roark uses his Rock-type Pokemon to help oversee the mine and nearby tunnel while keeping wild Pokemon in line. He opened up the former as a training spot for locals and visitors alike, also subtly allowing trainers to practice for him in the process (he learned that trick from his father). He's been compared to Roxanne of Hoenn for both being Rock-type experts who value study more than anything.

He was a little surprised to get the recommendation and, regardless, still gets criticism for familial preference. Yet it isn't really fair, since it was the League officials that oversaw, discussed, and went with the decision. Along with Celestic Gym Leader Sprig Acantha, they are the two newest Gym Leaders in Sinnoh.

- Luminous Locale: Oreburgh Mine
A massive deposit of coal was found under the city. The mine is divided into two sections: a quarry and a cave. The main thing they mine is coal, but occasionally precious gems are found when they burrow deep enough to touch the Underground. The coal is used in a nearby power plant, but is also sent by truck to ports and Fuego Ironworks.

Trainers occasionally meet to battle here informally. There are designated places for battle in the mine to avoid disrupting wild Pokemon. Cave-ins have been known to occur when things get too reckless, but judges usually make sure not to let it get to that point and rescue crews are always on-hand.

- Self-Made Spot: Oreburgh Coal Power Plant
Noticing a pattern here? Oreburgh is mostly known for its coal. This was Sinnoh's first major power plant. Cleaner sources like wind and solar were eventually introduced, but this has been maintained because it is unaffected by weather shifts. Galarian Weezing are employed nowadays to help filter some of the pollution it produces.
5) Floaroma Town
- Settlement Synopsis: Floaroma Town
If Oreburgh is all about mining, the rural Floaroma is all about plants. It's a very peaceful green community, although ironically, the air can be just as thick thanks to pollen and the scent of flowers. There is a rumor that the land was blessed by the god of flowers, Shaymin. There is no scientific or historical basis for this. Either way, it's the continuing efforts of the town that maintains it to this day.

The heart of the town is Floaroma Meadow, where plants of all kinds grow. It's like a miniature jungle. Flower reading is a popular hobby/trade, if somewhat over-saturated. It's also well-known for being the place where you can find any flower for your Hanakotoba needs. But flowers don't exactly make for the best trade, so farming (particularly berries) is also a part of the town's industry.

- Routes Within Reach: Basically weeds
The flowers in the meadow have a habit of spreading to nearby routes to where they can become pests. Thankfully, the nearby Eterna Forest and mountains serve as natural barriers, although on days with a south flowing breeze, the scent of flowers can spread downhill into the northern outskirts of Jubilife. Two stations collectively known as "The Works" are to the north and east. Trainers can expect to find plenty of Grass and Bug Pokemon hanging around, as well as the odd bird and even some Water-types.

- Prominent Person: Gardenia Daffodil Florence
It's a little known fact that Gardenia, the Gym Leader of Eterna City, was actually born in Floaroma Town. The reason why she didn't become the Gym Leader of her hometown was because there already was a Gym Leader in the town at the time: Aaron Vespa. She chose Eterna since it was close by, and she loved exploring the Eterna Forest anyway. Although Aaron later stepped back to focus on training more, aiming for an Elite Four position, Gardenia remained in her city's neighbor. Still, she makes sure to visit her hometown often.

Gardenia is a peppy young woman who absolutely adores Grass-type Pokemon. She has obsessively studied how to care for all known species, even certain Legendary Pokemon, just in case. The Grass-type is considered one of the hardest to be an expert at due to its myriad of weaknesses, but Gardenia managed to through sheer perseverance. Even as a young woman on her Pokemon journey, she exclusively trained them, and the fact that she made it to the League at all proved her worth. She was actually offered a position right then and there at thirteen, but she politely declined. There was still a lot of training to be done. The door was open though, and five years ago in 2010, she accepted the offer.

Until Roark was given a position as Gym Leader, she was considered the first in the recommended order for new trainers. But, like all leaders, she is by no means weak. They balance their teams for their opponents' strength, after all.

- Luminous Locale: Pick a Peck of Colors
A shop that focused on aesthetics and one of the oldest stores in Floaroma. It has been run by the Tsubomi family for four generations. Besides flowers, they also grow many different kinds of berries, including some rare and exotic ones. The family is super nice and helpful to those who come by. Besides helping trainers who want to grow berries, they have also helped out coordinators with their supply of floral-themed accessories for Pokemon.

- Self-Made Spot: Club Petal Dance
There are always playgrounds for grown-ups in the world, and some of these are more grown-up than others. This little spot in the northwest corner of Floaroma features adult entertainment with a botanical and musical twist. While many come to watch beautiful women perform, there's appeal for those who prefer men as well. Wednesdays in particular are when they're exclusively featured. The club holds monthly musical plays in very revealing clothing (if any at all) on the last Saturday of every month. They're actually pretty talented performers, and lots of people unironically come by just for those.
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6) Eterna City
- Settlement/Site Synopsis: Eterna City
Though it once had a different name, this was the third major settlement that took hold in Sinnoh, after Celestic (then known as Kannagi) and Jubilife. Compared to them, it holds a healthy mix of the old and the new. Remember the past, tie it to the present, and look forward to the future. That has been their motto since the late 1940s.

The tribes here were some of the first to make contact with the Kannagi clan. Peaceful relations were established, and a statue of one of the Mighty Pokemon of their faith was created in town. They seem to have gotten some wires crossed. That or they weren't as well known back then.

- Routes Within Reach: Tough Walks
Whichever way you walk after leaving Eterna, you're in for an adventure. To the west lies a small pond that shortly leads into Eterna Forest, a natural maze of trees full of Bug and Grass Pokemon. It's a popular spot for trainers and some won't take no for an answer when it comes to battling. The pond, fed from an underground vein from the nearly impassible mountains to the north, is a popular fishing spot. To the east lies Mt. Coronet, Sinnoh's very own natural divider. Whether it's over or under the mountain, you'll have a big hike on your hands. And Route 206 to the south is a very long bridge closed to pedestrian traffic: only bicycles and vehicles are allowed on the road. There are bicycle rental services available if you want to pay, but otherwise, the footpath to the south is rugged and maze-like.

Up north is a little better than these three, but there also isn't much of note that way either; Greenstation is the largest, and it only has around 2000 people (as a comparison, Eterna has roughly 40000), and Fairtribe (former home of a group of basically noble savages). The mountain that Snowpoint sits on is too difficult to walk up.

- Prominent Person: Underground Man
That's his legal name. That's what he changed it to. Before that, he was known as Perth Vass. A uncle of Byron with the same enthusiasm for mining as him and his son. He was a Hiker in his youth and a Ground-type expert. Unlike his relatives, he never bothered making it official in the League. Rumors of a fling with long-standing member Bertha and not wanting to step on her toes while remaining in Sinnoh may have had something to do with it, but it should be stressed that's tabloid stuff.

There was lots to be mined in the Underground, and that could change not only Sinnoh's economy forever, but the life of trainers - after all, things like evolutionary stones were hard to come by. The Man was the first to make regular trips down to the Underground, and eventually pioneered a device that allowed easy access by emulating the Escape Rope: a strange item woven from Psychic-type Pokemon hair that allows short-range teleportation while underground. By attuning them to the Underground, it allowed users of the Explorer's Kit to go down and return to where they entered in a flash.

- Luminous Locale: Herb's Herbs
Herbal medicine has a long rich history in the world. Before the advent of modern medicine as well as the healing machine - a device that allows a Pokemon to get the equivalent of a good night's rest in minutes - natural methods had to be used to heal wounds. What worked for humans didn't work for Pokemon and vice versa, but one that worked for both was herbal remedies. Eastern countries and natives in the west are known for making use of them. Even though universal healthcare for Pokemon exists worldwide, there are some ailments that only herbs have been able to handle, and they have proven at least equally effective.

