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blue skies and flower field ⚘

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waugh ,..,. exam in two hours .., .i only got liek four hours of sleep,... T^T
tired..,..,. Yawn..,.i wanna sleep.,.,
i usually do good in psychology but im still anxious ><

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another exam tomorrow...barely slept these past few days T^T and i still have exams next month too... ill rest up on the 10th ig waaaaahhh.... im so bored!!!!!!!! my head hurts too... bleehhh ><
i have so much stuff i wanna draw but barely any free time lately... anywaaaayz got some mini pizza so that tastes good at least :3 i feel like ive been eating too much lately but i can treat myself a little during exam session... i have earned it <33

its been raining a bunch here lately blehh. the weather keeps going from cold 2 slightly warm 2 cold again....u_u blankets r good but so is ice cream...cannot decide on which weather i want...

i cleared lanas trial in sun earlier !! :3 hehe. i wanna play ahead but i need 2 study blehhhhh.... T^T when will exams end... im so bored...
its not letting me add my usual flower header at the end rn bleh x_x

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nvm got it working :3 my phones being all laggy waah... T^T​
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yaaawn...three exams done and three to go. there's like a week until the next two tho.
feeling super tired bleh ill probably sleep in a bit...i slept after liek 3 am yesterday since i had 2 study till late T^T altho i ended up napping for most the evening but i still feel tired... i was gonna sleep but today was kind of a bore so i thought i could at least update here since i barely did anything today after coming back home

baaahhh ive been so low on inspo lately... exams aren't helping since barely any free time either >< my head is so empty...scientists in the future will run studies trying 2 figure how a head could be so very empty and devoid of thoughts...

i almost ran out of time in the exam because i zoned out thinking about pokemon i only barely managed 2 finish writing in time idk if that counts as head full or head empty...oh yeah the exam was actually pretty easy i thought it was gonna be liek. god awful. ^^ couldve gone better but thats mostly just because of my personal stupidity the exam itself was easy and i think im overall satisfied with how i did...i hope...mayb im just being overconfident idk

anyways i dont rlly have much to say today i just wanted 2 write Something. i didnt rlly talk much 2 anyone today so i feel kinda lonely bleh... T^T i hadnt updated here in a while too so it was a good excuse 2 finally get to posting here again...
anywayz² im really tired im gonna go sleep u.u nighty night bulbagarden
say goodnight back 2 me!!!

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i wonder when or if theyll add lyra 2 the trainers lodge in pokemas...
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bahhh i yapped so much here today yet felt too low energy to do literally anything else... barely responded 2 any dms on disc or checked servers or anything. i mean it was fun tho i usually just hang around forum games buuut i wanna be able 2 liek actually discuss stuff too so it was fun 2 just hang around the ships forum today !! somedays u just want2 pick up ur dolls and go hehe making them kiskis and thats Ok... <3

baahh its so much easier 2 post here im half tempted 2 beg like my few friends to join but idk if theyd be interested or if theyd rlly enjoy forums and forum culture... T^T for now this flower field remains a fenced garden i suppose...that and most of my close friends arent even liek super duper into pokemon anyways... blehhh i wanna have more friends who liek pokemon as much as me!!! or at least close ones. i mean i have a bunch of friends or at least acquaintances who like pokemon but theyr not like... super close 2 me.

trying to measure how close u are to people is so tiring tbh i feel liek i always end up treating everyone like my #bestie and end up seeming like im being too overly familiar baahhh i wish i could read minds sometimes !! i want 2 hold hands with people and frolick in a flower field or something blehhhh... people r so difficult to figure out.

anywaaays i was thinking of updating my sig since i dont liek my current one that much... probably just gonna make it shorter and grab a lyra sprite mayb. i was thinking of mayb getting a new layout but im too attached 2 this lyra she expresses me so very perfectly ... lyra the silly of all time why must nobody understand as well as me

blehh its like 2 am i should sleep soon... staying up late is nice tho everyone has liek the opposite timezone to me itll be sad 2 go back to normal later when my exams end... T_T baahhh i wish flat earthers were right why must timezones exist !!!

