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Describe Brock's ideal girl

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Of course there are few overweight people! There are no cars and everyone has to walk everywhere!

Speaking of which, how the heck did Masamune keep that weight on? He must've ate twice his weight in food everyday.

Or just one meal at McDonald's.

Either way!
Zeta said:
Of course there are few overweight people! There are no cars and everyone has to walk everywhere!

If there are no cars, what was Gary being driven around in? o_O'

(And somehow I doubt the correct answer is "A new Pokémon!")
Oh yeah, and Eusine has one too now that I caome to think of it. (And apparently, wearing seatbelts is optional. It's amazing 4Kids let that one through.)

But they are all canon characters with a need to travel across country at speed.
Well, since Brock is such a sensitive and kind soul, he'd need a girl who recognizes and appreciates that and knows how to be gentle. He'd definitely want appreciation for what he does for once, and he's gracious and humble when receiving compliments, so a girl should give them out from time to time. The girl should definitely be mature and a good loser, even-tempered and level-headed. Of course, they should appreciate Pokemon and I think not be helpless. I doubt he wants to take care of her because she can't take care of herself. He would spoil her, but I think he'd prefer it if he does it 'cause he wants to and chooses to, rather than because she's dependent. I don't think a girl that freaks out or has a temper is right for him at all. I mean, he acts tough, but I think deep down, he's easily hurt. A girl who appreciates his intelligence and his soft heart would be best, IMO.
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