Their effectiveness cannot be denied. However, Pokemon can find them unpalatable; the edible ones taste bitter and topical ones sting. Not every Pokemon can handle them. They're somewhat controversial among fringe groups because of this; infamously, the creator of the games is staunchly against them. That said, while Energy Roots and Revival Herbs can be gathered, it takes time and knowledge to properly prepare the powdered versions and certain remedies, and only a select few people are licensed to do so; Herb's Herbs are some of the most famous in Sinnoh for this. The family has been active for over 500 years, although the current owner changed the name in an attempt to be hip.

- Self-Made Spot: Galactic Observatory
On the hills on the northwest of town is a little place dedicated to scouting the stars. It's a relatively modern addition to Eterna City. The city was an ideal place to build: it's small but not too small, there's almost no skyglow, and it had the hills to support one. It was built by a technologically-savvy man who wanted to get away from the bustle of Sunyshore City. The heavens are peaceful, he always said. Something to quietly appreciate. The observatory has a small yet loyal staff inspired by the man's dedication. It's a private place that is usually closed to the public.
7) Hearthome City
- Settlement/Site Synopsis: Hearthome City
Appropriately called the Heart of Sinnoh. Hearthome is as close to the middle of the region as you can get. It is the largest trading hub in Sinnoh due to its centralized location. The city has a population of around 150000, which is the third-largest in Sinnoh. Where all hearts touch each other indeed.

The first Ceutholic missionaries to Sinnoh built a church here, but over the centuries, it eventually ended up more something for foreign culture. Turns out, people all over the world have a lot of similarities when you boil it down.

- Routes Within Reach: Long but smooth
While other major cities are far away from Hearthome, the fact that you have to pass through either it or Celestic to go from one side of Sinnoh to the other has ensured the routes heading to and from the place are well taken care of. The tunnel through Mt. Coronet was carefully crafted, and the road down to Pastoria was scouted carefully to avoid sinkholes and made from treated cement to endure long-term water exposure.

One of the most notable nearby landmarks is Norton V. Backlot's mansion, located just outside city limits. Backlot is always willing to help trainers, so long as they put up with his boasting, and has held little competitions for them with rewards from his collection.

- Prominent Person: Mr. Goods
In a town this large, there are plenty of prominent residents, including Melissa 'Fantina' Couture, the eccentric owner of the private park Amity Square who has infamously narrow tastes in cuteness, and the regional manager of the Pokemon Storage System in Sinnoh. Let's talk about a crazy, technically homeless man instead of any of them (also since I'm avoiding overlap with previous prompty prompts so it won't be Fantina).

A rumored friend of Underground Man, Mr. Goods is somewhat of a beloved eccentric individual. Unlike him, that's not his real name. He has legitimately forgotten it (it's Yoshiki Yamashita). Yamashita also once went by Givyu Presance until he became frustrated with a kid didn't get the pun and pointed out Givyu wasn't a real name. He spends his days wandering the streets, finding rare treasure that people throw out, and crafting things in his workshop: an old rusted-out shack. He loves the idea of kids making secret bases and is more than willing to give them decorative rewards for their accomplishments.

People put up with him since they view him as a savant who never got the help he needed, and he's so far proven to be harmless. The truth is exactly that, actually: he was thrown out of his home when he was eighteen and a traumatic incident led to his current condition. Sometimes things really are what they seem. He has refused any sort of psychic-assisted treatment, saying that if the gods will it, his true memory will return.

- Luminous Locale: Hearthome Contest Hall
While it is not the only Contest Hall in all of Sinnoh, it is the oldest, largest, and most prominent, and also where Master Rank contests exclusively take place. It's also the host of most special exhibitions in the region. Gym Leader Fantina is a frequent host and funder of the place. It seats over 25000 people at full capacity.

Pokemon Contests originated in Hoenn as an alternative and non-violent means of showcasing raising Pokemon, spinning out of one of the original Battle Tents after the League (allegedly helped) shut those down. They proved modestly popular at first, and Sinnoh was one of the first regions to jump in on the craze in the 1930s. It's a little known fact that the Kannagis and Mitsutris were huge supporters of it; the Top Coordinator of 1937's Grand Festival was even a member of the latter clan.

Contests' popularity increased immensely after the war; people were tired of fighting and looking for something different. It was not just a passing fad either. More were built all around Sinnoh, just like they had in Hoenn. These days, a journey to become a high-level Coordinator is seen as just as viable and respected as being a top battler, much to the Leagues' chagrin. Since they pride themselves on having the best Pokemon exhibitions around.

- Self-Made Spot: Sinnoh Variety Radio
Hearthome is host to several radio stations that broadcast to all corners of the region. Sinnoh Variety Radio is one of them. Formerly known as Japan Sinnoh Public Radio (JSPR), it was originally stationed in Veilstone City, until the quality of its content and demand from people in the west convinced them to move. A name change came with it due to the fact that Hearthome was happy to fund them. Of course, this came with accusations of selling out, but thus far, the content continues to be as revered as always.

One of their most popular programs is Crime by Starlight, a radio drama that can best be described as a soap opera blended with criminal procedure blended with an action flick. It's well known for realistically going into the mindset of the criminals, and not always portraying them as evil/antagonistic. It's set in the same universe as Spirit of Police, which featured a supernatural bend - beyond Pokemon - on police investigations.
8) Solaceon Town
- Settlement Synopsis: Solaceon Town
One of the more noteworthy smaller townships in the region. While the city limits are expansive, most of it is farmland. This makes for a quiet, rural place with a peculiar stench that permeates much of the air in the town. A fair chunk of the city's population of 7500 lives on the hills on the northeast side because of it. The main road in town uniquely stretches straight through north to south. The main Pokemon Center and a few inns are along this road, allowing truckers bound for Celestic or Veilstone to stop for fuel and a rest before getting on their way.

- Routes Within Reach: Diversity!
If you're going by road, the way to Hearthome is fairly smooth. If you're going by foot, you'll get to cross vast fields, small rivers, and around craters in what is agreed to be one of the more scenic legs of a Sinnoh journey. It's a long way to either town if you're heading to the north. Route 210 is lined with thick grass, and let's not talk about if you're going to Celestic. It's better if you're headed to Veilstone, but the terrain is still uneven. Bladefort is in between all three locations.

- Prominent Person: Belle Hartley
Daughter of Randy Hartley, the editor of the local newspaper, Pokemon News Press. Yes, local. Hey, did you really expect such a small group to serve all of Sinnoh? That's stretching suspension of disbelief even for this world.

PNP is a five-person team: Billy Bob is their writer, Andy is their researcher, Belle is the interviewer, and Li is their intern. They are something of a product of their time back before the internet, giving locals useful and obscure information about Pokemon that was hard to find in books. Belle is popular around town, everyone knows who she is, but even her coworkers don't know she's more than just a pretty face. She knows they'll need to evolve to stay afloat. Though, it don't exactly take a genius to see that the model ain't sustainable, as she says to those that'll listen. Sadly, among those who don't are the rest of 'em except Li. The only reason they're keeping going is that she gets them those little local stories you'd never see on the bigger news outlets.

What she'd like most of all is for them to sell, so she can get out into the world, maybe go on a journey, see the world, find a good man, and get a good job; heck, she had more than one Schrader say she could stand beside them. She's got the charisma for it. But no such luck right now.

- Luminous Locale: Solaceon Ruins
The Unown have always been something of an enigma. As mentioned, it is known that they modeled themselves after the Latin alphabet - even appearing before it spread to places - but it's not known why. It is known that subterran Pokemon use them to express their language. Of all the places in the world with Unown, Solaceon Ruins has been one of the most fascinating. They've been known about since Ancient Japan, but serious research into their meaning has only happened since the Showa period, and is still ongoing.