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whenever i turn off the ceiling fan it gets really hot but whenever i turn it on it gets really cold

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so i made a tumblr acc but im too terrified 2 post erm...
idk whats even wrong with me at this point because liek i wasnt this bad before but now social media just genuinely terrifies me 2 liek. an unhealthy degree and i always get so caught up in trying 2 make sure im doing everything right that i get too scared 2 ever even make a first post.

it doesnt rlly help that i dont have any friends 2 rlly interact with... idk i wish i could have liek friends who i could carry around with me everywhere but im not rlly close with anyone >< i mean theres people im kind of close with but mayb they dont see me the same?idk its way too confusing 2 think about and i dont want a headache

i couldve posted this in vent but its just me being awkward more than anything. im just kinda rambling bleh... i wanna be someone else!!!

anyways the ceiling fan in my room isnt working properly and the ac broke down last summer too so um .summers not looking super good this year!!! tbh now that i think about it idk if i even liek summer... i lieked it a bunch as a kid but now its just bleh. idk. i dont liek growing up

at least ice cream'll be more common again soon

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do you ever have this feeling that you were meant to be someone else?
i'm not sure how to describe it. i feel oddly misplaced. i can't fit where i'm supposed to, but i don't belong elsewhere either. it's a really disorienting feeling.

anywaaaayz >< weird ramblings aside bleehhhhh todays been such a bore...and so have the last few days...wah... i wish 2 cry. i wish exams would end already!!!!! studying is such a bore... T^T i don't even dislike the subject but that makes it Worse in this case!!! because it's easy 2 get through it feels like it's being unnecessarily dragged...waah...i wanna play games and draw instead!!! im saying this but i cant draw at all today...nothings coming out right...uwaaaah....

i wanna get something sweet 2 eat
i feel like someone's staring at me.

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fuck it. going 2 start posting about my tomodachi life island here because wynaut.
red has managed 2 get over his depression from his divorce despite me neglecting him all on his own good 4 red ^-^ however he instantly proceeded 2 get into an argument with bianca right after. he apologized 2 her tho after i sent him 2 cave. he seems 2 like the cave actually. good 4 him
i know the image limit without spoilers is 1000×1000 now but posting big images is still so scary 2 me... wtf...like ur not meant 2 be out in the open liek that!!


ANYWAYZ tomodachi life aside cleaned up my phone a bit since i was running low on space >< trying 2 update honkai star rail even tho i dont rlly care much 4 the game but my brother lieks it a ton so i play sometimes because of him... bleugh gacha games take up so much space...
trying 2 stay up because i get unreasonably scared letting my phone run overnight because of stuff with my old phone happening so i dont wanna let it download overnight buuuut also im super duper tired blehhhh... its almost 2 am... i thought i could study up till late but its such a bore... TT

exams end on friday at least sooo ill be free then ^^ i think im pretty ok in terms of preparations since the exam shouldnt be super duper tough? but maybe im just overconfident >< i just wanna be freed already... ill be totally free for about a few weeks after tho sooo hopefully i can draw and play a ton then !! X3 there's so much stuff i wanna do... hopefully i dont burn myself out bleh

Anyways glad i finally got 2 write a kinda happy entry 4 once :3 all my recent ones felt all gloomy... here's 2 hoping the next ones r happy too !!! >w<

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bahhh my exams ended buut there's been like a super duper bad heatwave where i am so all i've been doing is melting on bed lately... not the way i wanted to spend my summer vacation buuut oh well x_x the ac at home was broken too which was super duper depressing but i finally got a new one yesterday !! :33 i was kinda inactive yesterday because of being distracted with the whole replacement and stuff sorry abt that !!! ><
however it was apparently too late and i woke up ungodly sick today and passed out for like half the day after spending a grand total of one minute under the sun T^T also also a huuuge painting like at least half my size fell right next to me in the morning and that's what woke me up today too !! >< needless 2 say my luck today's been totally garbage waaahhh... i still have a super bad stomach ache waaah... i wanna sleep again!!!

anywaaaayz unrelated 2 my misery ive obtained soda !! normally i liek soda but for some reason ive been craving juice a lot lately idk why... specifically mango i really like mango :3 ive been wanting 2 get mango ice cream but it isnt sold nearby aaand its also super duper expensive >< i mean not like unreasonably buut u get what i mean probs. i just wanna have something cold and sweet and mangos r very good and sweet u.u bah now i want a mango...

anyways anyways !! ive been wanting 2 draw something for mermay :33 im considering lightpinkshipping altho newreplacementshipping is cute too x3 altho altho i could just make two pieces... much 2 think of... im mostly confused on an outfit 4 yancy... i kinda have a better idea 4 kris outfit wise buut not rlly liek. illustration wise if u get what im saying im bad at wording things blehhh xP. actually hmmm xp just makes me think of windows xp... i miss my old pc >< ive been considering getting a laptop 4 a while buut its expensive and idk if itd be worth it x_x altho only having a phone kinda sucks sometimes when it comes 2 like games and viewing older sites and all that stuff blehhh x.x ive kinda adapted but its still a pain

anyways anywaaays sorry i didnt rlly have much worthwhile 2 say >< i just dont wanna be totally dead here so i thought updating this would be a good excuse 2 post something. hopefully my next entry is more fun ^^ !bleh.

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hmmm i kinda wanna draw myself a new header 2 replace this
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