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Bulbawiki site issues thread

Unfortunately, folks, these things can't be rushed, or bad things happen. We will hear from the BP staff when they have something to say. Telling them to hurry up will not ultimately accomplish anything. I think it's great that we can still access the wiki at all.

This is an unusually long downtime, though, and even a brief statement from the devs could help calm people's nerves at this point.
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Came to the forum as I was curious to why Bulbapedia wasn't editing the most recently episode, and noticed the last edit was on January 31st. Hopefully this maintenance will finish up at some point, at least the site is accessible (I did find the Cloudflare block thing pretty annoying as I couldn't access the site at all on any browser unless it was my phone).
Yeah, without search BP is difficult to navigate. Especially as we insist on using accented "e" in titles which not everyone can type. (And the redirect for standard "e" does not always exist.) It's even worse in TCG cases where you have to remember set and collector's number or get nothing, I advise heading to either the TCG article for the Pokemon or to the character/object/location article and using a link there in such cases.

I can, however, slightly alleviate the accent problem by providing an "é" to copy paste from! To make it easier, I'll put it on another line:

Looks like the search function is a bit broken. I wanted to go to a particular page (List of Pokémon by National Pokédex number). I did get to the page. It seems there is an error with the search bar.
Seems like bulbapedia is working correctly again, was able to log in

No, we still have the Search bar issuess.

Like, i can look up the likes of Bulbasaur and Charmander on the bar, but with pokemon that have an E in the name, the Search bar doesn't work, i get there is currently no text on this page.

Like, its not a site breaking issue, since if i want to navigate to a certain Pokemon, you can still click on Bulbasaur, bringing it to the website and then clicking on the E Pokemon does work, however it is annoying to do it that way, but i guess it working via the Pokedex on the site, its not a main priority over potential other issues, which i understand.
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