"Friend" is an important word in all Pokemon languages, and indeed, a very important concept to them. Even a freshly birthed Pokemon understands the concept and importance of friendship. The Unown here have been known to greet friendly faces with the word in various human languages, while engravings with inert ones express what it means to the Pokemon race: life entwined brings life anew. In other words, life is better with friends.

That said, the place is known to be dangerous. It's rare, but people and Pokemon have been known to vanish without a trace in the area. Trainers and researchers are advised to travel in groups, enter at their own risk, and avoid confrontation beyond capturing an Unown (they're accepting of that; a trainer is a potential friend). One of the most notable disappearances has been Lisa Kannagi in 2003, a Galarian explorer who married into the family.

- Self-Made Spot: The Caras Farm
Presently run by Agnes Caras, a small yet plot-relevant place. The land the Caras farm is on was purchased by Greek immigrants in the 1900s. They dabble in crops and animal livestock, but they also raise Pokemon as workers and occasionally give them out as starter Pokemon around the city. The owner's nephew, Spike, was gifted a Tauros, but it should be stressed it was a special case. It's usually things like Lechonk, Ponyta, Skiddo, and Buizel: easy to handle, reliable, and maybe a little exotic.
9) Veilstone City
- Settlement Synopsis: Veilstone City
A hodgepodge of a city that was carved out of a mountain. Many of the buildings sit on flattened out cliffs. While it is one of the more isolated in Sinnoh, it's also the fourth-most populous with 60000 people.

One of Sinnoh's major ports. Goods are regularly shipped to and from Batalson Island. Fishing and archaeology are also major industries. Gambling too, thanks to the Gym Leader and owner of the Game Corner, Gasha Qian. Veilstone is a city that has a little bit of everything in it. It has to be given its isolation: in fact, the whole reason the mall exists is that it sprouted from a market set up by well-off travelers who brought goods from other cities. It eventually ended up being the largest shopping center in Sinnoh.

As the main setting of the series, there's almost too much to talk about. But...

- Routes Within Reach: Rocky Road
Wherever you head out of Veilstone, the terrain is going to be as rugged as the city. Weather systems that flow in from Batalson Island to the north can make the weather on Route 215 a little unpredictable; Veilstone itself is generally protected due to the large hills on its northern end. Route 214 has lakes, forests, and rocky hills. Head further south, and you'll eventually reach Grandlake Town.

- Prominent People: Youths Against Mistaken Society
A youth protest group that gained a considerable amount of notoriety around town due to their brazenness. It was originally formed by the unlikely friends Louis Trussel and Mariko Urusai, as well as their acquaintance, Nariya Yaznik, in response to a tepid response to bullying at Stony Hills Elementary. It expanded to strike out against other injustices around town and gained two more members, the twins Yumi and Touya Takao.

Somewhere along the way, YAMS (a name thought up by Nariya to be sort of catchy) started to push the envelope. Ironically, they became unable to accomplish much because of the stigma surrounding them and rumors they would say were spread by the other side; people just did not want to listen to them. But there were two incidents that really damaged them. The first was the Demon Nidorina incident. They were ironically among the many opposing allowing Nori Carino to train her. Being proven thoroughly wrong seemed to make something snap in the two leaders, as some of the former members will say. The other was when they tried to target the town's mayor. This showed the extent of their pettiness to many, and how far they were willing to go to ruin someone.

Currently inactive. The Takao twins did not participate in the mayor incident and left when they were blamed for its (relative) failure. Yumi originally joined to make the world a better place, but they weren't. She currently works on her school's newsletter (with Nori Carino no less). Her brother found a girlfriend and pretty much became a normal teenager. Nariya left after a nasty confrontation with the future head priestess of the Kannagi Shrine due to various stress build up, finding a new friend in Prema and possible direction in becoming an acolyte. Even their new member, Arnie, had to step away. It was a harsh slap in the face for Louis and Mariko, who had to reassess themselves. However, they maintain their original goals of activism and trying to make people see things for what they are.

- Luminous (expanded) Locale: The Quarry
A tale of tragedy, sort of. No one's really sure why this place was mined. While most of what's been found are rocks, their biggest discovery was a meteorite that has signs of extraterrestrial life. It is currently on display at the nearby Geological Research Facility and Museum, which was responsible for this big hole in the ground. They didn't bother filling it back in.

Besides being a place for tourists (although not many come by), the quarry is also a modestly popular hangout spot for locals. Trainers come by to practice in rough conditions or even battle. And sometimes in the evening, teenagers will come by to make out (or go further than that). There's always security on-hand to serve as overseers. They'll generally let things slide as long as they don't disrupt any business. Those who think about using it for more unsavory purposes get put off by them and the cameras which are always keeping a watchful eye over the place.

- Self-Made Spot: Marble Tor
The heights on the northern end of town are basically the upper class district. There are open fields, trees of all kinds (some of which were brought over), and lots of scenic views. It's where the nicest homes are, particularly the Willins family manor (who are famous in the film industry) and Daikoka mansion (business experts). It gives the best view of the city as well as the ocean below. On very clear days, one can even see Batalson Island way off in the distance.

Many of the school-aged people from and around here go to the Jade Point schools. It has a reputation as being a rich folk school, but it's as public as the rest of them. They're pretty welcoming there and in Marble Tor in general, actually.
10) Pastoria City
- Settlement/Site Synopsis: Pastoria City
This city was originally founded near the Great Marsh to protect it from development by speculators. It grew over time into a small community. A river flows through this lush township with a countryside feel. However, it actually has a population of around 30000. Pastoria also serves as one of the major ports leading to mainland Japan. It doesn't experience as many ice blockages compared to Veilstone or even Canalave, allowing more ships to pass through. It's also easier to ship goods to eastern Sinnoh from here compared to Canalave.

It was also originally host to the Safari Zone, in an effort to allow Trainers in on a trial basis to capture the Pokemon after interest was expressed. It was shut down with all others in Japan nationwide - they were something of a fad - after numerous public safety concerns centered around allowing trainers to walk around hunting Pokemon with none of their own to protect them. The Kanto one's seniority blocked it for a while, but when the Warden shut down his willingly to travel the world, that gave them their chance. Nothing of value was lost. Did anyone unironically like those places, especially with shinies?

- Routes Within Reach: Water you up to?
Route 213 has scenic beachside views. However, the waters around here are rough and rock-filled, so it has to be avoided in the port. It's a good place to find and train Water-types. Absol colonies live in the forests nearby. It's a long walk over to Veilstone or Sunyshore to where Grandlake Town has become a major destination just for being a stopover point.

The southern sections of Route 212 are very swampy. It's advised that most trainers try to take the higher roads to avoid drowning, and if they want to go through the thick of things, to travel alongside Pokemon which can aid them. Particularly deep areas of the marsh are marked with warning signs. The roads are similarly on these elevated parts; the reason why they can wind so much is that they were made to avoid sinkholes. It's not constantly raining here like depicted in the games, but it is just as wet as you'd expect. Pokemon from the Great Marsh have been known to wander out here on occasion. It can be very slippery in winter. Most Pokemon go into hibernation in this season.

Heading south leads across many rivers and, notably, eventually to Kinflow Town. Pastoria also serves the ports in Almia; although Canalave is closer, it's cheaper to ship goods bound for eastern Sinnoh here.

- Prominent Person: Futomaki
A podiatrist for Pokemon, who can sometimes be found in his beachside hut. He and his clinic both go by the name Dr. Footstep. When it comes to specialized foot injuries in the Sinnoh region, Futomaki is without peer. He notably treated former Sinnoh Elite Four member Kenichi's Hitmonlee after a Jump Kick gone horribly wrong, to where the Kicking Pokemon was able to battle again several months later. In addition, he has a special service where he measures the bonds between trainer and Pokemon based off their footprints.

