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Bulbapedia Edit Request(s)

Can we also add this to the cut page on Bulbapedia?
"Excluding signature moves, Cut is the only move that, while coded into Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, cannot be used in battle. This is because no Pokémon that learn the move by level-up are available in the games."
The page ”Category: Punching Moves” is missing links to “Surging Strikes“ and “Wicked Blow”
The section for where to find Farfetch’d says “Madters” instead of Pokemon “Masters” EX. Did a google search and this was the only result, so its likely the only place where this typo was made
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The aquisition page for the item Honey, misses the location of the Old Chateau in Platinum.
Also, for both the Old Chateau and the Lost Tower where you can find a hidden Honey item in Platinum, it should be Honey x3 for both of them. When you pick it up, it seems like you pick up only one, but if you check your bag, you actually 3 Honey in these spots. (NOTE: the Honey items you find hidden in the Floaroma Meadow do only get you 1 Honey item per pick-up).
Hi, apologies in advance if this isn't the right place to ask this. I am currently watching AG118 Less is Morrison and according to the wiki, there's an error when Brock refers to Munchlax as Snorlax when talking about the Pokéblock. I think however that the episode is referring back to AG088 The Garden of Eatin' in which Professor Oak sends them a recipe for special Pokéblock to fill up Snorlax, which is then used again in AG118 since May's Munchlax also behaves like a bottomless pit. So unless I am making the wrong connections, I don't think that Brock's referring to Snorlax is an error.
This is a repost of my messages in the "suggestions, ideas and problems" thread.
- There's a big mistake on the "gym leader" page.
It says "Radio show "Verity" from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 mentions a former Bug Catcher and Gym Leader from Sinnoh that became an Elite Four member, likely referring to Aaron."
But there is no radio show called Verity. Instead, there's a TV program named Variety. And the person in the program isn't Aaron, it's a fictional character. That fictional character may have been inspired by Aaron but it's not him.

- Professor Sycamore's Dendemille Town quotes are missing from his quote page.

- Marley's BDSP quotes are also missing.

- Jasmine's quotes when she's talking to Erika in HGSS are also missing.

I can give the quotes if needed.
On the page for Escape the subsection headers for section 1, Success Conditions, are as follows:
  • 1.1 Generation I and II
  • 1.2 Generation III and IV
  • 1.3 Other factors
  • 1.4 Example
    • 1.4.1 Generation I and II
This, of course, says nothing about how escaping from wild Pokémon battles works in Generation V-IX. I'm assuming, based on the text of the article and my own experience, the formula has not changed since Gen III, but this is something that needs to be clarified.

Edited to add: I just noticed that there is a notice at the top of the page stating that research still needs to be done on this matter.

Second edit: I checked the Spading page, and there is no section on Escape listed there. What needs to be done? I assume the only way to know for sure is to datamine the games in question, which I have neither the means nor the skill to do, but is there something else that can be done to help?
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Hi, not sure if this is the correct forum or not. I've noticed that the additional cards sections for Paldea Evolved (TCG) and Scarlet & Violet (TCG) are missing the recent Costco promos from the 5 mini tin box. Costco released the pack (not sure when) that has cosmos versions of Klawf (SVI 122/198), Gyarados (PAL 043/193), Luxray (PAL 071/193) and Orthworm (PAL 151/193). The link to the item is here. Pokémon 5 Pack Mini Tins & 4 Promo Cards (6+ Years) | Cos...

Any chance these could be updated in the release section for S&V merchandise and also the additional cards pages?

This is an edit request for the Pokemon Sun and Moon walkthrough. According to the walkthrough, I am supposed to find a nugget from Gentleman Reginald, but in your page on Hau'oli City, you have it that Gentleman Reginald does not even appear in Sun or Moon, but only in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This was very confusing, so could this get changed to at least say that the nugget is only in ultra sun and ultra moon and not in sun or moon, if not taken out entirely?
Documentation on some of the IX glitches and updating the pages that would include it
Specifically, the infinite glide glitch and the void glitch but there’s probably others
Also when someone makes the void glitch’s page, please mention that the infinite fly glitch can cause it as well
It would be nice if each Pokémon's page had a button that lets you hear its cry. As well as maybe additional buttons for any Pokémon whose cries were updated
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