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AG166, AG167 Titles Revealed

Now that could actually happen. Especially considering Pie's point that Brock was in a contest before May arrived and it helps him as a breeder. On the other hand, double battles were a Grand Festival thing until now...

I would prefer Brock to do his own thing, but if that is what happens then Brock is the best candidate as her partner, except maybe Drew. This could even lead to some Brock/May shipping, if it wasn't for the ContestShippiness of the last contest episode.
The mention of a man in a cloak fascinates me. I think that it is good money that, if it is right, Mewtwo will be making one of his infrequent appearances.

BOY would that be cool. The writers have been doing a lot of unexpeted stuff lately. And it would sure be great to have a follow up on Mewtwo.

Hah! Of course brock would enter for a girl. That's totally him. There's no othe way he would enter. It sounds interesting, and I can be sure we'll be seeing some great Brock battling action.(or rusty. whatever....)
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