Despite what he claims, he cannot actually talk to Pokemon. However, he is exceptionally good at reading them from how they move. His translations are simply based on what he believes they are thinking. He sometimes can't help but slip in his personal views. He is a devout of the Mitsutri faith, after all.

- Luminous Locale: Croagunk Statue
The Great Marsh in Sinnoh is home to Japan's only major Croagunk colony, at least until canon somehow finds a way to contradict me. They were one of the species that Pastoria was founded to protect. The Pokemon gained a strange following for being both cute and weird; its croaking sounds and a local pharmaceutical company adopting it as a mascot also helped.

The statue was originally built in 1864 by a traveling sculptor from Kalos. People loved it, and it ended up as a symbol of the town. The rain hasn't been kind to it over the years, so after a restoration effort, it was moved to the local mall where it can be properly covered. Every year, a festival is held in honor of the Pokemon they saved, with competitions for the best Croagunk as part of them taking place near the statue.

- Self-Made Spot: Water Treatment Plant
Pastoria is a city known for its vast natural water reserves between the marsh and nearby lakes. Probably the best example of flaunting this is the Pastoria Gym, the brainchild of Leader Crasher Wake (don't worry, he gives back to the community). The Gym puzzle in particular involves draining and filling a pool. But, everything is finite, and as it was originally founded by conservationists, they knew that well. Better to plan for the future while you still can, no matter how far off that may be.

The water treatment plant uses good old-fashioned science to cleanse and recycle water as needed. Whatever gets permanently used up (crops, consumption), Water-types can top back through their ability to produce it through mixing hydrogen and oxygen; it similarly just needs treatment to remove microorganisms and bacteria. It gets pumped back into the lakes and reused at the Gym and the city's water parks. There are also plans to add a desalination section within twenty years.
11) Celestic Town
Okay, got blocked up ahead and distracted. Though it's not wholly to schedule anymore (in both what I had planned and the month), let's resume.

- Settlement Synopsis: Celestic Town
A small town in a valley near the base of Mount Coronet. Celestic is the oldest formal township in Sinnoh. Once known as Kannagi Town after the shrine/family, it is still a popular place to visit simply for that. It was built due to its proximity to the sacred mountain in the center of the region. It's considered a heritage site due to the ruins which served as a place of worship.

Celestic is divided into two areas: the rustic section in the north, and a somewhat more modern city in the south. However, both parts are far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. It has a population of around 10000 people.

- Routes Within Reach: It's rough, pal
The pilgrimage to Celestic Town takes one through the northern section of Route 210: a rough and misty valley where water from the nearby mountains pours down and flows through many creeks. Travelers are heavily advised to stop by Bladefort Town for a rest whether they're coming in from Solaceon or Veilstone. Even if you go by car, it can be treacherous, especially in winter. It's a popular training spot. Within this misty valley lies Liberty Guido Backlot's mansion.

It's saying something that people consider it easier to cut through Mount Coronet from the Eterna Side. The terrain on Route 211 is also rugged, but not as bad. The path to and from Hearthome and Celestic is popular with mountain climbers, but otherwise only viable for air traffic. Planning is underway to build a tunnel for traffic, but finding places to dig that won't disrupt Pokemon is proving difficult. Since the town has no airport, one has to fly with Pokemon.

- Prominent Person: Cynthia Carolina
Maybe more than the Kannagi Clan itself, by far the most famous person to come out of Celestic Town has been the current Champion of the Sinnoh League. The granddaughter of prominent researcher Kara Carolina and cousin of the fast-rising trainer Kallisto Keravnos, and a part-time worshiper at the Kannagi Shrine (but keeps an open mind). Cynthia had an interest in the mysteries of the Pokemon world and started her journeys with a Gible (she wanted to challenge herself) when she was twelve. She is an elegant yet humble woman who went through many regions. After a break and training, she took a second stab at the Sinnoh League when she was twenty and won to become its Champion. In her spare time, she continues investigating the mysteries of the world and is one to question if what we think we know is really the truth.

As a trainer, her strategies that take knowledge from Pokemon research are backed up with a stern training regimen and pushing her friends to the peak of their potential. Super invincible Pokemon indeed, as some would say. You might not expect it, but she has a pretty big flaw: she can underestimate others. This won't happen in a formal battle for her title, but outside those constraints, it can trip her up. Otherwise, she's considered one of the best in the world. She can get pretty fired up in fights.

Somewhat infamously, Cynthia has also been unafraid and, in fact, very willing to show off her body in certain publications. While this has resulted in accusations of immoral behavior, her motives are pure and actually conniving. She's a symbol of female empowerment, and she has gone on record as saying her doing so is a way of saying to girls, don't be bound by the shackles of expectation. At the same time, while it's proved pleasurable for many, it's also a way for her to weed out any would-be suitor who is only (or primarily) interested in her for her appearance. Her Togekiss can help her sus these people out.

She does in fact live here, by the way. Information has been scrambled, her home is a secret to the public, and she has several places she lives across the world to throw off her fanbase. Popularity isn't all it's cracked up to be. She has to get some peace and quiet sometimes.

- Luminous Locale: ???
Hey! Friendly reminder that the games or even expanded universe sometimes don't give you a lot to work with. I mean, I could do Lila's shop from the anime, but really, that's reaching, and it wouldn't amount to a lot. I do intend to actually use some of the stuff I'm coming up with here.
- Expanded Locale: Kannagi Shrine
Pokemon and humanity have had a bond since before recorded history. One of the more infamous cases of this was the war 3000 years ago near the modern-day Kalos region. The nature of it wasn't always the same, however. The origins of modern sensibilities can be traced to the Kannagi clan. It was around 1400–1500 years ago when three siblings made a bond with the Essences of the Soul, known in modern times as Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. Enlightened with knowledge of the strange creatures humanity shared the world with, they built a shrine to share what they had learned.

The shrine has been ruled by the bloodline since then, formally referred to as Master (full name) in the modern day common language. Even as it's expanded to include a branch location in Veilstone, the original shrine is still the most revered. The diviners of the shrine (those adept at using spiritual and heavenly power) are frequently consulted for their abilities. They are also skilled at defending themselves with weapons and Pokemon alike. Most notable is Priest Warutsu Amaya, the former Dark-type Gym Leader of Celestic. Family members and those with rank in the shrine are identifiable by their violet robes; these noble colors stuck even as the traditional image of a shrine shifted to red and white.

It's said that a fragment of the Original One, the progenitor of all Pokemon, is enhoused in the shrine. That said, even the shrine's current descendants are uncertain if that is the truth.

- Self-Made Spot: Altar Vista
Someone had a funny sense of humor in giving this place a nickname, which ended up sticking. This is a popular spot for non-Iseuan weddings and couples hence the first part of the name, and the second is because it's a hill overlooking the entire city.

It used to be a short jaunt through the wilderness to reach there. That was, until a high-profile Pokemon attack happened. It was unusually brutal, especially since direct killings by wild Pokemon are rare to begin with (they tend to be from injuries sustained), and notable as the one responsible was never located. As far as the public knows, that's the whole story. It was kept quiet that the heir to the shrine was also involved. Since then, the path has been built up to be less going through a bit of wilderness.
12) Canalave City
- Settlement Synopsis: Canalave City
Being the closest city to mainland Japan makes this place the most important port in all of Sinnoh. This seaside city is primarily built on cliffs overlooking the ocean. Fishing is also a big industry in Canalave. Like a few of Sinnoh's cities, there is a divide between two parts of it. In this case, it's a canal. A drawbridge allows for larger boats to pass through.

People who visit Canalave often come out saying it has an air of busyness about it. Things are always coming in from Iron Island or going to and from Almia. Besides the usual trainers, you can expect to meet a lot of sailors and truckers passing through.

