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Boutiqueshipping thread!

Oct 28, 2023
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  1. She/Her
Hi! I know I already have a heat tag shipping thred, but this is one of my otps and I was surprised I thread fur this doesn’t already exist.

this Is a thread for this ship of Serena x shauna from Pokémon x and y, in case you didn’t know!

in my verse these two are perfect

introvert (serena) and extrovert (Shauna)

it’s just… yea I love them and they love each other

I’d love to hear about what you think of these two, and I’ll both listen to and talk about them too!
boutiqueshipping is so cute....it always stood out to me how shauna says "i've never watched fireworks with a girl before..." if you play as serena during the fireworks scene in the parfum palace, she's got such a crush on serena and it's super cute
I love love love Boutiqueshipping it's so good

I first fell for it when I first played X ten years ago help during the fireworks scene I was like......wtf that's so gay and so cute?? excuse me??? Then Shauna showed up in the anime and I began to love it even more. So many cute moments between them - when Shauna hugs Serena and they both blush? And I don't remember the context, but the scene where Shauna runs up and collapses into Serena and it honestly looks like they're kissing, and Serena has her hand on the back of Shauna's head and brings in her in closer? Yeah. Sorry every other Serena ship but I'm preeeetty sure these two are gfs
I made an art of the fireworks scene!

Untitled 325.png

It’s not my best art ever and the balcony looks weird and I made it on my old drawing software (sketchbook free from the AppStore)

I never played the games, but they’re perfect and this scene is so cute!

Edit: I think I’m gonna redraw this since I have procreate now and think my art has gotten better (once I’m done my current projects!)
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“Boutiqueshipping”. Now that’s a term I haven’t heard in quite some time.

I remember it being pretty popular when X and Y released. The fireworks scene brings back a lot of memories. Much nostalgia, and a very cute couple. Looking forward to the redraw, lissi, though I like the fan art you made.
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