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Art Shop Rules

Jul 12, 2011
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Welcome to the Art Shops sub-section!

Here you can open Art Shops to offer your creative skills and receive art requests from others. Be sure to read the Art Shop relevant rules before opening a shop though.

Art Shop Rules

These rules apply to Art Shop threads where you can open up a 'shop' and offer your talents to other users in the form of art, banners, avatars, sprites, or whatever it is that you specialize in!

1. Please follow all forum wide Bulbagarden Rules and sectional Art Gallery Rules

2. Open one shop per service.
- If you make banners, but also sprites, you can open a separate shop for both.

3. Stick to the signature limits when making banners.
- The total size of signature banners should not exceed 600 pixels wide, 160 tall, and 500 kB.

4. Respect the shop owners and their rules.
- This includes being patient when waiting on your request, don't keep asking shop owners when it will be done.

5. Don’t hijack someone else’s shop.
- Post your services in your own shop and not in someone else's.

6. Be serious about fulfilling requests.
  • If you're going to be absent for a while, state so in your shop.
  • When not responding to requests for more than a month (without stating your absence), your shop will be closed.
7. Don't ask payment for your services.

Art Gallery Archive
The Art Gallery Archive is for art shops that have been closed for more than two months. If your shop ends up in here and you want to continue using it, just ask a Moderator to unarchive the thread for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of the moderators of the section: @Rainbow Cloud or @DawningWinds
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