- Routes Within Reach: To Jubilife...and beyond!
Canalave is a dead end as far as Sinnoh is concerned. Cana-Life Bridge lies to the east on Route 218 to serve as a more direct route. There is very little to note about it otherwise. Travelers on foot can get there faster by and across the shore, or they can take a drier and more winding route. Boats leading to the mainland head south, and those going to remote islands go north.

Notably, Pastoria is close to the border of the Almia region. You can reach it by heading south. Goods to and from usually pass through here, if not the port at Pastoria.

- Prominent Person: Byron Vass
A long-tenured Gym Leader in Sinnoh. Byron has been thought of one who could easily reach Elite Four status if he was willing to put in the effort. Alas, his first love is mining. It runs in the family as I've discussed. His usual haunt is Iron Island, many kilometers off the shoreline of Canalave. Gym Leader duties prevent him from visiting as much as he wants to, however. Having to balance that, being a father, Pokemon training, Gym Leader duties leave him with very little free time.

Byron was originally so invested in his job as foreman of Iron Island that he actually lived there. It put a strain on his marriage, not to mention his own health (physical and mental). It took an intervention by his workers for him to realize there's more to life than mining. He was always something of a hotshot trainer though, perfectly capable of quelling rowdy Pokemon by force, or the odd unruly visitor. A firm believer in the best defense being the best offense, his strategy involves waiting for them to wear themselves out before going in for the kill. He's particularly difficult to face for trainers who are used to offense and is absolutely willing to screw with them to goad them into making rash decisions in impatience. Of course, things like his ace Aggron can bring power too; throwing people off by shifting the pace. It's notably a pure Steel variant (that is literally Mega Aggron except not Mega since I yeeted that).

He's certainly something of an inspiration to many of the young Gym Leaders in the region. While he isn't the strongest of them, they consider Byron to be their de facto leader. He was the true mastermind of a show of support for Volkner Denzi after his Gym was allowed to remain open. Make no mistake, though. Byron is fatherly and understanding, but he knows when to be strict and stern. He'll draw the line at certain things, particularly when it comes to his challengers and Gym Trainers.

- Luminous Locale: The Canalave Library
The largest library in all of Sinnoh. Canalave Library is most well known for holding some of the only surviving tomes from Classical Japan. Due to their fragility, the actual texts are only shown to select scholars. Reproductions are available to rent like any book.

A lot of these tend to be apocryphal with unknown sources. For example, one saying that humans and Pokemon used to be one and the same, which is believed to have been penned by certain tribes from pre-history. Others tend to be stories intended to teach a lesson, such as one about carelessly killing Pokemon. Still others are kind of opinionated. Naturally, some history books are found here, and they have been some of the most helpful sources in piecing together the history of Sinnoh. You'll find all kinds of and different perspectives on history here.

- Self-Made Spot: The Weavin' Wailord Pub
A local brewery popular with fisherman, surfers, and others who come in from the shore. Founded in 1986 by a bulky man who goes by Buddy, it is a low key establishment that is highly respected by anyone who's ever given it a try. They serve a specialty wine which is made from fermented berries carefully grown from Cherubis. This makes it surprisingly healthy. For the safety of the Pokemon however, they can only provide about once a month. Buddy keeps no schedule, so people keep coming by to check.

The name and mascot was inspired by the owner's favorite Pokemon. The first drink is on the house for trainers who own a particularly impressive Wailord. Disrespecting them is a good way to be thrown out the door.
13) Snowpoint City
- Settlement Synopsis: Snowpoint City
The northernmost city in Sinnoh is at a high elevation. As a result of this and the large amount of ice Pokemon in the area (they can't actually control the weather, but they do influence it by existing), snow covers it for around half the year, usually from late October to mid-April (but snow can last into early May). The city adapted: the main roads and sidewalks are heated so there's less plowing to do. They're also the most congested as a result. Snowpoint is hardly a small city and has around 30000 people. Buildings are also similarly insulated.

It's a popular destination for winter sports like skiing and snowmobiling. Snowpoint frequently trades with Batalson Island and nearby Russian regions. Ironically, it's difficult to get here from Sinnoh itself: the roads can be a nightmare, and ice floes can occasionally block the port to Veilstone. Boats can be made to break through ice, but only so much of it. In extreme cases that threaten to escalate into emergencies, Caissure and other Fire-types that are fine in and around water are used to melt it back down into water.

It was originally known as Kissaki because of the tribe that once lived there, but the town got renamed in the shrine's honor.

- Routes Within Reach: White Powder
Treacherous yet relatively flat and safe as long as you stick to the main roads. If you go outside them? Hilly. The risk of avalanches is common enough that dedicated crews are on-hand to stop them shortly after they happen.

While the weather produced by most Pokemon is only a simulacrum to alter their abilities: snow and rain evaporate almost instantly, sand has no substance, and the artificial sun of Sunny Day doesn't have any rays, they are still visible and can affect temperature. The Abomasnows living on the mountain can suddenly change the visibility conditions even in summer.

There are rumors of ghosts haunting the routes, the spirits of people who passed away in the snow. Diviners in Sinnoh know about them, but since most are passive and even friendly enough to try to save others, they're left alone if they wish to remain on the mortal plane. Similarly, Pokemon are known to guide trainers to hidden caves for cover, although some of the more mischievous ones' trickery can take it too far. It's advised to never follow a Haunter or Zoroark unless there's no other option.

- Prominent Person: Candice
You know her, you may even love her. But right now, she's just a friend of former Gym Trainer (and her future one) Alicia Hardee. So uh. Nothing to write yet, except that Flint was thinking of recommending her but she (and his Gym Trainer Firuz) got passed over for Roark and Sprig. She's as of now just an Ice-type enthusiast who loves the cold. It's probably why the League declined her, actually.
- Prominent Person (real): Alicia Hardee
A former Gym Trainer of Flint Donaldson before his promotion to Elite Four. Alicia is a twelve-year-old girl who often dresses in warm orange clothing; a trademark of a local Snowpoint tailor. Hers was a common tale, that of a would-be trainer who could not travel for one reason or another; in this case, her parents being worried about a girl her age wandering down from Snowpoint and wanting her to find a good traveling companion. She carries herself to high standards and her somewhat blunt demeanor and low capacity for BS made her few friends. The one exception was Candice, who saw past that and met the kind and loyal girl beneath, but she didn't feel up to a journey.

Which was fine by Alicia. There's plenty of places for a trainer to go within one town. Her success at battling places when she was ten caught Flint's eye, and he offered her a Gym position. She initially refused, since she had no Fire-types: like, even counting how bad he was about it, she didn't think they'd go that far. So he offered a Magby, Numel, or Chimchar as a 'starter' (any licensed League Official can give them out at their discretion); she accepted the Numel. It was a chance to improve and become something. Ironically, it's her only Fire-type if you don't count her snowy Darmanitan once it goes into Zen Mode; her other two are Weavile (her first catch as a Sneasel) and Tentacruel (her first Pokemon which she serendipitously found washed ashore and saved)

Alicia is actually very dependent on others for support and can be very hard on herself in particular. Candice was open to the whole Gym thing some day though, and promised to make Alicia her top Gym Trainer.

Also, she actually is a Gym Trainer in canon. Really. Look it up.

- Luminous Locale: Snowpoint Temple
An ancient shrine located within the city limits, and indeed, where the ancient tribe that lived here once came to worship. It has existed since before recorded history and uses advanced construction techniques that, for all intents and purposes, did not exist anywhere in the world at the time it was built. It was discovered by former Gym Leader Flint Donaldson's Steelix that underground water veins lead into the temple.

Its most prominent feature is a Regigigas. It is in an unusual state, alive and yet not. Poke Balls do not register it. Status attacks have had no effect, others were just like attacking a statue. Attempts to wake it have met with limited success; it has blinked at its creations, but nothing else. Given that they are considered a fragment of the true Original One in some beliefs, some question the sanity of this.

