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† Blanc's Subway「Scrawls」▽

Sorry for posting again so soon! I dug up some more old art I am moderately OK with the quality of, so I figured it would be a nice breather from all my train posting. LMAOOO..

I won’t be organizing them, so more under the cut! warning for dark themes and mild blood with some of these (you know the drill). Please view at your own discretion. Most of it is lobcorp of course.



That’s all my old stuff that feels worth sharing, I think! LOL… Thank you! Till next time ride again, yeah??
ough... even your old stuff is sooooooo good neesan, thank you very much for showing it!!

i can definitely see the improvement from all the things from you I've seen!!! from your gijinka era, to what you just posted from then, to now, you've improved sooo much and I'm really proud of you for that!! you've worked super hard!!!

this one is cute... well, they all are LOL but this one especially!!! he is very regal.. goodnight!!!!
「 My hate is immense
His name is in vain
Destroying God
Will cure my pain 」


small doodle I ended up giving too much time to while I was sick, now I gotta get back to work for real.
As promised, here is my sketche and unused sketched for bulbapedia's holiday competition!

I'm honestly a little sad I didn't get to use this one, as I kind of like how the expressions turned out... But! I think the over all atmosphere in my finished piece was probably stronger...

I tried to make their body language subtle, but noticeable.

i LOVE it when you're real and i LOVE!! this! (nice pentagram LOL) i can't wait to see it filled in if you end up doing that.. .
I feel pretty down about my art lately but I'll see!! Thank you, Lisia, someone has to LOL


EoSD rattles around in my brain

Been so busy and have a lot to catch up on, I actually sadly have nothing new! That's how busy I was... Decided to cough up a colored sketch of my The Boy in one of my coords I wear casually... And looking at it now makes me realize I dress like an early 2000s shoujo protagonist... LOL...
@Blanc you need to dodge more twisters ma'am
ANY COBBERS? (we got to phase 3!)

SMALL ADDENDUM my current nail design not properly shown in my above scribble! But i tried to draw it. i promise.

Our souls have been torn, and our bodies forsaken,

Bearing sins of the past, for our future is taken.
Been busy progging this fight, got depressed, brainworm hit me and now here we are with a doodle I perhaps spent too much time on. As much as we're shitposting all over this fight you can't deny the might of Bahamut would be a scary, if not foreboding one.
BIG PROJECT 応援!! even though line art IS hard yours is quality!! (i am excited for the big project!!) (早く一緒に姉ちゃんと描きたいね。。) (also don't apologize for not having any finished stuff, i think everyone will still love it all the same!!!) (i will at least LOL..)
I meant to say this while I was on your stream earlier, but man it never fails to impress me how your lineart is always sooooo clean. Every little detail always shines through and it's so nice to look at!
Awwww Okiii you give me too much credit... I'm just TOO meticulous and I wish I wasn't tbh!! But I'm glad you think so...

Also every one of those ruffles in the first one is perfect
Hehe, ruffles are my specialty! I can't live without them. You're too sweet!
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