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Review AG158: Fierce Fighting at the Battle Tube! VS Tube Queen Azami!!


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May 20, 2003
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It's Ash's Pikachu and Donphan against Lucy's Seviper and Miltotic, as Ash attempts to earn the Luck Symbol.
I'm glad they gave Lucy two phallic Pokemon, they kept her in character with her game counterpart.
Whoooa. So, either this is gonna be like Temaku take two, or a ship is born, or...?

...oh, who am I kidding, a ship is born no matter what. XD
Interesting to note that this is only the first time Pikachu has been used in a Brain battle.

And that's probably only because of Volt Tackle. Great to see Donphan in there too.

Hades knows why she's blushing over Brock's proposals though. I wouldn't really have thought Brock to be her type. Not enough kink, i'd imagine.
Yeah. Somehow I get the impression this is some sort of misleading, a la Prince Tracey and the Mistymaid, or that Lucy's infatuation won't survive the episode.

Still, it's an interesting pair to consider - I mean, I tend to think Brock is better suited with someone sweeter, and Lucy... well, I never thought about it, but someone spicier, definitely. Or at least someone in leather. But maybe opposites really do attract? Brock is wild enough to try anything once, particularly if a girl is involved, and maybe Lucy has a soft side she doesn't show many people... I'm intrigued, and can't wait to see how this plays out.
So who wants to bet this episode doesn't involve Satoshi going through the Battle Tube, and is just a normal gym-ish battle?
Adamant said:
So who wants to bet this episode doesn't involve Satoshi going through the Battle Tube, and is just a normal gym-ish battle?

Um, that's already obvious. Considering this is only one episode, Lucy battles Team Rocket, there's the Brock/Lucy angle, and Ash has a 2 on 2 Pokemon battle with Donphan/Pikachu Vs. Milotic/Seviper....they simply won't have time for anything else.

Besides that, the writers have ignored all the special rules of all the other Battle Facilities, why would they start now? All the Frontier Brains were turned into "normal" Gym leaders. There's nothing that seperates them apart from them.

Roses Ablaze said:
And who wants to bet that Lucy's personality is completely butchered?

Why is that? Nearly all the Gym Leaders and Frontier Brains in AG have all been pretty much the same as their game counterparts.

The last Gym leader that was completely butchered was Jasmine in Johto. In the games she's suppossed to be this quiet, insecure little girl Gym leader. In the show she was this confident, "older sister" type girl who knew what she was doing.

Otherwise the writers have kept all the game characters in check.
Scott85 said:
The last Gym leader that was completely butchered was Jasmine in Johto. In the games she's suppossed to be this quiet, insecure little girl Gym leader.
There was also Clair who came across as just another goody-goody with a personallity as bland as plain paper, whilst her game counterpart seemed to have a superiority complex and didn't seem to have much respect for anyone she deemed to be beneath her.

Tate & Liza were nothing like their game counterparts either.
Eh, I kind of liked the fact that Tate/Liza didn't speak at the same time like in the games, or speak telepathically. Tate and Liza seemed like normal kids in the show, and I liked the fact that their father was the main astronaut in the Space station.
FabuVinny said:
They were about half-way into the battle, though. :rolleyes:
Not really. In the game they were linked telepathically, whilst in the animé they had to just learn to work together. Which actually makes me wonder just how well they performed against other trainers that challenged them before Ash rolled in...
The characterisation of them was just messed up, but they were in synch for the second half of the battle.
Scott85 said:
All the Frontier Brains were turned into "normal" Gym leaders. There's nothing that seperates them apart from them.
Although they ignored the game rules they implemented minor ones. Battle factory you can pick what pokemon you want to fight against. Battle Dome it was a double battle and there was a large audience and it was a stadium type thing. Double battles arent normal in kanto remember? Battle arena I forgot but, it had some minor thing but these arent nearly as good as the ingame ones though.
Double battles can exist anywhere. We just didn't see any formal ones because the games didn't have them till R/S. There were quite a few double battles way back in Kanto though, Ash used to use two Pokemon against TR quite a bit.

Also remember Ash's last Orange Island Gym battle? It was a double battle with Pikachu and Charizard Vs. Marowak and Alakazam. Ash had a "Real" double battle way back in the Orange Islands. Double battles can exist anywhere, it's just up to the individual Brain/Gym leader.
The Dome's challenge was the focus on Tactics. It was a double battle, yes, but the Brain used some powerful strategy that required Ash to respond similarly.

The Brains are certainly not 'just Gym Leaders'. Their battles are not the same as the games, but they still all present a very tough challenge.

I'm not sure what Lucy could use that hasn't been demonstrated so far though to make her challenge that bit more different.
The Brains certainly are more powerful trainers. I consider the Brains to be stronger than Gym leaders, yet weaker than Elite 4 members. And of course, that makes sense, as Ash has lost everytime he went up against an E4 member, yet he (will) beat all the Brains.

And the Brains certainly seem a bit tougher then regular Gym leaders.
-A close-up on Brock? Only when Bonsly is around. :rolleyes:
-So let's have a scene with May and Eevee for no reason at all.
-The Battle Tube looked better in the games.
- Jessie as Lucy. Interesting.
-You'd think Ash would be suspicious about the Meowth, Wobbuffet, and man with blue hair, though. :rolleyes:
-And back to Brock, since Bonsly is nice like that.
-Those girls aren't happy to see him. (Nor he them.)
-Not even an entry by our chubby friend seems to help.
-And there's the real Lucy...and Brock certainly notices her.
-Come on Ash. They've got Pikachu. Isn't it obvious yet?
-Looks like the Brains are tough, since Team Rocket can now be defeated without using any Pokémon!
-Oh, wait. Gotta have the Seviper/Seviper battle before letting Team Rocket blast off.
-Seems Lucy is red-faced for much longer than was hinted in the preview.
-The pics aren't clear...is Max pulling by the ear now?
-Ooh. Nice Fire Spin.
-Ash wins first round. Then Lucy quickly defeats the first Pokémon. We've seen that somewhere before...
-But Pikachu shouldn't have too much problem against Milotic...
-...But an easy win would be boring. :rolleyes:
-So how does Pikachu triumph, since Max seems to think it was more than super effectiveness?
-Scott seems to be staying in Fuschia for a while... I bets he's glad he doesn't have anyone like Max or Misty around!
-And Lucy has another six non-snake-like Pokémon.
-Looks like she really likes Brock.
-And they are at sea, even though the next episode takes place on the mainland just west of Fuschia.
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