- Self-Made Spot: Eight Reindeer Snowmobile Rentals
Both a sporting and travel service. It has a sister location in the tiny settlement of Lodgebound Town just off of Route 216. Travelers headed through Mount Coronet can rent a vehicle to make it there and back during the snowy months. Otherwise, it's a good place to visit if you want to experience skimming over powder but don't want to invest in one yourself. All the machines have GPS units built in to prevent theft.
14) Sunyshore City
- Settlement Synopsis: Sunyshore City
The third most populous city in Sinnoh. This coastal settlement is a popular resort and retirement destination. Like Veilstone, some parts of it are built onto cliffs. Ships coming from across the Pacific to Sinnoh end up here.

It's famous for its solar panels, which serve as an energy source and walkways. They have barriers on the sides to prevent accidental falling off. However, certain areas are off-limits and have no such barriers. They're heated to maintain their use in the winter, but since it's not always sunny in Sunyshore, they're not a fully reliable power source for the city. They get power from other parts of Sinnoh, but energy shortages are possible.

- Routes Within Reach: Scenic Sights
Route 222 takes you past a beach and one of the many tiny settlements. Plenty of Electric types are around here, drawn to the city for its power. North on Route 223 is a mostly waterbound route. There's an overpass for traffic bound for Valily City, but otherwise it's a watery trip to the island city.

- Prominent Person: Arumi Schrader
A young yet fast-rising member of the prominent Schrader family, third only to the Joys and Jennys. The Schraders have a hand in the news media, and unlike the other two big families, are non-conformist in appearance and also have prominence in Europe, particularly their Germanic home region.

Arumi was born to Souji and Rebecca Schrader. She is a peppy and slightly kooky girl in her ninth year of education, who helps run the school newspaper (while driving her peers insane due to her seniority and massive worldview that goes beyond the school). She's been described by some as every negative stereotype about reporters rolled into one. It's easy to see that, when she frequently makes use of disguises, especially for infiltration purposes. But make no mistake: Arumi is talented, perceptive, strong-hearted, and has a level side. She's a firm believer in using the news to make the world a better place. There's plenty of ways, like exposing the bad and teaching people not to repeat mistakes.

Her greatest wish was to become famous by getting a big scoop, and actually got one that shook the Pokemon training world thanks to her best friend, Nori Carino. However, with success comes popularity, and Arumi is quickly finding out that it's not all that it's cracked up to be. She's also been getting criticism from some for simply being in the right place at the right time (jealous), and hate from loyalists. Luckily, her parents have been there to help, and she always has her bestie.

- Luminous Locale: Vista Lighthouse
The most famous lighthouse in all of Sinnoh, despite Sunyshore not being as prominent a port city as some. It may have something to do with being the first and symbolizing safety and protection for all. Unlike the Glitter Lighthouse in Johto, this uses simple electricity and science instead of a Pokemon to power it. It has upsides and downsides: power does need to be rerouted there (troublesome with solar energy because a lack of it is exactly when you need a lighthouse), but it's always reliable and there's nothing to kidnap/get sick.

- Self-Made Spot: Gama Memorial Schools
Notably known as the place where popular trainer and speculated future Champion Kallisto Keravnos attends. Gama Memorial was named for a famous author who lived in Sunyshore who used a chunk of his profits to donate to charitable causes across the city. The elementary, middle, and high schools were ones he commissioned the building of, but he passed away in a traffic accident in 1967 during their construction. They were summarily named in his honor after his pen name.

One of the seven rumors of the high school is that the ghost of Gama himself appears in the Language classroom to watch over would-be writers. It's said if you fall asleep there and are talented enough, he will send you a vision of one of his unwritten stories. It has proven a pain for teachers.
15) Ramanas Town
- Settlement Synopsis: Ramanas Town
While most of the major towns in Sinnoh were represented in the virtual adventure games - which certainly vary here since the fics are currently set in 2015 and yet are before DPP - there are a few exceptions due to time and memory issues (they aren't the best coders). One that many suspect was cut due to bias was this place of 12000 people, southwest of Jubilife. Like most of them though, at least one aspect made it in.

It's also the hometown of former Elite Four member, Basil Barnett. Definitely the most famous individual person to come from it, if you don't count groups of people.

- Routes Within Reach: Isolated by water
Ramanas is a quiet settlement surrounded by lush forest paths. Reaching Sandgem to the north requires crossing some water unless you go out of the way.

To the southwest is...some town based off Urukawa. Look, I only put in so many extra slots and thinking some of these up is hard enough. Kinflow is the next closest major settlement, and it requires a trip around the south coast of Sinnoh or through Mount Coronet.

- Prominent Person: Wendi Divid
Gangs have been a recent problem sweeping the Pokemon world in the wake of the post-war world. Many go by the name Team something after the common name for the Rocket Gang of yakuza. Although it should be stressed that some of these are benign, such as Team Aqua in Hoenn, which is nothing more than an activist group (or so it seems), and that not all use the title (such as the Cipher organization of Orre). Whatever it is, the word 'Team' carries the connotation that your group has a very different take on Pokemon than most.

So it was for the leader of Team Delink, formed and disbanded in 1993. Transporters had been in use for decades, but the idea of using electronics as a storage system was first thought up by a teen genius named Masaki "Bill" Sonezaki in Kanto after the rise of the internet. Before that, you generally had to make arrangements to store excess Pokemon (which cost money) or simply not catch that many. Fearing for her business and seeing some of the flaws, she put together a team of misfits with an idea radical as it was futile: sabotage the Pokemon Storage System's efforts to expand to Sinnoh, after peaceful protest failed.

They were generally more of a nuisance than a real threat to anything. However, the situation changed after one of the admins, Cord, hacked and stole over two thousand Pokemon from across Japan. While Divid immediately attempted to throw him under the bus, she was unapologetic and said this is exactly what could happen. Cord took over the team, but he was hardly a good leader. While his gang took over Jubilife City for a time with their numbers, the League and Japanese Self-Defense Force intervened.

Cord escaped capture with extreme methodology. Divid got a lenient sentence for her role in the events due to her helping sort the situation out. And the government had to admit she was right, even if it was for personal reasons. It was such a mess that they're still reuniting the stolen Pokemon with their trainers 22 years after the fact. As for her? Her staff kept her caretaker's farm going in her absence, and she returned to run it after her release from prison. In the end, it turned out, there was always a place for physical facilities - a lot of trainers prefer to have their extra Pokemon out and about in the real world - so there was no point in forming Team Delink in the first place. Nevertheless, she and many find it ironic that she managed to do good in the end.

- Luminous Locale: Pal Park
Proof that sometimes the strangest ideas can turn out to hit on something. Pal Park is a place where trainers can come to relax with their Pokemon. It boasts allowing any and all there, unlike the stringent and narrow Amity Park. Though that said, Tangela and Tropius are the mascots of the place. There are a variety of artificial environments here to support these. But that's not what it's known for.

The Catching Show is a competition loosely inspired by the Bug-Catching Contest in Johto, but with a more personal twist. The monthly competition focuses on Pokemon in need of a good trainer; the biomes attract all sorts of Pokemon. You need to pass a test (mostly on seeing if you're a compassionate trainer) before entry, and there's a focus on style. There are a couple variations like hide and seek with one's own Pokemon and elaborate means of trading. The key is a focus on the bond between trainers and their Pokemon when it is formed.

- Self-Made Spot: Mitsutri Shrine
The most notable part of Ramanas Town is the other great faith of the Sinnoh region. A contemporary of the Kannagi Shrine. Out-of-universe design, they're a Shinto/Buddism mix, but the Kannagis are more pure Shinto.

There are other differences beyond real-world analogues. One of the key differences, for example, are their views when it comes to Pokemon morality. The Kannagis are more flexible and believe that even they can fall to evil. In the Mitsutri faith, they believe that Pokemon have their own set of standards, so humanity cannot fairly judge them based on their own morality. Thus, they do not consider any Pokemon evil.

