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Favorite Biome in the Terarium?

Favorite Terarium Biomes?

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Apr 27, 2022
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  1. She/Her
The Terarium in the Blueberry Academy has 4 different areas with simulating different biomes where various Pokemon can be found. The Savannah, Coastal, Canyon, and Coastal Biomes. Which ones did y'all fixate towards the most?

I'm personally savvy to the Coastal Biome. I love its atmosphere and the Driftveil lemotifs crammed into the theme is cute. Also Meowstic are there and super prevalent so it get bonus points for that alone

The Polar Biome is great too. It just has a cool (heh) vibe to it.
Coastal, as I like seeing the Alolan forms again and IMO it has the best rendition of the Terarium's lietmotifs in its theme.
The Terarium is pretty awesome and is my favourite part of the game out of the three Scarlet/Violet stories.
I prefer the coastal biome as it looks more colourful compared to the others. Canyon is a close second since I enjoyed giving a look or two around it.
Must say I'm a bit disappointed towards the polar biome as there's no Spheal inside of it...
Coastal and Canyon for sure, they're the most visually appealing to me, and I find myself exploring them a lot more often. Plus the coastal music goes hard.
Savannah as it has Charmander and Totodile. Totodile is my favorite starter ever ,and Charizard is in my top 5 favorite pokémon ever.
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