Like the Kannagi Shrine, it is purported the spirit of a long-forgotten god resides in the shrine. It was formally founded centuries later, although few know their family dates back to the time of the Kannagi founders, where they had a Mistutri clan member as a friend who accompanied them. The faith still has its share of followers, and it's still popular to visit; even the Kannagis will pay their respects (as they do in return). However, after their involvement with the government after the second great war, the shrine (along with many others) lost prominence as a major religion as many turned to nonexclusive or generic practicing as well as monotheistic faiths.
16) Grandlake Town
- Settlement Synopsis: Grandlake Town
A small settlement near the Valor Lakefront. Unlike some of these, it was made famous by the games giving it representation. This, the hotel, and its stopgap location make it one of the more notable cities in Sinnoh despite its low population of permanent residents: 4000 to be specific. However, the hotel is the only part represented in the games.

- Routes Within Reach: Lakes, of course
As the closest settlement to Lake Valor, one of the three great lakes of Sinnoh rumored to be where the Essences of the Soul make their homes, Grandlake is a popular spot to come by for those wishing to pay tribute to the god of willpower. The secret fourth lake of Sinnoh is also nearby; but one has to travel through thick forests to reach it, and it's not on any major maps. It's a ways to Veilstone and Pastoria as discussed in their RWR and their routes can have some rough terrain, but the going to Sunyshore is relatively smooth.

- Prominent Person: Goro Maehama
While they were once a clan of ninjas (a tradition embraced by the company heir Shinobu), these days, the Maehama family are best known as tailors who operate out of Jubilife. They make some of the highest quality attires humanely sourced from Pokemon wool. However, they originate from Grandlake and have a summer home there. And the mayor of the town is a member of the family himself.

An absolute hunk of a man even at the age of 59 (and looking about twenty years younger), Goro may act strict and stern, but he always has the town's best interests in mind, especially when it comes to keeping that damn hotel run by their rival socialites under check. In his youth, he was a trainer who made it all the way to the Elite Four in the 1971 Sinnoh League. He was offered a Gym Leader position, but he turned it down to focus on his family. When the Maehama family moved operations to Jubilife in 1976, his wife didn't want to go, preferring the quiet countryside life to the big city.

He still manages their old branch and, as of 2005, manages the whole town. He's also more than capable of defending it, as some would-be local Team who tried to kidnap his granddaughter learned the hard way. As of three years ago, he proposed a plan to expand the settlement, with the goal of reaching 10000 people and refurbishing and expanding their old factory. The idea being to piggyback off tourism and show it's a nice place to permanently live. It was met with resistance by the Grand Resort, but the Berlitz' family's attempts to block it were dismissed with prejudice.

- Luminous Locale: Grand Resort
One of many in Sinnoh, the Grand Resort in Grandlake is by far the most famous. Situated on the highest cliffs giving it a good view of the nearby Lake Valor (and taking up quite a bit of the town's area), it carries a wide array of facilities for its guests, including a large pool and Pokemon training facilities. Besides the hotel itself, private seaside cottages are available to rent for the stupidly rich.

It has a Seven Star Restaurant - they added two extra because they're that egotistical. The food there isn't amazing and its main attraction is hosting Pokemon battles as entertainment. Because it runs on (outdated) battling courtesy though (i.e. those who meet must fight), traveler guides advise you to leave your Pokemon behind if you don't want your food getting cold. They use the Multi Battle format. Some have been known to put paying for each other's bills on the line.

- Self-Made Spot: Menthe's Place
A small little family-run shop that handcrafts mints from herbal sources. They serve everything from sweet pink mints to heavy-duty breath fresheners. It spread through word of mouth and just being good, to where tour guides put it on the list of must-see sights in the city.

One of their most prominent offerings is their special mints for Pokemon. These have a most unusual effect when consumed: slightly altering their potential. A Pokemon's personality has a minuscule effect on how well they can attack, how swift they are, or how well they can take hits. It's believed that chemical changes in their biology induced by their brainwaves cause this effect. Eating these won't change who the Pokemon are. Strangely, the Pokemon changing who they are doesn't change this effect either, so it's believed it's something ingrained at birth.

The effect is small enough not to be noticed by many, and it only really takes hold as Pokemon reach the peak of their potential. Still, some avoid them due to potential side-effects (if any).
17) Bladefort Town
- Settlement/Site Synopsis: Bladefort Town
With 6000 people, Bladefort got its name from the castle in the center, one of the few fortresses from the feudal era to survive into the modern era. Like Grandlake, it's notable for being a stopgap between three settlements.

- Routes Within Reach: Repetition
Well, I wrote about all the routes already. But there is stuff to the west. Like north of Eterna however, there's little to write about. It's only notable because attacks sometimes came from that direction back in the old days.

- Prominent Person: Tsurugi Takada
Humans are capable of some pretty amazing things. You heard the story of a guy who killed Pokemon carelessly with a sword? It's apocryphal, but yeah, they can put up a fight, especially with modern weaponry. But the blade is a classical weapon, and some are able to infuse power into it. They're seen in many cultures, like the sumahjid in the Middle East. Among the most dangerous is the Honedge-style of battle. It requires a strong bond with the sword Pokemon and skill. When mastered, it allows trainer and Pokemon to fight as one. When not, it's a good way to get you or your Pokemon injured. It's generally for showy people, because if you're that good with a sword, why not fight alongside your Pokemon? Tsurugi is one such swordswoman.

While the Shugoha family does not exist in modern times, their descendants are still around and many carry their tradition forward. Such is the case for this would-be Steel-type expert. She's quiet and strange and spends most of her spare time practicing, and anyone who walks into her home without knocking is subject to being roped into her sessions in some way. Otherwise, she helps trainers and their Pokemon improve their bodies if they're willing to put in the effort and help pay her costs of living. Her training is quite super, really. Something to get hyper about. Get my drift? Good.

She is so good that even the Kannagi clan asked her to help with their heir's kendo training. They choose to keep her nature as a Pokemon-turned-human secret; not even the League knows. She prefers not to talk about how it happened (probably escaped/got thrown out of a PMD world; the original character was basically trans-species, but I haven't decided specifics). As a former Honedge herself, she knows how to handle them.

- Luminous Locale: Café Cabin
If there is one place to visit during a stop to Bladefort, the below is the biggest, but after that, it's this little milk bar. Besides the ever-popular Moomoo Milk, they serve all sorts of milk-inspired beverages. There's even some for lactose-intolerant individuals. Don't expect much else in the way of other beverages besides water; they prefer to sell milk over any other drink. They also serve light meals.

Their mascots are Gogoat, Oasump, Miltank, and Yakkin, representing different seasons and sources of Pokemon milk. The place had a maid theme for about a year, but it drove away more customers than it brought in.

- Self-Made Spot: Shugoha Castle
An ancient castle once belonging to a powerful family of samurai. The Shugoha family controlled the land between the ancient regions where modern-day Solaceon, Celestic, and Veilstone lie. They were skilled with blade and Pokemon alike, and were known to send soldiers out as bodyguards for nobility or other affluent individuals; their position put them in a spot to defend the Kannagis in particular. It was very common for a direct member of the Shugoha clan to accompany a prospective Kannagi Shrine Master on their Rite.

As the feudal era ended, so did their influence. The family mostly went their own ways; some went to live humble lives in Solaceon, others went to new opportunities in Veilstone, and still others moved to Celestic to more closely serve the family they had close ties with. The castle is now a tourist attraction maintained by the remaining descendants.
18) Kinflow Town New
- Settlement Synopsis: Kinflow Town
The southernmost town in all of Sinnoh is not seen in any form in the games, likely because it's out of the way. But it has 5000 people, which is just enough to get on most maps. It's a town surrounded by nature even more than Pastoria is.

- Routes Within Reach: Swamps and Rivers
Well, I feel confident that canon won't override what I have down as Route 231 and Sea Route 232. Their odd numbering is because of being more recently established (and pushing the Battle Zone ones ahead being more confusing from a meta perspective).

Routes have other names that aren't usually used in Japan, and 231 was the Swampbreak Path. Coming down from Route 212 south, it takes travelers over vast rivers and damp wetlands. It's a sight to behold, if treacherous. It's particularly winding on foot or by vehicle, and still tedious if you have a Pokemon to help you cross the river. During spring and autumn, fish and fish Pokemon can be seen going up and down the rivers here to the sea. Hence, where the town got its name.

Sea Route 232 is an average stretch of water that takes travelers around Mount Coronet to reach Ramanas Town. Make appropriate preparations, whether it's by boat or surfing.

- Prominent Person: Sergio Penkin
The Gym Leader of Kinflow from 1996-2002. Ironic, had he stayed around a bit longer, they might've been forced to have the town in the games. And I know, it's a bit confusing to have their releases line up with the real world even though the Leaders aren't due to my timeline. Sergio is a Dragon-type expert who, for all they're propped up on a pedestal, was only considered the fifth in the recommended League order. Unlike some of his contemporaries, he does not 'cheat' (as he says) with Dragon-like Pokemon. They've been allowed to get away with it for years, probably due to Blackthorn's influence. It's at least part of why tamers of them rank so high compared to other specialists.

Sergio was a fisherman by trade, but when it came to battling, he set his sights higher than mere Water-types. His first big catch was a Dragonair, but his most prized and his best Pokemon is a Zmeimory (a species of sea-dwelling snakes). He usually used Sinnohian Goodra as an ace in Gym Battles, however, alongside things like Kingdra and the odd land-dwelling Dragon for the sake of diversity. Some trainers found him unusually difficult to handle from a combination of his Gym's water-based battlefield and his choice of type.

He ultimately went back to his home region in Russia to head up a Gym there. And ironically, it in part encompasses the northern part of Batalson Island, so he's right next to his former spot. He originally came to Sinnoh to expand his horizons, but the motherland came calling.

- Self-Made Spot 1: SS Seaskimmer Ferry Terminal
While this is a port like you'd expect it to be, ferry services are also a major part of the town. The SS Seaskimmer exclusively goes back and forth between here and Ramanas Town. It's an important part of Sinnoh's economy, because it spares the problems with going through Mount Coronet (and you can't always send it by air).

- Self-Made Spot 2: Santa Village
A real-world fact I found when searching for influences, Wikipedia is super sure to include town mascots. Hey, I almost based this off Toyokoro which is notable for two trees fused as one. More Twinleaf than Twinleaf. This one (Hiroo) is pretty good though. It's so silly I'll Pokemonify it.

Christmas in Japan isn't as big on gift-giving as it is in western countries. But once upon a time in the mid to late 90s, there was a guy who really tried to be the big red guy using a team of Wyrdeer to psychically levitate each other and his sleigh. They gave out small little presents at western-themed holiday festivals. It was funded by an anonymous philanthropist. He had a 'workshop' high up in the Snowpoint area. Some morons confused him for the real deal, which doesn't actually exist. This so-called Santa gained a following and is fondly remembered, even as the government shut them down for safety concerns.

One Kinflow resident's life was changed forever by one of his visits. She was with her mom on a business trip, away from all her friends during the holidays as usual. That's when 'Santa' paid her a visit. She decided to pay him back when she grew up and became an Official by building a tribute. Every December 25th, they hold a festival in his honor, decorating trees and Abomasnow, riding Stantler, and so on. There's also an educational competition for kids in primary school based on a silly dream the girl had: Santa has to know all about the places he visits, right? So the kids get quizzed in three rounds: on Kinflow, places around Sinnoh, and then all of Japan, to determine the year's 'successor' to Santa.
19) Valily City New
- Settlement Synopsis: Valily City
Also called Valily Island. This island settlement is somewhat populous, but it is most well-known for playing host to the Pokemon League. This has overshadowed much of anything else about it, much to the chagrin of the natives when the Leagues just marched in and decided to build here without caring much for their input.

- Routes Within Reach: Onward to Victory (Road)!
Would-be Champions are generally expected to traverse Victory Road to reach here. It's not actually a rule more than it is a tradition; the only enforcement is getting flak from traditionalists and enthusiasts. Detractors argue that they're mostly about survival skills which have nothing to do with Pokemon battling.

- Prominent Person: Bertha
The longest tenured member of the Elite Four, Bertha is noteworthy as being a Valily native. As you might expect, growing up around the League itself puts would-be trainers who live there under a lot more scrutiny. Even if it's only for a couple weeks a year, the parade of powerful trainers who come waltzing in each time tends to be overwhelming. But it can lead to opportunity as well.

Bertha was born in 1950 to a female American pilot and a Japanese man she settled down with. Journeys boomed post-war with both adults and children as a way to forget that nonsense over ideological differences with an ending thankfully not as horrific as real life. So as a little girl, she saw powerful trainers coming by annually. Her parents were nothing but understanding, but there was always pressure from her peers to find greatness. Unlike most of them though, when she finally had enough and decided to go through with a journey, she excelled. She took longer than normal, but the end result was not only becoming the winner of the 1965 Sinnoh League, but claiming the title of Champion. She only held onto it for two years. The extra stuff expected of the position was demotivating.

Still, she found she loved Pokemon regardless. So she applied for a Gym Leader position in 1968. She couldn't get it in Valily itself, and so ended up in Veilstone for about three years before getting an Elite Four promotion, a title which she holds to this day. The Ground-type was by process of elimination for her, but she's stuck by it. She is the de facto leader of the Sinnoh League as a result; almost everyone looks up to her as a mentor figure, Cynthia included. Besides them, she's also friends with Agatha of Kanto, Bernard of Hoenn, and Pryce of Johto; really, any fellow elderly Japanese League member, but unlike them, she shows no signs of slowing down or retiring (forcibly or otherwise). She's also quite a bit more well-adjusted than some of them. Make no mistake though; she's not above certain things, like helping mastermind a celebratory party for one of their own that pissed off the League for stealing their shine.

There are, of course, differences in human/Pokemon lifespans. The Poke Ball can increase the latter's, but Bertha still has had to see many of her partners pass over the years. Still, she has always picked herself up after each. Furthermore, she always makes sure to train successors on her roster for when those days come. For that matter, she also has plans for when her time comes.

- Luminous Locale: Pokemon League Building
The final goal that the League pushes on trainers on a journey. Where you can prove you're the very best (in your region). Each one is under the jurisdiction of its respective region, and in certain cases, are overseen by a national committee. Many of the Japanese regions like to place them in exotic locations: the Kanto League is high on the Indigo Plateau, as is the Johto League on Mount Silver. While there are exceptions, like Ever Grande City, Sinnoh goes full in on the tradition. Actually, they wanted it on Mount Coronet, but the religious shrines had the influence to stop them from just parading in there. So the next best thing was this remote island.

How it works differs across the world. The format in Japanese Leagues is a giant tournament of qualifying trainers, the winner of which earns the right to challenge the Elite Four and Champion. The Japanese Leagues are spaced out so not to conflict with one another in terms of publicity; the Sinnoh tournament is held in late August. The stadium is open-air, but it wasn't built with a dome. It's been spoiled by early winters from time to time.

- Self-Made Spot: The Challengers' Village
A residential complex built primarily for challengers to stay at during the League. There are basic apartments available, but larger suites are available for purchase on a first come first served basis. Although badges do not expire even if one enters a tournament (they have to win a basic reentry test, however), this does not automatically qualify someone for queue jumping; at least in Valily's, they have to use the basic apartments or find their own accommodations in town, there's plenty of paid hotels. Speaking of which, in between seasons, it's a hotel.
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